No Seatbelt

Remember way back when I got pulled over for no seatbelt? Well, Four months later, I got the summons for it Sunday before last and went to court today.
I got a $75 fine, as did everybody. The circumstances didn’t matter. They should just let us mail in the money.

Yesterdays News:

Computer and consumer electronics giant Apple announced fiscal second-quarter sales and profits on Wednesday that beat Wall Street’s expectations thanks to a 51% increase in Macintosh sales.

You wanna know why? ‘Cause Windows Vista SUCKs! It is non-usable and Microsoft knows it, that’s why they quit selling XP. If Vista was any good, Microsoft could offer both, and people would choose Vista. But since Vista SUCKS, Microsoft quit selling XP, trying to force people to use Vista.
But they aren’t, they’re buying Macs.
I put XP on my new computer that had Vista on it. Vista was non-usable, also I was told it is NOT approved for business use.

I don’t know anybody who likes Vista. I’ve been looking at Apple notebooks too. And if I leave PC’s, I’ll never go back.

* Its still a “work in progress” AFTER its released. (Admitted by MS CEO: Steve Ballmer)

Broke Payday

Today is payday, but I’m broke, because I still have to pay rent, ($1300) and mortgage ($2200). I have to pay both for 3 months, and this is the second month of it.

On the upside, my boss told me day-before-yesterday that I need to take more vacation, because I have a lot that has to be used by the end of the year. On the downside, I can’t afford it.

But life is good. The weather is great, and I can go to the beach and diving.

Please DON'T apply for my job

In the Cayman Islands, when an expats work permit comes up for renewal, the company must advertise the post and give it to any qualified Caymanian. It is a good law, but I get really nervous when they advertise my post. I can only hope that nobody applies.

It was an OK weekend, the only thing wrong is that the OI Girl has the cold that’s been going around here.
Today I’m busy at work.
Another Monday

Still more

The roof shingles are on and they are fixing up the bottom of the deck. There’s a bunch of drywall stacked up inside and I can’t wait to move in!

(Sorry Mindy, the Helmet’s in my hand)

More house pics

I’m afraid we kind of ordered the doors a little late, we might be waiting for them. Since this pic, all the roof shingles are on and the drywalling has started. They hooked up the water Monday.

My theory on time and aging

Everybody pretty much agrees that every year gets shorter. This is my theory as to why. I think the human mind is finite, it has a certain size. A child one year has one year of memories and perception, which fills the entire mind. This makes it seem huge. A child who is two has a year filling up half his mind. For a person who is 40, the year fills up 1/40th of the mind, each year seems small. I’m not saying I think it’s precise, a more significant period of time probably occupies more “space” than an insignificant, and the period of a year is defined by humans. (Your brain doesn’t know the Earth travels once around the sun in a year, a year is a unit of time you know because your were told) So every year has proportionately has less of a portion of the mind to occupy, hence it seems smaller.


It was an OK weekend, worked Sunday and it rained, we watched movies and took naps. Saturday we went to the beach.

The house is coming along nicely, they start drywalling today. I am excited! We both are!

I know you’re tired of pics.