Whining Sniveling Crybaby

I just deleted a two page rambling about how abused I am, and it’s all my fault I let people walk all over me.

I’ve been off work for a week, I can’t get any rest. All I want to do is go to the beach. If work doesn’t call the competing radio station calls. Today I said I’d go help them fix their transmitter. I don’t wanna. I’m supposed to go diving with a friend of a friend of the OI Girl, I don’t even want to do that, I just want to go to the beach.
Tonight we’re having a New Years Eve party. I have to get ready. Cut the grass. clean.

A good deal for NASA

I was reading over on Sams Spot about all her machines breaking down. Here’s one (two) that haven’t. The Mars Rovers. This is the first couple a paragraphs from an Astronomy.com article. Read the rest here.

Mars rovers near five years of science and discovery

The rovers have made important discoveries about wet and violent environments on ancient Mars. They also have returned a quarter-million images.

This mosaic of frames from the navigation camera on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity gives a view to the northeast from the rover’s position on its 1,687th martian day, or sol (October 22, 2008).

By that date, Opportunity had driven southwestward from Victoria Crater, beginning a long trek toward a larger crater, Endeavour. NASA/JPL-Caltech [View Larger Image]

December 29, 2008
NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity may still have big achievements ahead as they approach the fifth anniversaries of their memorable landings on Mars.

No one predicted the team would still be operating both rovers in 2009 when Spirit landed on January 3, 2004, and 21 days later when Opportunity followed suit.

“The American taxpayer was told three months for each rover was the prime mission plan,” said Ed Weiler, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters in Washington. “The twins have worked almost 20 times that long. That’s an extraordinary return on investment in these challenging budgetary times.”

Tonight is the Astronomical Society Meeting, and it’s raining this morning, Hope it clears up!

Dawg Dialog

I was walking the dawgs this morning, they weren’t paying much attention to me or the walk, they were sniffing trees and the ground and I imagine everywhere other male dogs have peed. Sheba sniffing a tree, thinking “Gee, that smells pretty good!” and here comes Ditto, lifts leg and pees on tree, almost on Shebas nose.
Whata if that were humans? What if the OI Girl went around smelling trees? Looking for hot dudes. And I went around peeing on them? Trying to attract hot chicks?
IMagine the dialog.
OI: sniffs tree, “mmmmm”
Me: “Oh, you think that smells good? Let me fix it for you!” Pees on spot she’s sniffing
OI: “Hey! You almost peed on me! What are you doing? peeing on trees anyway? You’re not supposed to be peeing on trees, you have me!”
Me: “Well, what are you doing, sniffing them then? I gotta pee! Might as well do it on a tree!” (that rhymes) I sniff another tree: “Smells like a wimp was here!
OI: sniffs. “Smells pretty good to me!”
I pee on the pee on the tree

And so on.
Anyway, I wonder if thats what the dawgs are thinking.


Last night I was over at a friends house for ‘drinks’. There were all my best friends there, talking about business and money. I think I was the only non-millionaire there and I felt kind of inferior.
When I was a little kid about 8, I started helping my friends big brother deliver newspapers. I really haven’t been unemployed since.
And I have very little to show for it.
I’m lucky, and I’m doing pretty good I guess, I have two mortgages on two houses, and that’s my only debt. My salary needs a big increase, but I’m making ends meet.
But it’s all chickenfeed. I’ll never be able to retire at this rate, I can only see working till I die.

Now git back to work!

It was a good holiday season. I got the OI Girl a Wii, although I was afraid of bringing an addiction in the house. It seems pretty OK. I am impressed with the technology. Now I can buy Wii games for every OI Girl Birthday and holiday gift forever and ever amen!

Oh yeah, we’re having a small New Years Eve Party, if you’re interested in a nice quiet New Years

Happy Turkey Day

I’m eating Turkey tonight. I can’t wait, since I didn’t have really any for Thanksgiving. Just a little styrofoam lunch turkey. I’ve been jonesing for turkey. Turkey turkey turkey.
You are what you eat!

Not Much

To post about today.

I found that with my dogs, if they mis-behave, and I am mad at them and speak harshly, they don’t respond as well if I speak like I’m not angry.

I’m going to try to try the same thing with people.

Summer is coming!

Saturday I worked, Sunday for lunch I cooked hot dogs on the grill, and for dinner I cooked chicken breasts on the grill on my back deck and watched the sun set on the shortest day of the year. Now the days will start getting longer. Summer is coming!

Sunday Clairification

I didn’t mean Requiem was a bad movie, I meant that the peoples lives in it were so bad it was painful.

Hey, Do you want me to upload a 2009 Calendar? Fast Food? I think it’s pretty funny!

Here’s a sample!

You girls could print it for your boyfriends/husbands as a last minute holiday gift! You guys could print it for a joke! (I might print it for my shop at work (not really))