Pretty Frustrated Friday

I get pretty frustrated with the dogs some mornings, first off, I can’t seem to get out of the door without dog leashes wrapped around my legs. This morning, I told them to sit/stay, which they do pretty well, put the leashes on them opened the door with my back against the doorframe, and told them to go outside. There’s a huge space in front of me, virtually none behind me, yet one dog gotta squeeze behind me… Now I got leashes around my legs and I’m angry.

We get on the street, they’re pulling, every day, we work on “no pulling”, They “heel!” pretty good after the first block…

Today Daisy pooped in the middle of the street while she walked, crapping like a frikkin’ horse.

This morning, I just couldn’t handle it. After the first block, I was so frustrated I turned around and took ’em home.

Then I went swimming. Ahhhhh! Floating in the sea first thing in the morning is my favorite sensation. I’ll be thinking about it all day.

All my stress melted like sugar in seawater.

And it’s Friday! Have a good weekend!

Dawgie Day Care

On Monday and Wednesdays, our two pups go to dawgie day care. Cay9 Resort and Spa.

Nothing’s loading, just a stolen image…

The dogs love it, Daisy especially.

Daisy in the pool.

Although I think Daisy might be the school slut…

Lenny is more of a loner type..

But he and Daisy love each other.

I pick them up after work, they get in back of the van, happy (and wet), they come home, eat and fall asleep, exhausted.

I enjoy it that they enjoy it.

I was hoping for a sunny day, but the sky looked pretty dangerous this morning. I hear thunder as I type this and it rained last night.

I doubt I’ll get my scooter-to-work, beach-for-lunch day.. Oh well. It’s that time of year!

Have a good day!


The wife comes back from Costa Rica today.

I decided not to post today, but I changed my mind, even though I have no topic.

Rode the scooter yesterday for the first time in probably a month.

It was hard to wake up this morning.

Have a great day.

Better Before They Start

Some movies are better before they start. Take, for example, Charlies Angels.

Before the opening credits, they nab a terrorist on a plane, jump put of the plane, and land in a speedboat. The rest of the movie is relatively bland after that. But the pre-beginning, I could watch over and over. It’s like a whole movie in under two minutes.

I like to watch that opening while I’m waiting for the wife to get ready.

Watched another last night, Baby Driver.

Before the opening credits, fantastic chase scene. I would have never chosen to watch a movie with the title “Baby Driver”, but someone told me it was pretty good, and it was. So was Charlies Angels, kinda.

Another one with an incredible opening bit is one of the Sharknado movies. I don’t know which one. I think it was the one in Las Vegas. I think I’ve seen two Sharknado movies, out of the about 20 that are out, and I don’t even know which two. I’m pretty sure it was the first one, and the one in (I think) Vegas.

Shark attacks in Las Vegas, right? From sharks that were in an aquarium!

I know, I know, dumb, right? But you gotta watch at least one Sharknado movie. So crazy and unbelievable that they’re super-fun to watch. You’ll laugh, and even in the middle of the continent, you might find yourself looking up to the sky in fear of shark attack.

Have a great day!

Dat Cat

First of all, I went to a specialist Friday and he doesn’t think I have glaucoma. But they put these drops in my eyes to enlarge the pupils, supposed to last 4 hours, wrecked me all day. I sat at work with these blind man sunglasses on and didn’t get much done. Doc shoulda given me a sick note and sent me home.

Since the wife has been in Costa Rica, Ashy Thee Cat has spent most of her time sleeping on a chair pushed under the kitchen table. Saturday morning I woke up and the sun was high in the sky. It was probably almost 6 o’clock. Saturday mornings first thought: “Daaaang! I never slept so good and late!”

Saturday night, I decided to put the cat back in her proper sleeping place, the bedroom. 4:30 Sunday morning, MEOWWW! I want food! Sunday mornings first thought: “Now I know why I slept so good Saturday”..

Dat Cat.

It was a great weekend, I mowed the yard, trimmed the hell out of the stickerbushes, (wife never lets me trim them so low, but she wasn’t there! Hee Hee!) I also got some sun, and went to a cookout last night.

Now it’s back to work. I don’t feel so bad about it.

Hava great week!

New Glasses / Glaucoma

Yesterday I had an appointment for new glasses. I tried on many pairs. I was supposed to WhatsApp them to the wife, o she could help pick, but she wasn’t online in time.

The Final Choice, above.

The pressure in my eyeballs is very high. It’s always been high, found out about it in the Navy. The periphial vision test yesterday showed a possible problem. Today I’m having another test done at a different optometrist.. Probably I’ll have to start taking glaucoma medicine. Not too worried, just another pill.

And it’s Friday! A weekend of mowin’ and trimmin’ hedges. Finally, the weather fot good, I was planning on taking the scooter to work today but I have to pick up catfood on the way home, so I’m not.

Plus I think it’s payday today too. Not sure.

Have a great weekend!

A Bit Sluggish

I was sleeping good when the alarm went off this morning.

I’m still feeling a bit sluggish.

Quite sluggish. Hugely sluggish. This is a giant slug that was on my work front porch yesterday. I moved him or her to a safer location, using a piece of paper.

Thee wife is heading to Costa Rica today. Like always, if I fail to post, send sandwiches!

No Walk Tuesday

It was pouring rain when the dawgs and I went out for our morning walk. There was spectacular lightning and thunder.

The dawgs, especially Daisy, don’t seem to know how to handle the extra time indoors

My view from here.

There’s not much to post about, except the rain.

My phone wasn’t properly plugged into the charger last night. This morning, I picked it up and “poink”, it came unplugged. Normally I play some card games in bed before going to sleep, last night I didn’t. If I had, my phone would be properly charged. Now, I’m in for a day of hardship, scrounging power whenever I get the chance..

Have a great day!

Memory Monday

I was thinking this weekend about something I remembered from a long time ago. I never actually forgot it, but I was thinking about it.

Probably 1997 or ’98, on a particular day, I was supposed to met this girl at the Westin Beach.

On that particular day, it was raining, hard n’ steady. I didn’t think she’d show up, but I went anyway, in case she did.

I remember that day, sitting on a lounge chair, under an umbrella, on my nice dry towel, in my nice dry raincoat, reading my nice dry book in the pouring rain. I think I had the whole of Seven Mile Beach to myself.

It rained yesterday, and darn it, I couldn’t mow the yard, and it looks like another rainy day today. Saturday was nice though, and I did more painting on my roof. I pretty much got it all painted, I’m just double coating till I run out of paint.

Have a good week, stay dry!


I didn’t post yesterday, had to leave home early. Pleasingly, I had two “complaints” about not posting.

For the first time, I had two bunches of bananas ready at the same time. They don’t look like much in the picture above, but there’s a lot. Last time, I let them ripen on the tree, but then they were all ripe at once and we had a hard time eating them all. When you pick ’em green, they ripen in phases. Mo’ betta!

Above is about half, after giving most away to the neighbors and co-workers.

When I call them bananas, I am asked, “Are they bananas? Or are they bottlers?” Well, they are bottlers, a type of banana. (pronounced BOT-ler)

Wikipedia says: The types of bananas and plantains has been estimated to be anything from around 300 to more than 1000. Names are highly confused, even within a single country.

I looked it up because I wasn’t sure how to spell “Bottler”. Second guess would be botler, but it doesn’t look right in print…

Hopefully, I’ll receive some clairification from some NEW commentators!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!