Last Post Of 2021

Happy New Year! I hope 2022 is an improvement over 2021. For me, i am sure it will be. 2021 was by far, the worst year of my life.

This is my last post of the year. Good bye 2021, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Wishing you a wonderful 2022 and beyond!

Dreams Again

Last night I had a couple of memorable dreams. I dreamed I was out on the road for work, and found a Cayman Islands $2 bill. (There’s no such thing, I don’t think.) I put it with my stack of money and noticed a thread hanging off of it. I tried to burn off the thread with a lighter and all my money caught on fire and I threw it on the road to try and stopm it out and it smooshed like shaving cream. Then there was nothing left but ash.

The other dream was I was in a big work truck, and the driver parked and I mounted a boxlike object on the side of the truck. Then the driver started moving the truck and I voiced my concern because he might hit something with the box. Then he parked, and I could feel that the truck was right on my tool bag. The driver was my brother Bruce, but I never realized it was him until the end of the dream.

And now it”s almost sunrise, I’m waiting for the tile guys to arrive and start the back. After today I should have a good idea of when they’ll be done.

new tile, front porch.

Have a great day!

more tile.

The tiling job is progressing, I think they’re one day behind schedule, which isn’t bad, really.

View a quick video HERE. I took the video around sunset last night and I think the lighting makes the tile look darker than it really is.

The house is full of tile and thinset. I’ll be glad when the job is done.

I think home improvement causes the need for more home improvement. After replacing the tile, it looks like the front porch needs to be repainted. After I repaint the front porch, obviously the downstairs front of the house will need to be repainted. It’s a never-ending job.

have a good day, I’m sure I will!

The Tiling

The tiling job has started. I gotta say, it looks really good!

The house is a wreck, but I kinda like it. There was a tall table with stools on the porch that is quite nice inside.

Tiles, Thinset, papered floors and outdoor furniture.

I suppose this job will be done on Friday, just in time for 2022. Fingers crossed.

I’m switched over to the new phone. The old one went into the trash.

have a great day!

Emergency Post

Woke up this morning, and in the dark, I dropped my phone. It shattered the screen. Bad. Trash can bad. So I had to go to work and get that new phone I was so unhappy with. The Ulefone. It’s my phone now.

Contractors are coming to start the tile job. They were supposedly off between Xmas and New Years, but apparently not.Thwarting all my vacation beach and diving opportunities.

Anyway, just a quick post becaause it’s Monday, and I post on Mondays.

Have a great week!

No More “Embed”?

I mentioned the other day that “embed” quit working on WordPress. Now they have removed the option from the menu. Oh well, it didn’t work anyway.

Here’s a link to a dog walk video. I put this video on TikTok instead of YouTube. I would be interested in knowing how it works, especially if you don’t have TikTok.

Yesterday turned out to be a great day, I went to what I will describe a Jewish baby shower. Then an evening dinner at a friend’s house.

This morning I took the dogs to the beach, gave them a bath when we got home. Soon I’m leaving for a lunch at another friend’s house.

I certainly woke up burnt out yesterday, and this morning. I guess it’s a new “thing” I’m going to be going through. As you already know from my incessant whining, I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the last several months. I have pretty much decided that I no longer care whether I sleep or not, I will just go where I have to go and do what I need to do. But yesterday morning I felt extra crappy.

I’m getting ready to go to “thee lunch”. Happy Boxing Day, happy Sunday!

Backwards Person

I feel like I wake up and spend all day recovering from the sleep, instead of the other way around. Major brain damage cured by coffee!

Today will consist of beach and meals. I’m also thinking it’s a good day to get the yard mowed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!

Half Day

Today is my first Friday at work since September. I took every Friday in October November and December (except today) off. Use it or lose it leave.

Like I said before, I’m just ready to get this year done.

Today is my last workday of the year! Yeay!

A Few More Days

There’s only a couple more working days for me this year, today and tomorrow. I feel quite neutral about this year’s holiday season.

Yesterday I was quite stressed about the flat tire, having the tiling job going on and and payday so far away. We normally get paid at the end of the month, but in December we get paid early. Therefore there’s about 7 weeks between the December pay day in the January pay day. I seem to be the victim of some self inflicted bad timing. I got 2 new front tires yesterday and feel much better now. Relieved.

Below is a selfie of me at work. I took it to send to someone who was working from home.

My plan for today is to just go with the flow. I’m just gonna kind of hang out and see what happens.

Have a great day!

Flat Tire

I have a flat tire on my van, and I have to fix it before I go to work. So I’m running late before I even start the morning. It’s still pitch black outside, so I might as well have my coffee and post my post. As you may have guessed, post posting is top priority. Even when I fund it difficult to produce a post to post..

I’m ready to move into next year. Never before have I wanted things to change more. And for me to change.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

There was a good hard rain this morning. Was badly needed.