Well, Coulda Been Worse, (Or Better!)

I got a speeding ticket this weekend. The more I think about it the more I’m going to go to court and plead not guilty. I got a ticket for overtaking a car in a 25 mph zone. Myself and a string of cars behind me were trapped behind this car for quite a long ways and at the first passing zone I passed the car and then got back in my Lane in front of the car the police gave me a speeding ticket because I was speeding while I was overtaking.

I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but I was going to Jamaica this week. However my animal sitter canceled and I have no replacement. I had arranged this particular pet sitter 3 months ago about, I’m guessing. In hindsight, I could tell she was going to cancel. She stopped communicating. And I got the impression she was hiding from me.

Went diving yesterday and saw a seahorse. Very disappointing.

I have been diving for a very long time, and never saw a seahorse until relatively recently. My imagination was better than the reality.

And now it’s a Monday, it was a pretty productive weekend. In addition to the above I cleaned the house and load the yard and did laundry. And washed the dogs!

Have a great week