I Got It :-( The COLD.

victim2There’s been a cold going around for a long time. The Wife had it, I didn’t get it. People at work had it, I didn’t get it. Just when it seemed the coast was clear, I got it..

I ordered a new camera, it should arrive today. It’s a video camera as big as a pack of cigarettes, with a waterproof case good to 60 meters. I always wanted a GoPro camera, but this is better. Same specs, better battery and it has a display so you can see what you’re recording (or playback what you recorded.) It is a “veho VCC-005 MUVI HD NPNG Action Camcorder“. And it costs a lot less. And it has a remote control. I wonder if the remote control is waterproof too? UPS Gets it here in one day, amazing!


Anyway I went to work yesterday and took off early, I’m going today and I’m not taking off.

UPS Whoops FedEx’s Butt

FedEx is out! They suck. The delivery sucks, the customer service sucks. I ordered critical piece of equipment for my job. They sent it FedEx. I’m tracking it. It took off from Memphis to Miami at 4:49 AM April 22. Apparently it never arrived. It must still be on the plane, which must be still in the air, over two days later

.I called customer service and yes, it’s still in transit. They don’t have any information, and can’t do anything. Their tracking is obviously inaccurate.

I paid for overnight service, and my invoice says overnight service, but Fed Exs’ website has Apr 28 as a delivery date. So my guess is that my package is sitting in Miami, waiting for the 27th. I told that to the customer service agent, and apparently he couldn’t grasp what I was telling him.

My experience with UPS has been, once your package is in the system, they get it to you as soon as they can. The fact that I have so little to say about UPS is a good thing. I like tracking my packages down here, and going to pick them up.

So from now on, if I have a choice, I’m going with UPS all the way.

My new logo for FedEx!