Tomorrow is my last day at work. I have several other possibilities for work, nothing in concrete.
I am in a pretty bad mood today, nothing to do with the work situation. I will honestly be glad to be done where I am.
I’m drinking coffee, waiting to go to work. I’m home, thinking “get me the fuck out of here” When I get to work, I’ll be thinking the same thing.

Skinny Dip

I just finished the book, Skinny Dip: by Carl Hiaasen. About this guy who pushes his wife off a cruise ship to kill her, but she doesn’t die, she gets rescued, and her rescuer and she goes and messes with his head.
All Carl Hiaasens books I have read so far have been great. They are funny, and I don’t know the words for what else makes them good. I don’t know how he can think of that stuff. The characters have so much personality. The bad guy in the book is such an idiot it’s funny. The good guys are cool too. There’s this cop, every time he goes home, he gets cornered my this little old lady who hates his pet snakes. You can just imagine him having to put up with the crap.
A lot of his books use the same characters, and so far all I have read have been set in southern Florida, USA.

Definitely worth reading


I slept good last night, and didn’t wake up till the alarm went off.
I feel really good this morning.

Today I will sign up for two courses:

CompTIA A+ Certification & Computer Technology


CompTIA Network+ Certification & Computer Technology

The first one, I know almost all the material already, but I want to be completely ready for the second course, which is important. This means I’ll be getting up at 3 AM again to study. I’ve done it before, as you know, if you’re a long time reader.

Anyway, IT’S THE WEEKEND! I am looking for ward to the weekend, after today, I only have two days left at Radio Cayman.

Now that I’m done there, I will share with you my two work mottos:

#1 “I don’t care what they broadcast, as long as they broadcast”

#2 “I love Radio Fukkin Cayman, and Radio Cayman loves fukkin’ me!”


Last night I started reading my book, and fell asleep early. This morning I woke up about 1:30 AM, and I was AWAKE! About 4 I fell back asleep, and had a really hard time getting up.
I never made it to look for seahorses yesterday. Maybe today.


It’s another nice morning. It was nice yesterday except for a noon thunderstorm and an afterwork thunderstorm. Both the times I would have gone to the beach.
I am alternately bummed out and elated about ending my job. It is definitely illegal, giving it to who they gave it to. Hope I don’t regret not playing hardball with them. Hope I don’t regret going quietly. Yesterday my boss gave me a major installation to do before I left. But it’s “hand over week”, where I hand the reins to my replacement. So I “handed over” the job over to him.
Anyway, I have been hearing there are seahorses at Don Fosters Dive Center, maybe I’ll head over there at lunchtime and confirm they don’t exist. I’ve never seen one, and am aware of the worldwide conspiracy to make me believe these mythical creatures are real. And I know you’re in on it too.

A dude on a seahorse


Having a hard time posting this morning. Feel great, went to the movies last night. Just can’t think of anyting to post. I was going to post about this website, Earthview. It is a simple web site that shows you where it’s light and where it’s dark on Earth. And you can click on the map (On the website, not on the image on my blog) and it zooms in to that area. And there’s lots of other features. A really cool webpage that has been in my sidebar forever.
But I don’t want to post about that. I can’t think of anything else to post. Next Tuesday is my last day at work. This minute I am happy about that, but it swings around, as I have no doubt mentioned. Several times. Every day I bring home a little bit of my stuff from work. Yesterday was a pillow, a bag of empty bags, and my humidor. I need to bring my coffee pot, fridge, and a box of stuff like toothpaste and deodorant and stuff. And my soldering station. I already brought home most of my tools except a little mini tool bag I made up.
But that’s about it. It is looking like a nice day. Hot. Sunny. We could use a little more breeze, but you can get in the sea and cool off. If you’re not working.
Anyway, I still can’t think of anything to post, so guess I’ll just shut-er-down fer now.
See ya tomorrow

The cat's out of the bag

I’ve been at my current job for 13 and a half years. I recently finished the last new studio. Now it’s official: I have installed every piece of equipment, and ran every cable.

Every time my contract was up, usually every two years, my position has been advertised, so that if there was a qualified Caymanian who applied, the employers were required to give them the job. For me it sucked, having my job advertised, but I could see it was a good law.

Well this time, someone else got my job.

Only the timing makes it more maddening. When my position was advertised, I had residency. In between advertising the position and the interviews, I got Naturalized, meaning I have a Cayman passport, but am still not Caymanian, and can’t vote. This doesn’t change the fact that the employers are still required to advertise the position, it’s just ironic that the government gives me a passport with one hand, and takes my job with the other.

The person who got the job is American, married to a Caymanian. He’s been a part timer where I work for a long time. I was told yesterday that he got the job.

I had to fill out an application and interview for my own job, unlike every time before when my contract expired. Others have had to do this too lately, apparently due to some recent change in some law. But during the interview, I was asked mainly questions about how well I documented my installation of the new studios and wiring for the radio station . . . . . .

The reason he got the job over me, I was told, was because “I didn’t interview well”.

This, to me, is BS.

I have always gotten good annual performance reviews, I’ve been doing the job for years, and the reason for advertising the post is for immigration purposes. My performance is not and never was in question.
If I was told, “we’re really not happy with the way you’ve been doing the job, and when your contract is up, we’re going to find someone else” it would be one thing. But that’s not the case.
If I was told, “Someone married to a Caymanian applied for your job, and therefore we’re required to give the job to him”, it would be something else too. But that’s not the case either.
But the reason I am being told why someone else got the job is not the reason the position was advertised. In my opinion, the reason I am being given is the one, and only, wrong answer.

And if I fought, I think I would win the fight.

It’s politics. And there’s volumes more that could be written in this paragraph about that.

I liken it to having a whole bunch of young children, all less than about 8 years old. And suddenly I am told that all my kids have to go live across town, with this mean child beater who the kids know and hate. They don’t want to go, but they have to and I can never see them again. That’s how it feels.

I will survive. I guess that in the long run, it will be good for me. But I hope I can keep paying the mortgage.

If I could strip away the emotion and just see the bare facts it would be much easier. But I have always loved what I felt was my Radio Station. And it hurts to let go of it.

Looking like a good weekend

To me, this looks like a good weekend coming. I think the weather will improve and be sunny on a weekend after a rainy week. Usually it’s vice versa. I also notice that when I type, I don’t look at the keyboard anymore, and I seem to be typing faster. Not too fast, just fast for me. I remember I took a typing class in high school and I sucked at it, because you weren’t allowed to look at the keyboard. I noticed yesterday when I was typing that long joke. Which I only got one comment on. Thank you very much HAPPY DAYS! Anyway, the coffee is done, and I am ready to get ready for work today and then the weekend!!!!!

Here’s some pics from a lunchtime snorkel earlier this week.
There is a small fish in this picture, well camouflaged, about two inches long.
Identify the item in the picture below:

This is a broken buoy I found underwater. The heavy stuff is still there but the floaty stuff is gone, so it just sits upright on the bottom. It’s about 5 feet tall.