Good Morning. It was a nice walk this morning, Nice sunrise. Above is a shot from “The Road”. Below is a shot from home, after the walk.

Have a wonderful day!


I’ve been an early riser for years and years. I used to always get up and swim and run, but lately, not without occasional resentment, I’m reduced to walking the dogs. I worry about getting older and staying in shape and figured that as long as I walk the dogs a good, brisk mile everyday, I’ll be fine.

Well, last week, I was walking ’em and “Plink” it felt like a string broke in my calf. Instantly my calf felt like it was having a bad, bad cramp. I limped home, hoping I wasn’t maimed for life and the wife put some kind of menthol or hot lotion on in, and after a couple of days, it felt allright. I guess I’m lucky.

After that, I realized that human health doesn’t always gradually decline like going down a ramp, and one can do battle to prevent the decline. Health can drop off suddenly, like stepping down a step at the plink of a guitar string.

Sudden death is also possible. It isn’t fair that a young, healthy person can suddenly be dead in a car crash, drug overdose or disease. From perfect health to death is a big drop. It sucks.

In other news, it was a good weekend, wen snorkeling and spent quality time with the wife.

I don’t think I mentioned, but I finished Don Quixote, the first book. The author waited 10 years to write the second book and I think I’m gonna wait 10 years to read it.

Now I’m reading Arthur C Clarke’s “A Time Odyssey” trilogy. I finished ‘Times Eye’ and am about a quarter way through ‘Sunstorm’. Quite good science fiction.

And it’s another Monday! Friday I start some vacation, even though we can’t leave the island. Work is making us use it or lose it. Can’y blame them…

Have a great week!

Astronomical Photo Of The YEAR!!!

I’m sure, when this photo is made public, I will be named Astronomer of the year. I’ll probably get a whole bunch of honorary PhD’s and stuff. I imagine there’ll be speaking tours and lots of high paying television guest star gigs.

Without further ado, here it is! Me and the MOON!

Yup, that’s the moon alright, right at the tip of my finger. It’s really that big. Remember where you saw it first, because soon it’s going to be in every newspaper, and on the cover of every magazine.

For some real astronomer of the year photos, check this out

In other news, not that there is any other news, it’s Friday and we had a good rain this morning. Have a great weekend!

Crazy? Stupid? Or Just Me?

I’m looking for a safe to keep the passports in. (We never have money) Most of the ones I see have a digital keypad with the battery compartment on the inside of the door. I asked the salesguy, “What happens if the batteries die when it’s locked?” Then he said in an overly animated, cheery voice: “Then you use the key!” I asked why would I need the combination when I have the key? He started mumbling incoherently.

Is it just me? Doesn’t the key defeat the purpose of the combination? And vice versa.

Why put the batteries on the inside, so that if (when) they die you can’t open the safe to change them.

It’s like stupid on top of stupid.

Am I going crazy? Most of the safes are like this. Battery inside, key and combo.

The wife said we’d like to have a little bistro table and chairs for the front porch. Coincidentially, I saw the perfect thing when I was looking for safes. So I went back and picked it up. Along with a stupid safe. The table looks nice and cozy sitting there and it’s really nice. The safe, well, let me put it this way, I’m not buying batteries, it’s now a fancy strongbox.

Have a great day.


Below is the video rom Sundays dive. I haven’t put any music in it, yet. Any suggestions?

We have a Saharan Dust Storm going on right now. Desert dust blowin’ all the way across the Atlantic. The sky here is all hazy and looks overcast but it’s not. It’s dusty. Nothing here on the ground or in the air we’re breathing, seems way up high. This is good in that it prevents the air from holding moisture, which means hurricanes can’t form.

From The Weather Channel linked above.

Have a great day!

Music Or Breathing

I’ve been working on a video of this weekends dive, but it’s currently 18 minutes long and over a gig. I think that’s too long and needs some more trimming. Plus there’s no music background and just the sound of beathing. Not sure which I like better.

Going through on other phase of “Thought of a good topic yesterday but can’t remember it now.” Someday I will learn to write it down. I always think “I’ll Never forget that one!!!”

It’s a cloudy Tuesday Take care.

Quarantine Over

Officially, 4:30 yesterday morning, the Grand Cayman quarantine ended. In a nutshell, the only restrictions now are masks in public places indoors and social distancing.

I went diving yesterday and it was great. Went to a birthday party in the afternoon, and it wasn’t. There was no social distancing, the people with masks had them around their neck or in their hand, or in their car. My wife and I were wearing our masks, and we left very soon after arrivng. People don’t get it. Everyone knows a cloth mask can’t stop a virus. What the mask does is stop the aerosol particles that come out your mouth and nose when you talk or sneeze or cough. In other words, the mask doesn’t protect you, it protects the people around you. The surgeon in the operating room isn’t wearing the mask to protect himself from the patient, he’s wearing it to protect the patient.

Not wearing your mask is very disrespectful.

Hopefully a scuba video will be coming tomorrow. My main drawback is a decent Android editor. I don’t tolerate editors that flash advertisements in my face when I’m using it, then leave a watermark on my video. The developer gets paid by his advertisers, if he wants to advertise on my video, he has to pay me.

I mentioned earlier about the one word spammers. Had ‘ em hit this weekend. I think they just test the anti spam of sites.

I used to just delete them, but now I mark them as spam. Your comments are auto approved, of course, if you’ve already had approved comments.

Have a great week!

Looking Pretty Good

HAPPY FRIDAY! I slept good! I went to bed and woke up right before the alarm went off. Hopefully yesterday’s post jinxed my fear of becoming an insomniac again.

It’s Friday, rainy cloudy. Scuba diving opens up this coming Sunday.

Everything’s looking good right now. Have a good weekend!

Back To Insomnia

It was a couple of good years of good sleep, but I’m afraid my insomnia has returned. The last two nights I’ve been awake all night, seen every hour of the clock.

I did snooze a little though, I remember I was laying in bed, figuring it was almost time for the alarm to go off, looked at the clock and it was a little past midnight. Then I looked at the clock again and thought it said midnight, but upon closer examination, it was 1:20 AM. I notice a new icon on my phone, it was “Pending Alarm”. I cleared it and then my alarm didn’t go off this morning, I woke up on my own at 5AM, 15 minutes late.

Yesterday, my wife picked the one Oti Apple, (Jamaican Apple) from our first crop of our tree.

She germinated the seed 10 years ago, and we got our first fruit this year. Next year will certainly be a better crop.

Yesterday afternoon, walking the dogs, I felt what seeemed like a string breaking in my let calf and instantly had what felt like a really bad cramp. I limped home and figured I was maimed for life, but it seems to be getting better this morning.

Have a wonderful day!

Yesterday’s Post Today

Below is the video from last weekend that I meant to post yesterday. We were lucky we got this snorkel in when we did, because afterwards, it started raining. Wouldn’t want to get wet!

The video is edited on Android, made from about 17 separate videos and there’s no transitions between clips. I’m looking for another video editing app that has this feature.

It’s a cloudy Wednesday here, I was thinking yesterday was Monday till just now. Have a good day!