caterpillars again

Last year I had caterpillars eating my tree. I got special spray to kill them.

This year they come back again, but I just let them eat all the leaves on the tree. I figured if the tree died, I didn’t really like that tree / bush anyway. But, the caterpillars ate all the leaves. Nowthe caterpillars are gone and the leaves have come back.

It jjust goes to show, let Mother Nature run her course.

Happy Hump Day!


COP28, a big meeting discussing and commiting to action to reduce emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming just finished.

Im no expert on global warming but don’t deny that humans contribute or actually caused it, but I think that there’s another thing, vastly more important to watch.

The air we breathe is approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. Those numbers haven’t changed, no matter how much carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and crap we produce or what we burn and stuff we do on this planet.

Science doesn’t know or understand how these numbers remain so constant, the 21% and the 79%. But I think if we see these numbers change, you will see a rapid change in this planet.

Maybe global warming is caused by the Milky Way drifting towards some gigantic heat source. This planet has had ice ages, and whatever the opposite of an ice age is, before.

The planet will be fine, we humans are going to kill ourselves.

Vacation Workweek

This is my last workweek before vacation. I’m off Friday, headed the Missouri, USA, (as you probably already knew), for my high school reunion. I feel like I have a lot to do before I go, both here at home and at work

It was a full weekend. I had Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and I went diving and I sprayed sealer on the new tile sundeck.. I will be getting more sealer today as I didn’t have enough. And went diving yesterday for the first time in a month. There is a lot of coral dying. Very noticable. My thermometer had 86⁰ F, which is normal for summer, but maybe it should be cooler by now..Very worrisome.

Im off to work, have a great week !

Nightmare Spill. AKA Beanbag Chair Guts

Nightmare’ plastic pellet spill. Brittany, France beaches polluted by waves of beads believed to be from shipping containers lost in Atlantic.

Read the article HERE

See the picture above. When I was a teen in the ’80s, my friends had a beanbag chair break. The styrofoam pellets inside were practically impossible to clean up. Static electricity made them jump away from the broom on a tile floor. Imagine trying to clean a shipping container full and clean them was by hand, one by one. That’s what they’re doing in France and Spain. It’s impossible to do.

In my personal experience from decades past, these pellets are possibly one of humankinds worst creations.

France is taking legal action, but what good will it really do? Plastic pollution is harming sea life and this will affect us all. Humans need to stop manufacturing these pellets and all non biodegradable packing materials. Even the large styrofoam peanuts are difficult to deal with.

I don’t know how to end this post. I remember the strange qualities of the pellets, trying to clean up after that burst chair. I can’t fathom a container full.

A person is smart. People are stupid.

Eight Billion

population depiction

Before the end of this year, the 8 billionth person will be born. 8 billion people alive on this earth.

i remember in grade school, one day the teacher told us the world hit 3 billion. The article where I got the image above mentions 4 billion.

I’ve heard opinions that the world is at its maximum population right now. Could be. Seems like things are getting bad quicker and quicker.

Anyway, i saw the picture above, thought it was cool and decided to post about it. I didn’t mean to turn it into a doom and gloom post.

Hurricane Ian tore thru Florida yesterday and last night, we’ll be hearing about that today. Tomorrow I report to be on an actual jury. After that, my jury duty should be over.

Have a good day!