Third Friday This week! Finally, The REAL Friday!



TGIF! This was a long week! Wednesday seemed like Friday, because Thursday was a holiday (not  here) Thursday seemed like Friday, because  it was a holiday, (not here) and I was working. Today seems like Friday, the third Friday this week.

Here it’s windy and cold. I don’t care, just bring that weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving To All my American friends!


Hope you have a good day and a prosperous year! (
I plan on watching American Football on my tablet at work!)

Got off to a late start today. Alarm went off and I went back to sleep. I popped tall 35 minutes later. Oversleeping hasn’t happened in years. I had to bypass my morning exercises to get back on schedule. Now I’m ready for work on a very windy stormy day.


We have a cold front that’s stalled very near us. That usually means several days of wind and rain. Just in time for the weekend.

Again, have a wonderful day!

Wacky Wednesday

It’s a weird morning. It’s supposed to start raining this afternoon/evening, but sitting on the porch this morning I could hear rain, pretty far away, but approaching. When I looked, it looked like a beautiful Caribbean day to the south, and end of the world to the north.


This picture doesn't do justice to how bad it looked 5 minutes earlier.

(I love our utility pole, transformer and power lines right across our field of view  here)

So I rekkon I’ll be taking the car instead of the bike today, although I was thinking yesterday that I could get home after work before the rain started.

Have a good day!

Ferguson Missouri

I usually stay away from politics and news here, but:

I don’t know what’s going on in Ferguson Missouri. A known gang member was shot and killed trying to wrestle a policeman’s gun from him. Physical evidence proves it.

What’s the problem?

If he had succeeded in stealing the policeman’s gun, he probably would have been a big hero in certain circles… Like in prison or the groups that are rioting and looting Ferguson.

My Funny Rake

I bought this small rake, because it’s small and can get up under the bushes and along the walls better. It was cheap, about $8.


I noticed in the store that the sticker said the rake has poly steel tines. Looked plastic to me. Maybe poly steel means plastic coated metal..


When I got home, I noticed that the sticker said it had 22 tines. I don’t get 22  tines when I count them.
Must be the wrong sticker on the  rake! I don’t care, this rake was exactly what I was looking for. Funny though, wonder if anybody else noticed.

It was a good weekend. We went and saw the movie “Interstellar” on Friday. It was really good. A full three hours long. Saturday was a beach  day and Sunday was a football day.

Have a good week!

Casual Friday, a Protest


Who invented Causal Friday? It’s stupid, it doesn’t rhyme, and the words don’t even start with the same letter.

Every day all week should be like casual Friday. And Fridays should be….

Wait for it….



Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Snappy sounding, both words start with the same letter, and you couldn’t do any work because you’d mess up your clothes!

Alternatively, I found this: It seems like it could be a good idea too.


That’s what I’m talkin about!

Have a good weekend!

Picture Thursday




Yesterday, as I promised myself , I started uploading my pictures to Dropbox, so now I can access them from anywhere there’s internet.


These are all from the last couple of weeks.

It has been a short week so far, glad that TOMORROW’S FRIDAY!

Cheering Up

A week or so ago, someone left me a comment telling me to cheer up! So I’ve been looking at the past several posts and indeed, I’ve been sounding pretty lugubrious lately. So I’m here to tell you that things aren’t so bad.
Work is my problem, like a large percentage of people.
But comparatively, my life is still great! I still go to the beach almost every day, I live in the greatest place on Earth, I have a perfect wife and all is fantastic.

My problem I think mainly is lack of content, ideas for posts. When I sit down in the morning and can’t think of a topic, I dredge up something from my  brain and it doesn’t come out too well. Another problem is organization. I take photos, put them on my computer (the only thing I use the computer for is to transfer photos from my camera to my hard drive, where they usually never see the light of day again.) I need a system to get them available to me here, on my android.  I’ve got two good photos of a lobster from last week that I’ve been wanting to post, but they’re on the hard drive, far far away. I need  to sync everything to “The Cloud”, so that I can access it from anywhere.

Anyway, don’t worry  about me, I’m doing great!


Have a happy hump day!

Weekday Two, that’s why it’s TUEsday!

Rainy Tuesday put a serious hampering on my exercises this morning.


view from the rainy window

Although it will probably be a nice day.

My Mom wants me/us to go visit soon. The Wife has no vacation time left, I have 6 days. I’m thinking about going….

I got the contract for the real estate job. I have to sign it and pay the registration fees, Thursday is payday and I’m scheduled to take the contract and fees back then. (I always lose my warm fuzzies when it’s time to hand out the cash.) Hopefully this will grow into something that will soon replace my day job. It’s pretty exciting, but I don’t really want to work two jobs. You know me, I just want to go to the beach!

Now it’s not raining any more, and looks totally nice out. Have to check the weather app and make the scooter/car decision!

Have a good day!

The Pit of a Monday Morning

Here it is, another Monday.

To me, it was a slow weekend. I pulled some weeds in a shrubbery in the yard. I got about 4/5ths of the way done.

We went to karaoke on Saturday. I didn’t sing. I think it’s stupid.

Yesterday we went and collected some driftwood. After that we went to a sports restaurant and watched the Washington Redskins get pummeled by Tampa. I knew the Skins would stoop down and let Tampa beat them. Like watching a Great Dane get screwed by a toy poodle.

I think I know where my attitude is this morning.

Have a great week! It’ll only get better from here! The Pit of a Monday Morning.