What Time Is It?

I can’t believe it’s only 6:07. For some reason, I’m here, ready to go to work a half hour early. I did everything the same. I feel like I forgot something, being so early. My Samsung watch was frozen this morning and I had to reset it and things haven’t seemed right since.

Looking on the internet for a picture of a clock, I noticed a large percentage of the images have the clock set at either 10 minutes till two or ten minutes past ten. I’m sure there’s a darn good reason for that. Go on, Google “Clock Face“.

I’m glad it’s Friday. It’s been one of those long, never-ending weeks.

No real plans for the weekend yet. Diving, hopefully.

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

Coffee Sometimes

My morning coffee is pretty precisely made. Measured amount of water, two scoops of ground coffee from the same scoop everyday. Yet sometimes (yesterday) it tastes like doo-doo and sometimes (today) it’s good.

I guess the only difference is me. But why?

I prefer the days the coffee tastes good over the days it tastes like doo-doo.

Have a good cuppa offer today!

Cloudy Day Supermoon

Today is our first cloudy day in a long, long time. I was actually planning on driving the van instead of the scooter today. Just to see if it still runs.

I didn’t sleep well last night. It was a nice big moon and I was up, looking at it and walking around and thinking about stuff.

regular moon vs supermoon

The moon was huge when it came up last night, My mom said it was a supermoon. Later in the night, high in the sky, it didn’t look so big. (It wasn’t as cloudy last night)

Have a happy hump day!

Man living alone on Italian island to leave after 32 years

A man who has been living alone on an Italian Island for the past 32 years is leaving, partly because he wants to and partly because he has to. Read the BBC article HERE. He was living on the island of Budelli, which if you look at a map, is probably an easy rowboat ride or maybe even swimming distance from habitated islands.

This article makes me wonder if I’m the kinda person who could live alone on an island for years and years. I think yes!

Happy Tuesday!

Too Much Good Is Not Too Good

The dried mango pictured above is too good. Very addictive. Yesterday I ate too much. This morning I’m not feeling too well. I probably ate the equivalent of 2 or 3 mangos. Not too bad, really, but apparently enough to disturb my digestive system.

I’ll be fine. Then I’ll do it again!

It was a quiet weekend. Did homework for my ILM Class mostly. Went to a meditation class too, I was not particularly impressed.

One year yesterday, no cigars.

And now, another Monday. Begin.

Checkup Check OK

I got an ok on my checkup. They changed my blood pressure medication. It wasn’t really an “Executive” checkup, just a regular one, like a ditchdigger checkup. Same as I get (almost) every year. I was disappointed. The facility is nice though. And this morning, I’m drinking COFFEE!

Have a happy hump day!

“Executive Checkup”

Health City Hospital, Cayman Islands

Today I’m going to Health City for an “executive physical”. Supposedly a very extensive checkup. It was promoted by our health insurance.

Health City is this new big hospital that continues to grow in the hopes of one day becoming a destination for medical tourism. They have a very good reputation.

So, I have to leave home early to get there, with no breakfast (OR COFFEE!). That’s the whole test, if you can survive with no coffee for halfa day, you’re fine.

I feel like they’re not going to find anything major wrong with me, but you never know. Maybe I should have saved yesterdays post for tomorrow…

Have an extra cuppa coffee for me this morning please!

Helluva 10 Days

I’ve had a hell of a 10 days.

Last Saturday, (not day-before-yesterday, a week before that) I went to one of my best friends’s funeral.

Last Sunday, my wife told me she doesn’t love me anymore and wants a divorce.

Last week I went to a counsellor with the wife and felt like they were both ganged up on me.

I kind of had a meltdown at work after that because I’ve been feeling ignored, not part of the team, and when everyone, everyone except me. left to go to a meeting. I figure my same insanity that makes me invisible at work is the same insanity that makes my wife want to leave.

Last Friday, I took my cat to the vet and found out she had lymphoma (cancer) and there was nothing that could be done to save her. She wasn’t in pain, so I brought her home to live her life. She almost immediately disappeared and I assume she’s gone forever.

Things probably can’t get worse, but it might. I have an “executive physical” tomorrow, A very intensive physical exam. I think I’m ok but you never know.

But overall, I gotta be near the valley floor, sstarting to climb high again. Have a good week!