First Cruise Ship In 2!

Yesterday was Cayman’s first Cruise ship in over two years. Here’s a little VIDEO I took on TikTok.

it is good that the world is getting back to normal.

My internet is still intermittent. Yesterday we tried to replace the underground cable from the street and the wall jack and it came disconnected while pulling. Now there’s a temporary cable running across the yard. Couldn’t get the cable through the pipe now and the problem remains unchanged I am frustrated and fearful I might have to dig up the yard to replace the cable. (This cable is supposedly the customers responsibility.)

my blog message last two weeks.

Oh well.

Have a great day!

Endurance Wreck Found!

Endurance: Shackleton’s lost ship is found in Antarctic!

Super cool, beautifully preserved ship the Endurance was found in The Wendell Sea.

Read the article and see the video HERE. The ship was trapped in sea ice for a long time before being crushed and finally sinking. The crew made their getaway by walking across the ice and small boats.

I think it’s a very interesting article and beautiful ship. 10,000 feet is too deep and Antarctica is too cold for me to dive though. Or else I would!

Have a great day!

Goodbye Cayjet

The other day, an old Cayman Airways 737 took off and left the Cayman Islands for the last time. It took off, did a loop around and flew really super low over the runway, wagging its wings, then headed for the Victorville aircraft graveyard, where it will rot, or maybe get stripped for parts or scrap metal.

it makes me sad. Ships, (airships, waterships and I guess spaceships) are not like other machines. They’re like people with personalities and specific characteristics that make them alive and loved. Maybe cars too.

I still lament the sinking of my first Navy ship, the USS Somers DDG 34. I wish she was still here, and I wish I could go visit.

But alas, water under the bridge. Good by airplane. You’re missed by at least one person, and you were loved by many.

I bought a new shirt yesterday, did laundry last night and am wearing it today. I dunno, it’s microfiber and feels shapeless. It feels like it will stretch out but not stretch back in. It might go straight into the ‘give away’ box.

It’s hard to find a plain old cotton polo shirt these days.

Have a fantastic day!

Free At Last!

The ship, Ever Given, stuck in the Suez Canal since last Tuesday, has been freed. Get in the back of the queue to resume normal shipping.

That wasn’t as bad as expected, a six day blockage of the Suez Canal. It wasn’t the first time, or the longest amount of time it’s been closed. Until this news story, I never realized the canal was so old, 1869.

It’s a Tuesday, short week ’cause Friday is a holiday, and I’m ready to git’er done (this week).

Enjoy your day!