grass cutter

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I decided to start the weedwhacker to make sure it would start for weed whacking this morning. It started and I decided to trim the edges around the driveway. The cuttings were getting all over me, so I decided to put on my coveralls.

I ended up weed whacking the whole yard last night!

Glad I’m not doing it right now!

Here I go

Back to work after 10 vacation days, 2 holiday days, and 2 weekends off, something like 16 days. I am prepared for a tough couple of days adjusting to being back at work.

End of Stayvaycation

Today is my last day of diving for this vacation. I have done 11 days with a deep dive on helium every day. All the depths for all the dives (except one afternoon shore dive, after a morning deep dive) were at least 250 feet!

Tomorrow is back to work.
Last night we went out to dinner, for dessert I had chocolate mousse. it was good, here’s a picture.


Most people from Inner Space leave today.
I’m still diving with a few that are left.

Last night was the good-bye dinner and raffle, I won the same kind of Dive Rite hat I won last year and a polo shirt. I gave both away. Last year I won a hat and a rEvo rebreather shirt. I gave the shirt to a girl with a rEvo rebreather (I have an Inspiration rebreather)

I’m tired right now and need more coffee. I think we’re out, I used the last two scoops just now. I’ve been seriously under-coffee-ed all week

Last Day of Inner Space

me testing a full face mask in the pool

Today is the last official day of Inner Space 2009. I am kind of sad about it. It was really great this year, like always.

I met a lot of new people and saw a lot of old friends.

One bad thing about living here, people leave, and I’m left with the memories. Tomorrow night I’ll be sitting at Cobalt Resort after everyone has left, the flags and banners will still be flying, everything will be the same, except the people are gone.

One good thing though, some people are staying longer, and I’m still diving again tomorrow and Sunday!

New Government

The UDP has won the election in the Cayman Islands. I have to admit, the past four years have seemed tougher under the PPM.
I’m lucky to be on vacation, these are very busy times at the radio station.

Small World

My house is about two blocks from the dive resort. Every day on this vacation I walk to there, get on the boat, dive, go back to the resort, eat lunch there or walk home. Walk back at night to hang out and attend the lecture. Back and forth, several times a day.

Yesterday, several of my fellow divers wanted to go to town so we walked to my house, got in my car, and went. It was like “Wow!” I haven’t been down here in a while! Just driving a couple miles from home seemed like an adventure.

Imagine everyone lived like that, making a living inside a small circle around their home. You would only interact with the people whose circles overlapped yours. I guess that’s how it used to be but technology effectively makes everyones circles bigger.

For a while at least, I am liking living in the small world.