Rest In Peace, Maria Jose

One year and three days ago. Maria Jose, me, and my wife.

Our cousin Maria Jose passed away yesterday. She was closest in age of all my wife’s relatives, and was like my wifes sister.

I don’t know what happened. A year ago, she was fine, then there was a problem with some medication she was on, then she started having seisures, then she went into almost a coma, then she went brain dead, and then she died.

It is very tragic. She is much younger than me. She was incredibly smart. She was a lawyer, she could speak english so well, you’d think she was American.

She was in cahoots with me when I snuck her, her Mom, and my wife’s Mom here for my wife’s birthday a few years ago.

All yesterday afternoon and last night the girls from the Costa Rica were calling my wife, talking about Maria Jose and memories and memorial plans. It’s like a Costa Rica girlfriends gang. It is tough because of the Covid situation, my wife cannot attend the funeral. Very emotional times.

Costa Rica and our family will never be the same.

Healthy Blog

Yesterday I took care of several “health issues” with this blog. Updated PHP, whatever that is, got rid of all the unused themes and plug-ins, and a few other items.

This blog isn’t as easy as the old blogspot blog, or the old one on the WordPress site. I can’t manipulate the sidebar here like I could there. Maybe that’s something I’ll start working on again.

It’s been more than 72 hours with no cigars. I’ve been told it takes 72 hours for the nicotine to leave your system, after that, it’s all in your head. It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. But there are moments. Afriend left me some gift cigars on my motorcycle, I declined them, but it was tough. Especially during the about 36 hours I them in my possession.

Anyway, I’m thinking about going to the grocery store again today, we need cheese. Can”t think of much else we need though.

Have a great day!

Ice Cream Trucks of Hell

As you probably already know, here in Cayman, we are in a lockdown state to combat this covoid 19 thing going on. You may not know, is that I live about a half a mile north of Hell, Grand Cayman.

Last night, I was up on the roof sundeck kinda late, but not too late, 10 or 11 PM. It occured to me that it was very pleasant, very quiet, no cars racing up and down the streets, no packs of illegal motorcycle riders. And no ice cream trucks. (In case you don’t know, the ice cream trucks are horriffic here in Cayman, super loud music, they don’t come by till so late the ice cream eating kids are probably already in bed. Everyone speculates they must be selling drugs, but no one ever communicates with the ice cream truck. If you did, they’d come down your street every night forever and ever and ever and ever and you’d never sleep again.

I’ve never heard of anybody ever buying anything from these ice cream trucks, never seen them stopped with somene at the window. There are some daytime models, at the beaches, more or less permanently parked, no music that seem pretty typical, not comparing to these nighttime horrors

When I was a kid, you could hear the carnival music of the ice cream truck on our street, you had time to go beg Mom for some money, and maybe you could make it in time to get some ice cream. Here, the ice cream trucks are so loud they saturate the entire district and you can’t tell where they are. They play music that sounds like horror movie music or there’s one that plays Christmas music, all year.

It’s so nice having quiet at night, I hope we can keep some parts of this covid quarrantine. Like no more creepy loud ice cream trucks.

Covoid Quitter

I ran out of cigars Saturday night, on purpose. I could have gotten more, I’m sure, but I didn’t try.

I decided to take advantage of this covid quarrantine and imagine what it would be like if cigars were unavailable. I didn’t really want to quit, and don’t think they’re doing any damage to me, (except what I least liked was the staining of the teeth.) It just seemed like a good time.

So far, it’s not so bad. I thought I’d be going crazy. I’m an addict, I practically chain smoked cigars, about 4 or 5 a day. That being said, it irked me when I’d light up a cigar and realize that I didn’t really feel like smoking, but my hands were on auto pilot.

Sometimes they’d taste so bad, brushing my teeth didn’t help, but sometimes they’d tate so good, I never wanted to brush my teeth again.

If I coul moderate, I probably would continue, but since I can’t, total abstinance is the option. Besides, I can use the money.

It’s been almost 36 hours, Ihaven’t mentioned it to the wife, wonder if she’ll ever notice?

Happy Monday, have a good week!

Best Bananas Yet

Got the best looking batch of bananas yet coming in. If we get one good rain, they’ll be ready to pick. I’ve been watering them, but city water don’t cut it, for some reason.

Do you know how to tell when they’re ready? See the “corners” running from end to end? Those’ll round out, then they’re ready.

One more rain… It hasn’t rained in two months, thereabouts.

Have a great weekend!

Blurry Days

It’s Thursday, but you can’t really tell. All the days are smooshing into each other. Yesterday I stopped at the pet store to get special cat food and bird seed for our neighbors, then the grocery store then the pharmacy, but I can’t tell it was yesterday. Does that make sense? My brain knows it was yesterday, but in my memory , it is indistinguishable from something yesterday, last month or last year. It’s a weird sensation. This lockdown has been going on a month? Less than? I can’t tell how long by any internal reference.

Have a good day. Don’t forget to keep turning the hourglass over! Keep putting those hashmarks on the wall!

“I’m here indefinitely.”

Music Does What Coffee Can’t

Late post today. It’s almost lunchtime. I had a rough morning. I woke up severely brain damaged from sleep. Coffee didnt help. But I cranked some tunes in the van on my way to work and it got me goin’

Music does what coffee can’t! Sometimes.

Wet Pilot Dream

Last night I dreamed I was in a plane, or flying a plane, dodging missiles. I ended up in the water, and I remember filling my lungs with air to compensate my one piece jumpsuit soaking up the water and pulling me down. I woke up, planning on getting rid of my boots, then flightsuit, and would I have enough time to do this before I drowned?

I love the water, and spend all the time in it I can, but I think drowning would be one of the worst ways to die. That’s the message I got from that dream. That and one should wea a life jacket at all times, even if you’re a good swimmer.

It was an entertaining dream though, I didn’t get hit by the first missile and I remember seeing the horizion spin completely around as I was maneuvering. I saw missiles that missed fly past in front of me. I don’t remember getting hit, just suddenly being in the water, in a school of tiny fish, many of them jumping out of the water.

And now I’m awake, tired already, headed to work. Have a good day, wear a lifejacket.

Beach Closed – Get Pool

Well, the government decided that the beaches will remain closed, at least till the beginning of next month. I was doing some math, and I figure my house has plenty of sundeck space, and what’s missing is the water. What we really need, is a pool…

We used to have one of these, they’re good for a year before the top ring starts getting sunburned. Maybe it’s time for another one…

I’m thinking it is!

Happy Friday!