Happy Birthday!

Yesterday afternoon/evening, we had a birthday Barbecue for my Wife. I guess there were about 25 people over. It was a pretty good party with a lot of food and drink.
And the house wasn’t even wrecked too bad this morning!

Now, (Blah) it’s Monday.

Have a good week!

Red Wasp

I dreamed a lot last night. I dreamed I was in a boat crash. I was on a boat and there were waves. The captain accelerated at exactly the wrong time, up the face of a wave. We got airborn, and the nose of the boat hit perpendicular into the face of the next wave. We went completely under, and through the wave. Then the boat popped up on her ass, and fell over upside down. I ducked when we went through the wave, then into the water before the boat turned over.
After the crash, I was looking for my wife. Swimming and asking people, but nobody could hear me. I was swimming and swimming, looking for her. Pretty soon I was swimming in canals yelling to people in their back yards. I was freaking out, looking for her. I tried not to wake up, because I had to find her, but then I did wake up anyway, and she was laying right next to me. I felt really really really glad that it was just a dream.Another dream I had was about a red wasp, but I can’t remember any more than that. Just a red wasp, hovering like one of those big helicopters.

Roller Coaster Screaming!

I had a great day today. I went to Stingray City with some tourists. There were these two girls, about 6 or 8 years old. They were afraid to get in with the stingrays. Finally one decided to get in, she was clinging to me for dear life. The first stingray came by, and she practically climbed all the way out of the water on me. I told her, don’t take your mask out of the water, look at the stingray, it won’t hurt you, and you can push it away if it gets too close.
She wanted to get out almost immediately. But the second little girl said, “I wanna get in with you”, pointing at me.

So she got in the water, grabbed onto my wetsuit and finally touched a stingray. Then the first girl wanted to get back in too.
So, I had these two little girls, one under each arm, with their tiny little masks and fins, their knees up to their chests, holding onto me for dear life, while I swam around with them and the stingrays. They were screaming through their snorkels the whole time. I asked if they were OK, they screamed “YES!” I asked if they wanted to get out, they screamed “NOOO!”
I had a blast, and I felt like such a hero taking care of them. They never let go of me for a second. When they got out, they ran to their parents yelling how excellent it was. Later their parents told me they were surprised the girls got in with the stingrays, surprised they stayed in the water so long, and surprised they touched the stingrays, and that I did a really good job with them.
Later, they rode on a jet ski, with their father driving, they came cruising by, screaming again.
Roller Coaster Screaming!

Busy day

Today I have a busy day.
I am diving around noon, then at 5 I have a Chamber of Commerce thing, then at 7 I have the map event like the one mentioned yesterday..
We went out for dinner last night, I can’t remember the name of the place. It was good. When I remember, I’ll come back and tell you.

Map Event

Last night, (and tomorrow night) where my Wife works, at Guy Harveys Gallery, was an antique map show and sale. Above is an invitation for you, and below is a couple of my favorites.
This is a great map, with “Parts Unknown” and nice artwork.
I have a map similar to this, but much smaller and not an actual old map.ALSO! Today is my Wifes Birthday! Please go over and tell her
Happy Birthday!!!

I want her to have lots of comments on her BIRTHDAY!

TOO MUCH to post

I’ve been sitting here, in front of the blank screen for about five minutes, drinking my first coffee. I wish I could just post everything I was thinking, without typing. I sit down, try to think of something to write, and while I’m thinking, my mind wanders all over. Movies, pacifism, diving, riots, shortwave, fruit juice concentrate. People places things. Then I say I can’t think of anything to post. It would be more accurate to say that I can think of TOO MUCH to post.

Yesterday, for work, I had to call the phone company again. I cannot understand how they can exist and be so grossly screwed up. I call, get transferred, get disconnected. For over an hour. Finally I’m so upset and angry that I’m raising my voice to the operator. I even tell myself beforehand, “No matter what, you will not get angry!” They always drive me beyond that point. I am sure I will be dealing with them again today. When dealing with our phone company, the problem never ends with you hanging up the phone, problem resolved. It always ends with you getting disconnected, and deciding not to call back.

This isn’t much of a post.

February is turning into a pretty good month, at least I think I’ll make enough to pay the bills. I really like my job. I just wish it would get busier. I’m a good technician, I think the problem is that I’m a lousy salesman.

Anyway, Have a nice day!

Wife Working Weekend Woes

It’s Monday, but feels like is should be Saturday. The Wife was in Florida last week, and week-end. She was working at the Coconut Grove Art Festival, and Miami Boat Show. She just got back last night. I feel like she deserves a couple days off, after working all weekend, but nooooooo. She has to go back to work.

Tomorrow night she is working too, there is a big antique map show she is working at. I’ll be there, hoping I don’t see any maps I can’t live without!

Movie: Clash of the Titans

The Wife and I saw previews for this movie, and she didn’t want to see it. Too many monsters and too much violence. So, since she is in Florida this week, I watched it last night. In a scale of 1-5, I’d give it a 3. I will say it is OK, maybe a little less than OK. It had good special effects and it made me want to learn more about Greek Mythology.

My favorite part was Medusa, turning all who gaze upon her to stone. When someone turns to stone, they make a pretty cool statue! I can’t really put my finger on what I didn’t like about it. It just wasn’t that great. One good thing, it seemed like it was a short movie.

I’d say rent it, and if you didn’t spend money to see it at the movies, good for you!

Now THIS is freakin' COOL!

New Wireless Tech Lets Radio Devices Send and Receive Simultaneously, Doubling Efficiency

This is basically a reproduction of the article by Clay Dillow. From: HERE

Radio communications devices can either send or receive wireless signals at a given moment, but they can’t do both at the same time (hence the regular use of the word “over” to signal the end of a transmission). But a team of electrical engineering grad students and professors at Stanford has done what researchers have long thought impossible by developing a new antenna setup that allows wireless signals to be sent and received at the same time.

That may not seem earth-shattering–cell phones allow simultaneous two-way communication after all–but given the fact that the breakthrough essentially doubles the speed of communications networks immediately, it’s actually somewhat huge.

Cell phone networks employ a complicated and expensive technological trick to allow for simultaneous two-way conversation, and that work-around isn’t feasible for all networks. This new system won’t just benefit long-haul truckers and air traffic controllers–though it certainly will benefit them. Where it could really shake up our everyday realities, it seems, is in Wi-Fi, which could become much, much faster using this kind of technology.

When a wireless transmitter is sending out a signal, that signal is million of times stronger than any incoming signal; as such, the transmitting signal drowns out any incoming communication. So the Stanford team devised a means for a receiver to screen the noise from its own transmitter out, much as our brains can screen out our own voices when we are both speaking and listening (this is explained in much greater detail in the video below).

As a result of this noise canceling the receiver can hear incoming traffic clearly. That means in a Wi-Fi network, for instance, computers could both send and receive packets of information simultaneously, potentially doubling efficiency in a given time frame (at least at the moments when you are both sending and receiving signals). The possibilities don’t end there. Check out the video below for more.

It's What's for Dinner!

Last night, for dinner, I had a can of Hormel Chili like the one in the picture. My can was old and a little bit rusty though. It had been in our cabinet for an indeterminate amount of time.

It made me burp. Quite a bit.

I am pretty sure I bought this before I got married, I can’t imagine The Wife buying it.

I wonder what I’ll do for dinner tonight. I think I’ll conduct experiments comparing the belch production rates of Hormel Turkey Chili VS the No Beans VS With Beans.

I’d have to run to the store though….

Maybe I’ll just have a sandwich.