That's it

I had a good weekend, went diving Sunday, my final dive before I send my rebreather electronics off for repair. The LEDs in the Heads Up Display have quit working. I looked inside and it’s not the fiber optics, it’s the diodes, so I gotta send it back. They already fixed it for this once.

I’m done with my outside broadcast, it only two hours, much less painful than anticipated.

The new dog is doing much better, after to not use the bathroom in the house, it took her a while to get me trained so that I knew when she wanted to go. Ditto just asks, he walks up, gives you the mind control stare, and talks. Sheba just comes up and puts her foot in your lap.
That’s it for today

Next weeks posts

I guess nobody reads this anymore, I haven’t had a comment in a long time. Hmmmph.

(Bring me some cheese. (to go with my whine)

today I have to re-align my BBC satellite dish, I think somebody bumped it with a car.

Monday, I have an outside broadcast that will probably last 10 or 11 hours.
Next Tuesday, a friend from the US is coming on a cruise ship.
I kind of have a bad attitude today.
But the good news is, IT’S FRIDAY!


Got home Tuesday night, came to work yesterday, back at work today. I got a double workload. I am busy all the time. I have a long list of things to do, but my boss always wants me to stop what I’m doing and do something else she comes up with, which means I never get anything done. For example, Working on one problem, I’m walking to get a tool from my toolbox , on the way, I get stopped for some other emergency. Before I get the new emergency resolved, an even more important something needs to be done, ad infinitum. Then later I go past the first thing I was doing, and say “OH yeah!”, and then go back to get the tool I set out to get in the beginning, on the way, I get stopped for and emergency. . . . Lately I’ve been trying to set my own priorities, and and put my foot down. I come across as kind of mean or angry, – “I’ll do it when I get done with THIS!”

I understand how things work better than I understand how people work.

Oh yeah, because my contract got renewed, and SOMEONE didn’t turn in the paperwork, I didn’t get paid yesterday (direct deposit). So I had to wait for a check, which I got so late that I didn’t have time to go to the bank.. So this morning I’m going to the bank, work be damned! Actually two banks, first I have to cash the check, then deposit it at my bank, or else it takes three days to clear. I’ll be gone most of the morning.

Here’s some pictures from my Tampa trip:
The Caribbean Sea from 42000 feet
the new van

I make Dreams Come True!

Yesterday, I was in the yard, getting a little R&R in, (Thats Raking Rocks) and the OI Girl came out all decked out in my coveralls and said she wanted to test out the weed whacker. She said she always wanted to run a weed whacker. SO I got it started and gave her the safety glasses and put her to it! She had fun. Glad I could help her out! Now if I can just get her to keep whackin the weeds!

Right now I’m in Clearwater Florida, in my hotel room. Getting ready to go get some food and maybe hang by the pool. Taco Bell, here I come!

This Sunday I’m going to Clearwater Florida. Monday I’m going to see Radio Caymans new van before it is shipped down here. It is our custom built remote broadcast van.
Then I’m coming back on Tuesday, and they ship us the van.

Here’s a picture I took this morning. It’s the OI Girls crystal hanging in the window. I think I can get some more cooler effects with more light, but I still think it’s cool.

That Dang Cold

The OI Girl woke up with a bad sore throat this morning. She got the same thing that took me out for two days last week. I still have a cough from it. It is really bad. She’s going to the doctor straight away, her co-worker had it, I had it, and she knows it’s bad. I got the best results from gargling with salt water