Dog Drone Rescue

The Spanish drone operator Aerocamaras received permission on Tuesday to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped by lava on the Spanish island of La Palma.

Read the article HERE. I think it’s great! I hope it is successful. At least they can feed the dogs.

Tomorrow I have the day off. Things are looking pretty good all around!

Enjoy your day!

La Palma Island Volcano

On Spain’s island of La Palma off the coast of Africa, the Volcano has been erupting.

Read the article here. It is unfortunate that homes are being destroyed but eye witnesses are saying that it is a spectacular eruption and quite beautiful.

Nature can do no harm, the only thing it hurts are man made things.

I was in the Navy in Hawaii, and the volcano on the Big Island was going off. Oahu had haze from the volcano, but I’ve never seen an erupting volcano. I was in Costa Rica in the presence of a somewhat erupting volcano, but it was completely covered by clouds.

Someday maybe I’ll see if Volcano erupting, maybe not. I’d like to.

Yesterday I got an email from my wife’s lawyer and I went to the dentist for an emergency drilling and filling. But even though all that happened, yesterday was a good day somehow.

I’m sure today will be a good day too, And I hope it’s a good day for you!

Volcano Plus Northern Lights

Greatest show on earth. Read the article HERE. In Iceland, a volcano has been going off for some time. From what I see on the news, it is a non-violent eruption and people have been able to walk right up to the lava flows, very close.

When I was in the Navy at Pearl Harbor (Oahu) The volcano going off on the Big Island would give us hazy skies and I always wanted to go see the lava. But on Hawaii, it was too explosive and violent, so I never did. (That and laziness and the expense, etc.) The active volcano in Costa Rica was hidden in a shroud of clouds, and although we were techically in a danger zone, couldn’t see a durn thing.

I’ve never seen the northern lights either, We looked for them in Canada, but nada.

So, for me, the pictures and the story from the article above are spectacular, and I’d love to see it, especially both at once!.

Have a good Wednesday!