The Zoom

Above are pictures from this mornings dawg walk. Testing out the zoom in the phone (Galaxy S21) camera. See the fisherman? Not too shabby!

Happy Friday!

British Airways Landing

Yesterday , coming back to work from lunch, my motorcycle dash cam caught the BA 777 landing. I think it’s quite cool. Please watch the 22 second video below.

I could smell the burnt rubber from the landing gear hitting the tarmac.

I could smell the burnt rubber from the landing gear hitting the tarmac.

Today, for work, I have a first aid class. I’m looking forward to the break in my routine.

Have a happy Prefriday

Poor Lil Blog

I was just looking at WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed”. There are some amazing posts. It makes me wish my blog was better. I don’t have topics. Maybe I shouldn’t post first thing in the morning. It’s been part of my morning routine for years, coffee and post. But my brain isn’t up to speed in the morning, I don’t think, (how would I know?)

I love my camera, and I carry it around everywhere but seldom use it. Blog posts need photos, I think. I wish I had a job that required me to take pictures. Maybe. I never really had that thought before till now, when I just typed it. I’m 55 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I was sleeping very deeply when  the alarm went off this morning. I feel very dazed. Just started cuppa coffee #2. Maybe I will try some afternoon postings for a while. Maybe I won’t. I don’t like to be indoors when it’s daytime. I can’t see my internet device in the sun. Maybe I need to make some changes. My life is routine, routine, routine. I think I like routine, maybe I don’t.

I don’t know, I’m rambling.

Have a good day. Leave a comment.

Getting Lighter Earlier


It is noticeably getting lighter earlier and staying light later, a sure sign that spring and summer are coming. This makes me very glad.

I am officially a real estate agent. Do you want to buy something?

I’m glad we got Monday out of the way, it was along, hard day. Today must be better.

I need to start taking more photos. I love my camera and hardly use it anymore. The new wears off until I pick it up.

Have a good day!

New Underwater Camera

Got a new camera before Christmas. First time I took it in the water was yesterday.


I had been waiting for “the right time” to get it wet, but the right time never came. So I took it out yesterday. It was rough and wavy and murky, but I took it out anyway.





It is much better than the old camera!

Ditto the Dawg took a big fall down the stairs this morning. He didn’t want me to help him down but I should have anyway. He’s so old. He’s OK, he just knocked over a table and made a really loud noise.

Have a good Tuesday!

Happy Thursday


Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend! Above is a picture I took just now, because the picture makes the post! Or ruins it, as may be the case here.

I got nothing planned to post about. The weather’s been good, works been sucking it and I’m living for my time off.

I think my Windows Laptop died. I’m pure Android now. On my laptop, the display is too dark to see, I can pull the plug and reboot it, but after the screen saver kicks in, and then it goes to sleep, it won’t come back when I move the mouse. If you stand at the right angle, you can see the display is there, just too dark.

Tomorrow is Friday, unless you live on the  far side of the date line, then it’s Friday already! YEay!

Tuesday Morning Blues And Pinks


Last night I woke up at 1:09 to use the bathroom. My dog, Ditto wanted to use the bathroom too, so I let him out. He wouldn’t come back in. It started raining, and I’m chasing him around the yard with a leash.

I don’t think I went back to sleep at all. I’m beat. I snoozed in and out, but no really good sleep. World Famous Insomniac, on the job!

Today, and the rest of this week, I think I have training on a new system that’s being installed. It will be a nice break from the routine.

This camera has no red in it. Above is a picture of a beautiful red sunrise that has the red washed out of it. I don’t need to check the weather app today, it’s going to be rainy. Car for sure.

Have a good day!