New Glasses

I went to the optometrist yesterday because I needed new glasses. My old glasses were horrible and I complained about them constantly and took them back several times. I went back to my original optometrist who agreed they were screwed up. Below are the glasses I should get in a couple weeks. Sorry I didn’t smile for the picture, I just wanted to see what they looked like. At the time, I didn’t think I would be posting the picture.

Also yesterday I was told that I have cataracts starting up in my right eye and probably glaucoma in my left. I have to go see a specialist and probably undergo surgery. Eye surgery is my greatest nightmare. But on another level I don’t even care.

My wife wants to meet with me Wednesday, I assume she wants to discuss divorce. I am full of fear and nervous and sad. But for about 5 minutes I imagined she might say she wants to come back home and I was really happy for about those 5 minutes. Then I woke up and shook myself out of it.

Have a fantastic day, I know I will!

Semi Productive

It was a semi productive weekend. I got a lot of little tasks done.

Sunday was nice, I went to breakfast with friends. Then I went to the beach.

YouTube is acting weird. The video keeps playing over and over and if you swipe down to get to the comments and settings, it goes to the next video. . YouTube must stupidly be trying to emulate TikTok. Also the embed link won’t work, so no video for you, my dear readers, today. Sorry!

In the afternoon, i went to my pizza on the beach and this is the last one for 6 weeks because the restaurant is closing for a break. Not the pizza restaurant, the beach restaurant.

My heart goes out to Louisiana who just got devastated by hurricane Ida. Right now it’s just getting light there and they are assessing the damage for the first time.

Aaaand it’s Monday. Have a gooda one as you can!

Ida – Non Event Here

Tropical Storm Ida was a non event here. Really nothing happened.

This pan didn’t even blow off.

Although Ida was not much here, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac got hit pretty hard. News still to come in

This storm reminded me of Hurricane Charley, Charley passed between Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. The eye was less than 10 miles away and there was no wind and no rain. Tropical storm Ida passed between Grand Cayman and Little Cayman too.

Charley, Aug 11, 2004
Hurricane Charley track 2004

So today it’s back to work. I was expecting a day off, just in time for the weekend!

Sweet disappointment!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Smith Cove After Grace.

During lunch yesterday I stopped by Smith Cove. It was fairly devastated even after a clean up was started.

I also stopped by Dart Family Park. It had lost a lot of trees too but didn’t seem as bad as Smith Cove.

I remember hurricane Ivan seemed to actually improve Smith Cove. It washed sand up under all the big trees and cleared out the bush where people would throw litter and perves would hang out and leer. Smith Cove seemed like a much nicer and safer place after that. I don’t remember hurricane Ivan destroying so many trees, but there were no leaves left on anything. Hurricane Ivan’s signature was nothing green shall remain.

Today was my 2nd day of waking up at 4:55 instead of 4:20. I seem short on time this morning, obviously, it doesn’t seem to be unmanageable, so far. And it feels good to just sleep a little bit later. By the end of the week waking up at 4:20 I would consider going to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. Not enough sleep!

Have a wonderful day!

Twigs Unlimited

I’m headed back to work today. After 3 days of vacation and a weekend, all used to clean up after Hurricane Grace. The yard is as clean as it can be. I started off clearing a few huge logs and ended up with an unlimited supply of tiny twigs, forever getting smaller and smaller.

endless twigs

In the end, yesterday, I ran the lawn mower over the whole thing, grinding up what was left. I’m done for now. I’m trying to save all the plants I can try to save. I am pleased with how things turned out, yard-wise.

And now:

Looks like more storms are coming.

Oh well, I am powerless over the weather. Have a good day!

Generator Running

During those storm my generator wouldn’t start. I found the air filter had turned into moosh and .the carburetor was very dirty (clogged). I rebuilt and cleaned the carb and replaced the filter and got it running. But it runs rough. The jets in the carb have two parts, I could only get one out. Maybe I can get it out today.

Also, more yard cleanup yesterday (and today). And yesterday I went out looking for a replacement closet door. Didn’t find one, but stopped by the nursery and beach for a minute.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, I’m looking forward to it, strangely enough.

Have a good Tuesday!

Save some get rid of some

The yard cleanup is progressing, closer to done, clean up some cactus palm fronds and little sticks.

I’m trying to save the plants below. They came off their tree. There’s two buckets, one plant seems to be doing well, the other, not so well.

Trying to save

The branch below was huge, a third of the tree. The limbs covered a large area of the yard.

Big part of tree, gone

I’m trying to save the Jamaica Apple Tree, I made a tripod and stood it back up.

quite proud of my tripod.

I really need to rebuild the carb on my generator, which wouldn’t start when I needed it.

It’s a nice day, but hazy from some Sahara dust blowing over.

Have a great week!

Working vacation

Today is my 1st day of a vacation I’m taking to clean the yard after the hurricane. I have 3 vacation days and a weekend. It will be a lot of chainsaw work and a lot of carrying away debris. I also will construct a major tree holder-upper for Jamaica Apple tree my wife grew from the seed.

And that’s about it for today. Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Back to normal?

It’s back to work today for me. I’m going to request some vacation time because I need to clean up the yard and do a lot of work after Hurricane Grace. It might not have been a hurricane when it got here, but it was one when it left.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do, tree branch removal and general clean up of the yard. My paint locker blew off the porch and all the paint and gas cans were submerged underwater and they have to be gone through to see what’s good and what’s not good. Plus the paint locker itself must be repaired or replaced. There is too much to list here. And, work has been pressuring me to use up some of my vacation so yeay!

Sun’s out, let’s dry up some of this stuff and get ready for the next one!

Have a productive day.