Coulda Fooled Me

I got home yesterday and I thought it was a Monday . I was thinking “This is a long week already, and it’s only Monday”. Then I started thinking about it, and finally asked the wife.

Sooooo today’s the ol’ Hump Day, and that’s a good thing.

In other news , I  got a serious job offer yesterday , but the salary is too low and I’m going to decline , unless the salary goes way up.

That’s it, have  great day!

Broken Toe

Several weeks ago, I dropped a glass bottle of water on my foot. Hurt pretty bad, bruised and swelled. Saturday, I stubbed my little toe on the same foot  Dang, it hurts bad now, and is swollen again, making me limp with shoes on, flip flops are Ok.

Pretty sure something’s broken down there. Oh well.


Doesn’t look bad, but hurts like the dickens!

Monday. Bad football weekend.

Every football game was a disappointment . Except Kansas City beating Denver.Skins lost to Dallas..

And it’s Monday. I  was just getting started in weekend mode.

I cleared the bush outside our fence. I  was going to mow the yard, but it rained and I  didn’t. You shoulda seen me clearing bush, ripping trees from the ground with my bare hands, roots and all!

Oh I don’t want to go to work today. 

Have a good week. 

Iceland Supermarkets In The News

LINK On the BBC this morning, there was a story about a chain of grocery stores called Iceland interfering with business of Iceland, the country.

They are currently preventing the real Iceland’s department of tourism from advertising, because they hold the trademark for the name ICELAND. Among other things over the years.

I say screw the food store. They can’t hold a trademark on a proper name.

The first word of this post is a link to the BBC article.

In other news, IT’S FRIDAY!! And payday!

Have a good weekend!


Yesterday  the wife flew from Costa Rica to Miami. This morning she flies from Miami to Cayman . 

I tracked her flight using FlightAware,

And when she got near Cayman, I  went up on the roof with compass, binoculars and the flight aware map. I’m quite sure I saw her plane . .

I’ve seen Cayman several times when flying between Costa Rica and Miami

FlightAware is pretty cool. I’ve used the internet version to track planes for several years, but yesterday, I downloaded the app. It has a lot more features, like “planes near me”

This morning, I’ll track her flight in from Miami.

Have a happy hump day!

Today and Tomorrow 

The Wife heads home today. She spends the night in Miami and gets home tomorrow. Yippee!

It’s been a long time , it seems, since she was gone.

Around here, it’s still pretty cool, weather wise , but the wind is calming down. it’s been good sleeping weather.

Yesterday , I picked three cucumbers from our garden. The radishes look ready too!

I’ll be glad when the Wife gets home tomorrow !

53 Hours

Till my wife gets home.

Good weekend. Stayed home, trimmed trees.

Watched Football. Skins won. Dallas won. Lots of missed kicks. Since it’s very windy here, one must assume that it’s very windy everywhere, hence all the missed kicks.

Not much to post about.

Have a good week!

Friday Again!

Again it’s Friday I am so glad!

Very windy here. And cold.. for here.

But it’s clear instead of rainy, as predicted earlier this week.

Hopefully it will be a good beach weekend!

Havva goodun!

Yesterdays cold front  is now todays stationary front. Cloudy and windy. My wife asked me to protect the plants in the screenhouse but I don’t know how. If I set up plywood, the plywood might fall on the plants and be worse than the wind.

And that’s not all.

Maybe another storm coming.

I don’t want the wifes plants to get wrecked on my watch, I really don’t.

Friday tomorrow!