mother chicken and other pictures

I saw this chicken from the balcony, there were several more baby chickens poking out but by the time I ran for my camera I couldn’t see them anymore. They’re underneath. In this cold cold weather, a momma has to keep her babies warm.
This is a pine needle covered dock I’ve been meaning to post for a long time. 
A coned dog at the vets that was very interested in the procedures going on in the examining rooms.
I posted this post yesterday, and was waiting for the images to upload when I ran out of time and had to leave. That’s another gripe about the new blogger interface, it is much slower, and if you edit and rotate an image before you upload it, Blogger un-rotates it for you. I have to save it in a different folder in a different format to upload right side up. 
Today is hump day for Inner Space.

Inner Space Random Photos

 Rebreathers in a row
 The only time we saw the sun today was at sunset.
 All these tanks are on vacation, nobody uses them during Inner Space
Rebreather tanks full and ready to go!
I’ve been getting up early to go diving the past couple days, and will be for the rest of this week. Thereby interfering with my regular posting time. Like The Rainman, I like to do certain things at the same time every day. Now it’s bedtime and I’m trying to get this post in real quick. Sorry I haven’t been around visiting your blogs, but I will be back soon!

End Of The Week

Our rainy front window
Kids kayaking down flooded major street.
(Picture stolen from CayCompass website)
It has been raining FOREVER! I am tired of it. There is a five gallon bucket out front that was completely filled. That’s what? 15 inches? Before I dumped it… Someone told me that we had 19 inches in the past few days. I read HERE we had “almost 13 inches in two days”, and its been raining for weeks. 
Yesterday it got sunny for 5 minutes. I thought it was breaking up. Then it poured again. This morning it’s all wet everywhere. I have had enough.
On the bright side, our favorite neighbor Paloma is back! She magically re appeared overnight. I gave her a carrot this morning.

Personal Disaster

My hard drive was almost full, so yesterday, I MOVED the contents of My Pictures to an external drive. This morning I find that all the lose files and folders moved, but all the folders are empty! I lost all the contents of My Pictures and every other folder I had in My Pictures. Damn, this is bad, really bad. Years of pictures, tons of files….. I gotta try to recover them.

Rain or Facebook?

Facebook stock falls again. I think that’s funny.The kind of person to buy FB stock is not the kind of person to be on Facebook. And every Facebook user knows that FB has been going downhill. I know several people who have left, and don’t know of any new joiners. Hate to say I told you so! 

Hey Facebook! Wanna see the stocks go back up? UN DO that last “upgrade” you did. The one with the timeline that made Facebook look like MySpace. IT SUCKS!
It’s still raining. Now we’re getting some thunder and lightning so maybe this signals the beginning of the end of this weather pattern that’s been here.
Nervous Goldie-Breakfast in a rainy thunderstorm
Amazing Video of water coming down the downspout! Six Stunning seconds! What have you go to lose? Dazzling!

Quite The Rainy Day Yesterday

Yesterday it rained all day, quite heavily. Not to mention reports of houses and roads flooding. Below are some pictures of our flooded yard, the flooded pool, and I tried to take a shot of droplets on a plant I had put outside to get some water. 
Today the forecast says 100% chance of rain, but it didn’t rain last night and isn’t raining now.
The yard was over 6 inches deep most places. It’s deeper than it looks in this picture because the grass is very tall
The pool would have overflowed if I didn’t keep pushing the lip down.
 Sooo. This didn’t come out as cool as I had hoped…

Monday Rainy Holiday

Today is a holiday here, the wife is off, and it’s pouring rain. I mean pouring. It hasn’t stopped since last night. The pool is overflowing, the yard is flooded and it is still raining. We were going to go diving today, but nobody likes to go diving in the rain. I have never figured out why. The obvious joke is because scuba divers don’t like to get wet… I think it has to do with drying off after though…
I was complaining about the weather last week, and although it has been sunny for minutes, it really hasn’t been sunny sunny in at least a week. We had to close the windows and turn on the AC, it was getting damp in the house. I put the houseplants outside and I’m worried about them drowning. We need sun!
Oh lookie, looks like Blogger switched back to their old photo uploader format. How nice!

The Web Is Diluted

Perhaps I should say saturated instead of diluted. 
Yesterday I decided I wanted to watch some ZZ Top Videos. So of course, I went to YouTube and searched for ZZ Top. I got tons of crap. I wanted to see ZZ Top videos, made by ZZ Top. There was so much crap that I could only find a couple. Everyone and their brother has posted a post and called it a ZZ Top video.
First of all, a still image showing while a poorly recorded audio track is playing is NOT a video. YouTube needs to get rid of all of these. That would clean things up a lot.
Secondly, a video of some moron playing air guitar to a ZZ Top song in the bathroom is not a ZZ Top Video.
But it’s not just ZZ Top. Literally everything I search for, I find so many BS results that it is difficult to glean the good stuff from the crap.
I was very frustrated looking for ZZ Top videos yesterday. Just like I was frustrated looking for a good skymap the day before…
And that’s my rant for today. dammit!!!

No Eclipse For Us.

Sunday, as you probably know, there is an eclipse. But not for us in Cayman. It will be dark here when the eclipse happens. Which is a shame, because as you know. I like stuff like that. Below is the best eclipse map I could find today. Click to enlarge. A week ago I found some really really nice maps, and thought “I’m gonna put those on my blog” Now I can’t find them. Typical. However, the map below is very good. Maybe you will see at least a partial eclipse. 
I remember years ago I was laying on the beach, and a cloud passed over the sun. Through the clouds, I could see spots on the sun. I thought to myself, “Sunspots?” I got up and drove to the auto parts store and bought a replacement lens for a welding mask and looked at the sun again. Yeah, definitely saw black spots on it.So I posted a question on some astronomy forum or another about if I was seeing actual sunspots and the answer was yes, you can sometimes see sunspots with just your eye.
Of course,  you should never look at the sun with the naked eye, right? 

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND! Here it;s supposed to be cloudy for as far into the future as the weather map goes….