Insane Award

What kind of crazy person completes exercises before 7AM every day for a week? 10 times?

Me, that’s who, I guess. I earned this badge 10 times? What does five days out of seven mean? I guess that’s my current streak,

It’s Monday again. Hope you have a great week!

Train Driver

There was a guy in a long defunct country called Delgiun who drove trains for a living. He loved his job, he wanted to drive trains since he was a little boy. He liked pressing the trains for speed.

One day he wrecked a train because of going too fast and killed one person. He went on trial for murder and was given a death sentence.

For his final meal, he asked for one banana. He ate the banana, got hooked into the electric chair and the switch was pulled. Sparks flew and the room filled with smoke, but the train driver was unharmed.

According to Delgiun law at that time, surviving an execution was considered divine providence and the man was set free.

He ended up getting his old job back. Unfortunately, not too much later, he wrecked another train and two people were killed. Again he was tried for murder and sentenced to death. For his last meal. He requested two bananas.

He ate the two bananas, got hooked into the electric chair and the switch was pulled. Sparks flew and the room filled with smoke, again, the train driver was unharmed.

Divine providence again. He was set free and ended up again getting his old job back, driving trains. Unfortunately, he didn’t learn his lesson and soon wrecked a third train, killing three people. He was again given a death sentence.

For his final meal he requested three bananas. The executioner refused, and against protocol, without a final meal, the train driver was strapped to the electric chair, the switch was pulled, sparks flew and the room filled up with smoke, but again the train driver was unharmed.

The executioner was speechless, the train driver saw this and said, “the bananas had nothing to do with it, I’m just a poor conductor!”

happy Friday!

Bad News For Daisy

Daisy failed her assessment at the dawgie day care yesterday. She was aggressive with other dogs. She can’t go back. Daisy is the aggressive one with the dogs across the street too. Daisy is the aggressive one when she attacks Lenny out of frustration. Tales of her aggressiveness caused a pet sitter to back out at the last minute, resulting in a wasted airplane ticket to Jamaica. You may remember that from reading it here.

She seems to be getting more aggressive as she gets older, a big negative

I have a higher ranking pet trainer coming this Saturday, but it’s not looking good for Daisy.

I have an advertisement running, looking for a new home for her. On the plus side she’s only aggressive with other dogs, not people. On the negative, if you’re in the way when she’s aggressive with other dogs, it might not be good. I’ve been bit “by accident”, trying to get her away from another dog she was attacking.

I feel like I’ve done everything I can do with Daisy and we’re reaching the end of the rope for her. She has never been a good learner and has never been a very trainable.

this makes me sad.

Happy Passover!

last night was a nice Seder. Good food. I remember last year, they gave us more than we could eat, this year was perfect!

the dogs got their shots yesterday, today I’m taking them to the daycare place for their entry evaluation. Daisy will be going probably twice a week to try to expel some of her excess energy. I have to leave for work a half hour early to drop them off.

Water Weekend

Saturday was an 800 meter swim I came in second out of 3 in my age group. I think I swam well and wanted first place.

Sunday I went out on a boat dive with Don Foster’s Dive Center it was quite nice.

Today I’m taking the dogs to get their shots this afternoon, early lunch hour. And tonight is the beginning of Passover. I’m going to a Seder.

Have a great week!

I Don’t Know How I Do It

Sometimes when I and start the engine and the stereo comes on I don’t know how I was in there with it so loud. I’m like a different person first thing in the morning compared to right before bed. I mean, what kind of crazy person can listen to music like Ronnie James Dio or AC/DC at full volume?

I don’t know, a crazy person, I guess.

I like it nice and quiet in the mornings, I don’t know who that nighttime guy is..

Have aa great weekend!

Mango Season Soon

the trees are full of baby mangoes and it’s almost that time of year again. Mango season!! The mangoes in the picture are what we call the stringy kind and are good for mango Jam but not that nice for eating. They’re delicious but leave strings between your teeth. They are excellent for mango jam.

I wish I knew somebody who knew how to make mango jam!

Have a wonderful day!

caterpillars again

Last year I had caterpillars eating my tree. I got special spray to kill them.

This year they come back again, but I just let them eat all the leaves on the tree. I figured if the tree died, I didn’t really like that tree / bush anyway. But, the caterpillars ate all the leaves. Nowthe caterpillars are gone and the leaves have come back.

It jjust goes to show, let Mother Nature run her course.

Happy Hump Day!