Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore USA was hit by a Singapore based container ship. Experts are saying the collision must have been incredibly hard to bring down the double concrete pillared bridge. I believe on the left side of the top picture above you can see the partially sunken containership.

There were two pilots on board, In charge of stirring the ship, so whatever happened to make the ship lose control must have been catastrophic in itself.

Read the article HERE.

It happened about one in the morning.And there are several cars in the water. I guess we can say it was lucky it didn’t happen during rush hour because then there would have been hundreds of cars in the water. And people.

I used to work for a company in Laurel Maryland and dud a lot of jobs in Baltimore. I’ve been over that bridge many many times.

It seems impossible, surreal.

Titan Sub

I guess you all have heard it already, the sub, named Titan, that was lost on a trip to the Titanic.

Below is a picture of the lost crew/passengers.

It’s a tragedy, the deaths, but they knew there was one helluva rlrisk.

I think I called it accurately from the beginning, the sub descended, it takes two hours to reach depth. 1 hour, 45 minutes into the dive, almost there, contact was lost. I said to my co.worker, “it got almost to the bottom and imploded like a light bulb breaking. Instant, nearly painless death for all. ( I’m pretty sure light bulbs have a vacuum inside to prevent the filament from burning rapidly, that’s why they pop like they do when they break) Well, at that depth, inside the sub was probably comparatively closer to a vacuum than the inside of a light bulb.

I questioned my theory when the news said there was “banging” heard.

Also there is very little, if any, equipment that could recover an object as big as the Titan sub at that depth.

From the beginning, if anything went wrong they were pretty screwed, and I’m sure they knew it.

But what a way to go… Beats dying in a hospital bed.

Happy Friday Yee haw!

Endurance Wreck Found!

Endurance: Shackleton’s lost ship is found in Antarctic!

Super cool, beautifully preserved ship the Endurance was found in The Wendell Sea.

Read the article and see the video HERE. The ship was trapped in sea ice for a long time before being crushed and finally sinking. The crew made their getaway by walking across the ice and small boats.

I think it’s a very interesting article and beautiful ship. 10,000 feet is too deep and Antarctica is too cold for me to dive though. Or else I would!

Have a great day!

Found The Wreck

Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC[jwplayer mediaid=”12585″]

Yesterday I loaded up the kayak and went looking for the wreck I saw from the air. At first I didn’t think I’d find it, but after I got out to the wrong buoys, I saw the right one. It was a big wrecked sailboat.

After that I paddled out to the inside of the reef, very close to the wrecks at Wreck of The Ten Sail, the site where a sailing fleet wrecked a couple hundred years ago. The wreck you see here is NOT from those sailing ships.

Aug 12, 2014 006 Aug 12, 2014 011 Aug 12, 2014 020It was a great day!

Today is the last day of my vacation, tomorrow it’s back to work. 🙁