Bizarrest of Dreams

My long dream last night revolved around thiose little plastic flags, with the 3 inch by 3 inch solid color plastic flag and a wire flagpole.

Started off in Alaske I think. There was a path in the woods and there was a piece of brown styrofoam with about 20 of thise flags stuck in it. There you left the path, and went back into the woods where you came to an old abandoned high school or shopping mall.

I saw pictures on the wall of graduates with the square hats with tassles on them. There was a big yellow circle on the top of each hat, I think there was a 32 printed in the circle. I saw rows of the same has on the top shelf of a closet in the “school”.

I went in the “Board Room” and the vending machines came alive and started yelling at me in very strange angry voices. One of the vending machines grabbed my leg and I pulled it out into the hall. As the machine left the board room, it melted or disentegrated or something. All the other machines yelled at me that I killed “Louie” or whatever his name was.

There’s tons more that I can’t remember. My brother-in-law was in the dream, he wanted me to bring him one of the little flags. There were people with me all the time. I think I went to the school twice, the second time to get a flag…

That’s about all I remember..

Super weird dream…

Weekend Accomplishments

Friday I rushed home and started painting. I ran out of paint with this much left to do (see pic above, about 12 square feet short on paint). So Saturday morning I went and got more paint. I finished the back porch and painted the carport. Sunday morining I got called into work, and when I got home, I pressure washed the whole driveway. I wanted to start painting it too, but it started raining and never stopped.

Saturday night was also the Wife’s works Christmas party. It was nice.

Now it’s a rainy Monday. I did get my run in. No swim today though.

December start at the end of this week!

Safety VS Useability

MY lawnmower is defective. It is designed so that the little vent that shoots the cut grass out the side is not open far enough, and it clogs with grass constantly.

There’s a spring loaded door that covers it up completely, and a plastic adapter that holds it open a little, but not enough. I rekkon that the US manufacturer is worried about getting sued if debris fly out and break a window, so they made it that way. Nevermind the fact that it can’t cut grass.

So I modified it. Now it spews grass 20 feet and doesn’t clog, and I don’t have to stop the motor every 5 steps and clean it by hand.

Back in the day, NAUI dive tables were so conservative the joke was “If you’re diving NAUI tables, why dive?” PADI tables were much better, and everyone switched to PADI. Now, NAUI barely exists. Thank gawd for dive computers, people don’t use tables anymore.

It seems like the guys buildig lawnmowers never mow lawns, some of the the guys writing dive tables never dive and there are so many other examples. Sure, things should be safe, but I won’t say they should be as safe as possible. If you were really scared of breaking a window with your lawnmower, the safest thing to be would never mow. If you were worried about dive injuries, the safes thing would be don’t dive.

But nobody wants to live that way. Besides, what if, for example, I get tired of cleaning my mower vent every 15 seconds, kill the engine, stick my hand in there, clean out the grass, restart the engine, mow another 15 feet, and repeat? What if, for example, I modofied the dead man switch on the mower so I could stick my hand in there with the engine running? The danger of getting some fingers cut off is worse than the danger of breaking a window.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. This weekend, I plan on finishing the painting on the back porch, and building a plantstand to hold a lot of plants, a multi-shelf, long heavy duty plant stand with wheels.

Have a great weekend!

Sudden Stop

All week, It seemed like the week is going fast. Until today, all of a sudden, it seemes like it’s dragging. It feels like Friday, and it is painful to constantly remind myself that it’s Thursday. It’s also American Thanksgiving. Regular work day in Cayman. Supposed to rain today too. After work, I’m going to move more stuff from the unpainted side of the back porch to the painted side. It should be quick work to finish the back porch after that. Yesterday, I made a heavy duty trolley plant stand for this lemon tree in a giant pot on the back porch.

I made the green thing under the pot yesterday. And now it’s about time for me to head out to work. Happy American Thanksgiving! (I’m really thankful for a lot of stuff, it just isn’t reflected in todays post.)

Hot, Oh So HOT

Yesterday, after work, I finished up the edges of the back porch paint job, It was hot. I was kneeling beside the wall on the back porch where the floor meets the wall. The house was blocking any breeze and the afternoon sun was full strength. sweat was drip-drip-dripping. I got the job done though, all I have to do now is move all the stuff from the unpainted side to the painted side and paint. The painting that’s left (on the back porch) will be easy, stand-up painting with a roller on a broomstick.

Then I’ll start on the driveway, then the roof, then the rest of the house.

After I got done painting yesterday, I took a cold shower, then I mowed the yard. I planned on doing just the front, but I ended up doing the whole thing. Glad I got that done! The I took anoher shower, and made hamburgers on the grill.

Now, it’s off to work on a Wednesday.

Have a great day!

Junk Shop

I feel like I’m sitting in a junk shop, I had to climb over things and move things to get my chair,

All our stuff is moved to one side of the porch because I’ve been paintng the other side.

I feel pretty good today, running this morning, I developed a sore spot on the top of my foot, which I first noticed a couple days ago, gonna have to band-aid it.

Supposed to get some more rain today, but it’s nice now. I’m vannin’ it! (That means take the van instead of the scooter).

Here’s one more pic, before I go. Have a great day!

The porch from the roof.

Busy weekend

I painted the front porch, and half the back porch.I still have to do the trim on the back porch. Still to go: Driveway, roof and entire house.

I needed to mow the yard too, but I blew it off. In hindsight, I shoulda.

Now it’s back to work.

Clear Weather

For the first time in a long time, e weather forcast says CLEAR! Scooter day!

Send Anywhere emailed me back, maybe I’ll reinstall the app and see if it can be fixed.

Have a great day!

SEND ANYWHERE: Another App Bites the Dust

I had this fantastic app on my phone and tablet, Send Anywhere

It was simple, pick the files you wanted to send, the app generates a 6 digit code. Enter the code in the receiving device, and Viola! Your files are there, fast and easy.

Well, they updated it and it quit working, in a nutshell. Yesterday I wanted to send a 100K pic from my phone to my tablet for my post. It was sooo slow. in a half hour, I had to leave for work, it was 53%, then I left the wifi zone and got an error message. What a complete waste of time!

And that’s why there was no post from me.

I looked for other apps but found none I liked. Most require you to scan a code, my tablet lives in a case, and the rear camera is covered, so all those apps are out. Back to USB stick transfers for me.

Have a great day!