Saturday Snapshot Selection

Jun 28, 2013 001

Red Sail Cat

Jun 27, 2013 007

A completely different kind of cat

Camera 14MP-9PC

School of silversides

Camera 14MP-9PC

Underwater Metal Detector Dude

Camera 14MP-9PC

Spotted Eagle Ray

Below is a video of the same Spotted Eagle Ray, 47 seconds long.

[jwplayer mediaid=”10270″]

Here it started raining a cold cold rain, I put the house plants outside, so it’ll probably stop. I hope you have a great weekend!

Glad Friday It Is I Am

I’m glad it’s Friday, this has been a long week.


Hello Boss? I can’t make it in to work today, something’s blocking the road!

I think Flashback Friday is almost gone, I had a list, and everything I wanted to post off the list is posted, so, unless I think of more things….

Maybe I could turn this blog into one of those moneymaking political / news blogs. I saw one yesterday that had a really nice template, I can’t find it now.

I’m having an ongoing argument with my boss, the definition of the word “Job Description”. He says it includes educational requirements, I say it doesn’t.

This is a holiday weekend, Monday is the last holiday off till NOVEMBER!

Picture of My Finger


I am all dressed for work, getting coffeed up, and ready  to go this  morning. Today I have training, so I won’t be in the office. (and maybe we’ll get out early, but don’t count on it)

Above is a picture of our backyard poinciana tree that I just took. Last year it had a few orange flowers but this year it’s in full bloom for the first time. We planted those two trees, (now grown together into one) five years ago.

I’m really enjoying our four chickens, I take them out for a walk every afternoon and I’ve been giving them flying lessons.

I just noticed my finger in the poinciana picture.. Oh well. Have a good HUMP DAY!!!

Todays Post Has No Title

Here we are, Tuesday. although I don’t feel bad, I feel very ‘mortal’ today. When I woke us there was a bug on the floor, I stomped it and missed. I notice that i miss with the flyswatter too, when I’m getting gheckos.


  I  wonder if  it means anything, like I’m getting Alzheimer’s or something.

Then the dogs, ooooh the dogs. I walked them this morning before I took a shower, they act like they’re exploring the surface of Mars. A fruitless walk, if you know what I mean. Then I bring ’em in and take my shower, and after the shower, they’re all excited, like it’s time for their walk again. Not today, boys and girls.

I think I’m just crabby this morning. I was having a dream that my scooter wouldn’t go. It was stuck in the mud or had a problem with the throttle or both. I remember getting to some grass and thinking “Oh good, I can go on this”.

I think I need more coffee. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Bizzy Weekend


Here it is again, another Monday. I had a pretty good weekend. We went and saw the movie “Now You See Me”, about a group of magicians who get together to rob banks. It was ok. We went to a friends housewarming party and I stayed up several hours past my bedtime. Yesterday, we went to the beach, and when we got home, The Wife made soft pretzels, after I said I liked them.


They are great! They’re what’s for lunch today!

Six weeks till we go to Florida on vacation, can’t wait.

And that’s it! Have a good Monday and  have a good whole week!


Glad it’s Friday. Really glad!

Bad news this morning, my friend, Percy, died yesterday. He was 97 years old. He used to walk around our cul-de-sac for exercise and I used to talk to him. He was from Cuba and referred to Fidel Castro’s government as “this new government” Every time he saw me  he’d say “Hi Mark! How are you?!?” He is being buried in Cuba this weekend. I was hoping he’d make it to 100 years old, at least.
When I woke up this morning, the dawgs were desperate to go outside. So I took them before my shower instead of after. I saw Perceys grandson and he told me. Everything happens for a reason…

No plans this weekend, wife’s working Saturday…

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday I got my Nexus 7. I’m typing this on that.So far, I like it, but I’ve barely started using it after charging the battery.
Yesterday I also got an email from Trip Advisor, asking me to remove my link to their site from my November 10th, 2010 post. First I said no, but The Wife said “why not?” so I said “why not?” too and took it off. The post was a good review of Tim Buk Tuu restaurant here in West Bay, Grand Cayman. The email said that my link was reducing traffic to their link. I doubt it.
I’m glad the weekend is almost here, and glad today is payday.

RIP Stripe. You Were Loved.

As many of you know, Stripe the Chick died yesterday. She had a short, bitter life. Her mother died when she was very young, and Stripe entered the foster care system with her brothers and sisters. Sunday she was  inexplicably and brutally attacked, and spent her remaining days in the intensive care unit, where she died Tuesday. Stripe was laid to rest in a small, private ceremony near the area where she was born


Stripe convalescing after the attack

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to your local Humane Society.


The cedar casket containing Stripe, lying in state, awaiting burial


Stripe in her final resting place. In Lieu of flowers, The Family requests that you please make donations to your local humane society.

Below is a video with Stripe, and her brothers and sisters. She has the brown stripe on her head, the second chick visible in the video. Stripe had a short life, but she was loved more than almost any chick ever was loved. Stripe will be missed and remembered.

[jwplayer mediaid=”10211″]

Photo Post

Underwater pictures from yesterdays dive.

Camera 14MP-9PC

Sponge coral and fish

Camera 14MP-9PC

This is in about 10 feet of water, with the camera pointed straight up. At the “bottom” is my bubbles. Cloudy day.

Camera 14MP-9PC

Stingray and fishfriends.

Camera 14MP-9PC

There is a tiny, very well camouflaged, fish in this pic, about 2 inches long. Can you see it?

Camera 14MP-9PC

Giant Grouper, 3 feet long. There were a lot of groupers on this dive, which is good. Grouper is endangered. No real scuba diver eats grouper.