It’s been raining for two weeks now. Instead of getting better, it’s getting worse. (raining more and more) I haven’t complained yet, but I’m on holiday till Monday, it is becoming apparent that it is waiting for me to go back to work before the sun comes out again.

Spooky Scissors

I have a pair of those first aid type of scissors, the kind they cut a penny in half with on TV years ago. Exactly like the ones in the picture. Last night they were missing. I asked the OI Girl if she’d seen them, she said she just used them and they were right there. I couldn’t find them, she came out and looked and she couldn’t find them. I said “Oh well”, slightly peeved. She went back in the room to email, a minute later I went back there. 5 minutes later, we both come to the kitchen and the scissors are right there, sitting on the counter, near the edge, way out in the open. No way they were there when we were looking for them.
The OI Girl was telling me the other day she was hearing some weird noises when she was home alone. I remember when I first moved into this apartment, that I’d occasionally hear the sound of someone exhaling very close to me, like they were hiding, holding their breath and couldn’t hold it anymore. I wonder if we’ve got ghosties???

What Next?

Here I am at home, the OI Girl is at work, all my Inner Space friends have gone home, I have no studying to do…. I’ve been doing laundry and reading a book called Marley and Me. A book about a dog. The OI girl gave it to me. My dog is 7 years old, he’s still a puppy to me but he already has a gray beard. At 7, in the book, the dog Marley is already really old.
It’s the first book I’ve read since I started my class, 10 months ago. I used to always be reading a book.
Also, I have a nice black eye, I whacked myself in the face with my dive computer. I was pulling a tank out from under the seat on the boat and my computer on my wrist/hand (see picture below) touched my cheek, It didn’t hurt or anything, but I got a black eye from it.
I’ve been telling everyone the OI Girl beats me regularly.
It’s kind of weird, I finished my class the same time I started vacation, I went diving every day the first week, now that is finished and I don’t have a fixed schedule, a routine to go by. I’ve already caught myself saying aloud “I miss studying” . . . Twice. I think I’ll take Spanish next. Again. Yo estudio espanol mucho, pero no hablo mucho porque no tengo opportunidad al practicar. The OI Girl speaks fluent Spanish.

Here’s a picture of me taken underwater that I really like. I emailed a copy to my Mom.

Technically speaking

Technically, today is the last day of diving for inner space. Dang, it went fast. At least I didn’t get sick like last year.
Today I am planning a deep dive, my deepest so far on the rebreather, 350 feet.
even though Inner Space is all but over, I still am off work till June 4th!

more than half way

Inner Space is already more than half way over. So far, it’s been great! Fantastic dives every day.
The only thing that could improve would be the weather. It rains every day, and today is downright cold.
Here’s a pic my friend took of the rain, hitting the water like bullets!

I hope it gets sunny and super hot, that’s how I like it!

Inner Space pics

a picture at the hotel at the dive shop


A KISS rebreather

snapper fish

I’ve been diving two days now at Inner Space. It has been great so far, except today one guy got the bends, he has a skin rash after he came up, and I guess he was feeling some discomfort. The divemaster put him on oxygen and he went away in an ambulance. I’m sure he’ll be OK, but he probably won’t be doing any diving this week. Sorry. My dive buddy John is here and we’ve been having some great dives. He’s probably diving right now but I’m home. I’m going to the airport in a while to pick up the OI Girl!!! She’s coming back from New York today, and guess what? At the wedding she caught the bouquet . . .

PS: On my last two tests, I got a 92 and a 97, making my overall average a 92.1%

pre dive

Woke up this morning a little before 6, went to the dive shop and dropped off a bunch of tanks I should have dropped off days ago, now I’m back home, getting ready to go to the airport to pick up my dive buddy, John.
I’ve been in contact with the OI Girl, she’s having a blast in NY. She just came out of the salon and she’s sending me pictures of her hair.
That’s it, I’ll be diving all week now!


I have just completed my
Cleveland Institute of Electronics Course!!

I started July 19th, 2006 – I finished today,
May 18, 2007.

It took me 10 months, the time limit was
two years.

I was told by my student counselor that so far, I have a 91.96 Percent average-
(not including the results from the last two tests I just took, which I will get Monday, hopefully increasing my average!!!)

I am done!!

I’m taking my dawg to the beach now!!