Yoga Class

Last night I did a yoga class. I quite enjoyed it. It was a Yin class. Yin means:

It was very nice for kind of my first class ever. The instructor helped and everyone else didn’t seem light-years ahead of me advanced. I liked it much much more than I expected to.

I’m going back!

Happy Friday!

Good Attitude

It’s important for me to maintain a good attitude and outlook on the day. It is easy to wallow in negativity. The hardest thing is to be aware or it. After that, it’s not too hard to bring myself back up to a good level

Yesterday was a good day. I dipped down a little in the afternoon but pulled myself back up pretty quickly.

Today is going to be a good day too!

Good Stuff: Simple Green

Back when I was actively teaching scuba in Virginia Beach, and working on diving equipment, we could only use Simple Green to O2 clean the inside of scuba tanks and dive gear. (Petroleum product contamination is a fire hazard under high concentrations of oxygen)

So, just the other month, I saw some and picked up a gallon to use as dishwashing soap. Since then, I’ve been using it everywhere. I put a little in a gallon of water for windshield washer fluid, great! I put it in my hand soap dispenser in my bathroom, seems fine for washing hands.

I bought a gallon, thinking it would last for ever, and already I’m getting ready to need more.

Try it, you’ll like it!

This is from my list of emergency post topics.

Have a happy hump day!

Good Morning!

Im all sad my visitors are gone. It’s back to work today. Below is a picture I took this morning on the dog walk. It looks how I feel.

I will be Okay once I get back to work and get going. Yesterday I cut the drywall and installed the box in the wall for my new internet ADSL line jack. Today I will probably run the cable. If it is not raining. It rained almost all day yesterday.

Have a good day!

Friends Faux Family Farewell

My visitors leave today, I am quite sad about it. It was a very short trip.

Yesterday was so rainy, we could barely make it outside. But we had a two meal day consisting of a late big breakfast and and a late big lunch.

The highlight of the trip, I suppose, was Jessika taking the intro to scuba class at Don Fosters.

I am so sad to see them go. My life is forever enriched, seeing Jessika again. She was born (with her twin sister, Veronika) on the day I got out of the Navy. I wish they were my daughters.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me. This morning my weigh in was 163.8, pounds an alarming new record low weight.

Have a great week!

VIP Visitors!

I have from the US this week. Jessika, who I haven’t seen since she as about 5, arrived yesterday and Erica, Jessika’s friend, arriving today

We had a nice day yesterday, catching up and will have a lot of fun this, their first of many, visits!

Have a great weekend!

Morning Planets

Half our planets are lined up in a neat row this morning and every recent morning. I find it amazing because it lets me visualize the solar system. My life and all its problems aren’t important, being able to accurately visualizing the orbital plane of our solar system is what really matters in ones life!

It seems very hot this morning. I can’t tell if it’s really hot or it’s because I’m wearing a non-cotton shirt work gave me. I’m a cotton only kind of guy.

Taking a few days off, visitors down from the USA. Halfa day off today. Life is good!

hava gooday!


my back’s been hurting for the past few days, it’s happened before, but this time it’s lasted longer. I think I re-hurt it doing curls with 12 lb dumbbells.The first time I hurt it, I was in my 20s, cleaning out under my coffee table. I had a stack of magazines and was sitting cross-legged on the floor. I leaned forward to you the magazines on the shelf under the coffee table and “chink!”, I hurt my back. It was like the arch went out of my spine. From my shoulders to my butt was a straight line, no curve. I could relax and get everything to settle back down, but it has occasionally happened since then and this time seems worse…

Getting old sucks.

Have a great day!

Multiple Dives Multiple Pictures.

This is my back to work, weekend report after afour day weekend.

Thursday was an active day. I swam the half mile during my lunch hour, then I went on a night dive Thursday night. Below are a few pictures from the dive.

My photo light died while I was shooting the octopus. It was my first night dive in a very long time.

And below pictures are from Fridays dive.

Friday night was the start of Passover I went to a Seder. This is our table before it started. Once it did start, my camera was put away.

Below are pictures from Sundays dive

Aaaaaand below pictures are from Mondays dive.

And now it’s back to work Tuesday. We had a good rain this morning and it’s still cloudy and spritzing. I hope everyone has a great week!