Quest For The Best Deodorant ?

Underarm stuff is all weird. Some seem like they don’t wash out of my underarm hair in the shower. Some are uncomfortable and itchy. Some create redness. So a month or so ago, I did the search above and went out and bought the exact number 1 pick.

I don’t like it. The material it’s made of is a white solid. It leaves a visible film/residue/resin in the underarm.

The only thing I like is a clear liquid in a roll on, or the discontinued green “gel” in the Brut push up dispenser. Now Brut is the white solid ad described above. Below is the discontinued clear green gel I’m talking about. What I’ve been trying to find a replacement for for years now.

I wish it was easy, to find a replacement, like it’s easy about shampoo. Shampoo is easy. Ask and get a definitive, simple,consistent, answer.

Have a great day!

Improved Attitude

I’ve decided I’m going to improve my attitude. I have been becoming more aware of my negative thoughts and am able to reverse this process towards the positive.

What I’m talking about is an improvement at one level just one notch under the conscious level of normal awakeness. Improving the content of the brains background chatter..

I can do it. It will work.

have a good weekend!

Painting Done – For Now

I painted for my second weekend in a row now, I am finished with the front and back porches. There’s still the sides but I cannot do it with the equipment I have.

Below is a picture of a chicken, walking on the apex of the neighbors roof. Why? How?

Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Ski Mask Grocery Woman

I went to the grocery store yesterday after lunch. I got a bottle of coffee creamer for work and two bags of dried apricots for me. I got in line and there were two ladies in front of me buying some kind of hair products. They were laughing and joking with the cashier and I was standing at the end of the conveyor belt with my three items, watching and enjoying their banter.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a red ski mask comes and pushes her grocery cart in front of me. I said “excuse me”, she ignored me. I said ‘excuse me” again “I have three things and I am in line”. She did not even look my way. I waited for the cashier to stop talking to the two hair product ladies, and said “excuse me cashier, why did this lady cut in front of me in line?” The cashier replied that she didn’t know. I said excuse me again, as I pushed the lady’s cart (and the ski mask lady) out of my way and went to my place in line and paid.

As I was leaving, it seemed the ski mask lady was getting ready to give the cashier a hard time, I thought about hanging around but didn’t.

if the ski mask lady said anything, offered any explanation as to why she was cutting in line, it probably would have been okay. But ignoring me really pissed me off.

Since covid, people are allowed to wear whatever they want on their heads, but this is a ski mask in the tropics.

It was bizarre.

Food Fetish

My dawg Lenny, seems to have a food fetish. He will scoot the bowl off into a corner or under a chair and use his snout to shovel the food out of his bowl onto the floor. He seems to eat little or none of the food.when he’s doing this. It seems like some sort of perverted messmaking hobby He will eat normal when he’s hungry.

After the title and picture, aren’t you disappointed by the paragraph above? I am!

Also, when Lenny’s going to drink some water, he slowly slowly slowly, moving statue, sneaks up on the water bowl. Then laps water as loud as possible, splashing it to the maximum

He definitely has some kind of weird psychology going on whenit comes to food and drink. He’s always been a bit freaky.

Today is my boss’s last day at work. I applied to fill the position, but haven’t heard anything. The new boss is sure to not be as good as the old boss though.

Have a fantastic day!

Wait A Few Days

I have no idea what I’m going to post about today.

Refering to yesterday and my lost Kindle Scribe case, there is no employee by the name given by the Amazon driver. And the office wasn’t even open that day it was allegedly delivered. Amazon is looking into it, and will email me in a few days, but my gut says gone.

Also missing is a Washington Commie shirt. Allegedly delivered by DHL. My delivery agent says it’s probably at the post office, we should wait a few days..

So I’m waiting a few days….

Its almost Friday, unfortunately there is allegedly a nuther weather system moving in to spoil the weekend..

c’est la vie. That’s French. It means Say La Vee. Say La Vee means: Don’t lose any sleep over it.

Ciao (That’s Italian. It means Chow, see you at suppertime!)

The Protector

I woke up last night at the usual time, middle of the night. I felt the panic attempt to grab me but I evaded it. I can’t really describe what happened. I could feel it rising and I don’t want to say I pushed it back down but it advanced then inexplicably retreated. Normally I am unsuccessful at any attempts to control my “night madness” and I was pleased and relieved to have a hiatus.
However, my assignment was to examine the panic and determine what it is that grasps me in the middle of the night every night. I know what it is in a way, fear and aloneness. But that is too vague. I must identify (and alleviate?) the roots.

This morning, thinking about it, I remembed ‘the protector’.
My other assignment, which I had forgotten, was to identify and observe “the protector”. (I had asked if I was possibly schizophrenic when the protector was described to me) When things that I want to look at run away to avoid being examined, that is “my protector” protecting me. It thinks it’s protecting me from things it thinks are too painful for me to look at.
This morning I tried to examine the fear and the protector hid it from me. I admit at the time that I was pleased the fear went away but this morning I realized that that was not the objective. It was not doing me any favors.
We’ll see what happens tomorrow.. I’m ready to enter the haunted house.

In the meantime, I am in a great mood today, for which I am thankful, and, it’s my Friday! (Remember, Thursdays and Fridays off, rest of the year!)

But, more importantly, in the news, Scientists have found clitorises on female snakes. It wasn’t necessarily that it was elusive – rather, scientists weren’t really looking for it.

Have a GREAT day!!

Friday Not Yesterday

Yesterday I took Ashy to work with me and on the way started having doubts. Where were my reminders for this appointment? I looked at my calendar and it said the appointment was Friday. Naw, I’m sure it was Wednesday.

I called the vet and it is indeed on Friday.

So I took Ashy back home. She didn’t really seem to enjoy the car ride. Too bad, back in the car tomorrow.

Today is grocery shopping day.

Bloody Ankle?

i was in bed last night and I moved my leg and it was stuck to the sheets. I felt down and there was sticky stuff below my knee. I had been bleeding from some cut or poke on my leg. I don’t know what happened. Maybe riding my bike or maybe I just bumped into something. But I had to change the sheets and do laundry at 10:30 last night. (I figured it would wash out better if washed immediately)

I slept good, I never heard the washing machine, woke up and it was done, put the stuff in the dryer, never hard a thing, woke up and it was done. Perfect!

And here’s a cat pic for you, Goldie, sleeping in the motorcycle.

Have a wonderful day!