Tuesday, Don’t Feel Like Riding

Yesterday, coming home on my bicycle, the chain came off of my front sprocket. When I put it back on, it was making a weird noise. That’s not why I don’t feel like riding though, I just don’t. I’m ready to get my scooter back. Yeesterday  I also went to look at some cars. Didn’t see much.

Tomorrow is a holiday here. Ash Wednesday. Looking forward to it.

Have a great day! I gotta go pedal!

Two Short Weeks, In One!

This week is Monday, Friday, Short weekend, Monday Friday, weedend. Because Wednesday is a holiday here!

Still haven’t gotten my scooter back ffrom repair. Still riding my bicycle back and forth to work. 8.5 miles one  way, adds up to over 20 miles a day with side trips and errands.

Plus I really need to finda new car. Hard to go looking for transportation with no transportation. 

Have great week(s)!

Premium Friday

Japan has a new scheme called Premium Friday, which sends workers home early the last Friday of the month.

Japan workers work very long hours and they work very hard,  They also have a high suicide rate.

Read the article HERE.

Yes, it’s FRIDAY! Tonight is the wife’s birthday dinner. Just the two of us. I got her a purse and a bracelet for her birthday. She likes the purse, but she hasn’t found the bracelet yet, it’s in the purse pocket. The best way to keep something secret is to post it on the internet.

Have a good weekend!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Wife’s birthday. The party was last weekend, and the official birthday dinner is tomorrow, FRIDAY! She is the best thing that ever happened to me, and all I want to do is spend time with her.

Yesterday I didn’t ride my bicycle, because the weather forecast said 100% chance of rain. It rained for maybe 30 minutes all day… Today I’m riding it, and it’s very windy. Hopefully it will push me along and not blow in my face.

And that’s it for today. Have a great day!

Drinking Dream

Last night I had a drinking dream. I dreamed I was at an AA Meeting and this guy (Auslin) handed me a Miller Lite in a can. Without thinking, I took a big drink. I didn’t realize it was alcohol till after the drink. I asked why would someone give someone a beer at an AA meeting? He laughed. In my dream, it wasn’t a dream, but later I was glad that I didn’t really drink.

I rode my bike to work two days in a row now. My butt hurts the worst from the seat. Today, i’m catching a ride with the Wife because it’s supposed to rain. My legs hurt a little but I can still walk. 

That’s all for today!

Have a good -un!

No Car, No Scooter

Sold the car last Friday, scooter’s in the shop.Yesterday I rode my bicycle to work. It took about 45 minutes and 8 miles.

I’ll be doing it again today. 

Also I went riding to the bank, and hardware store during my lunchtime. Also I went out and bought a pair of shorts, because I thought (correctly) that it would be a lot hotter riding home in the afternoons than in the early morning.

And now it’s time to go again. So have a good day! 

Fantastic-est Weekend

Thursday, instead of going to my meeting like my wife thought I  was going, I went to the airport and picked up her Mom, Aunt, and First Cousin, then took them to the restaurant/bar where my co-conspirator and wife’s best friend, Emma, had taken my wife. 

I called when we were on our way from the airport, I asked is she was still there and told her I was starving and was coming to eat. 

We got to the restaurant, I went in first, giving instructions for the relatives to wait 30 seconds, then follow me in. I told my wife that I had a surprise for her, and showed her an email from her boss, saying that she had the day off tomorrow (Friday) and the itenerary from her relaitives trip.. My wife explained how she couldn’t take the day off, busy Friday, cruise ships, yada yada the she turned to the itenerary and and asked “what’s this?” then her relatives walked up. She saw them from about 10 feet away and was very very VERY happy.

I will never forget those moments  when my wife rushed to meet them and they were stadcing with their arms around each other talking and laughing and a little crying.

Sold the car this weekend, riding my bicycle to work as an experiment. Have a good week!.

Slow Start, With A Nice Jump

When I came home Monday, I was surprised to see our trash cans out on the street. Garbage Man comes  on Monday, I thought it was Tuesday. That’s the last thing I remember, now it’s Thursday and it’s almost the weekend after a short, fast week.

This weekend is my wifes 40th birthday party!

I got a new Android browser. It’s called Apus. Seems good!

That’s all for today, ciao  

Firefox For Android Is The Worst Browser

I’ve had it, I’m getting rid of Firefox on my tablet. The only reason I have it is because it was recommended by my financial instution, but I don’t think they realized I was talking about Android.

The original title of this post was “Selling My Car”. I wanted to include a screenshot of my advertisement online, but after 45 minutes of wrestling with Fireox, I was still unable to view the ad. Unresponsive. You click a link and you can’t tell if you’ve clicked it or not. Nothing happens. Click again, nothing. finally something does happen but you don’t know what it was, all of a sudden you’re off in outer space. So you click the “back ” button. Nothing. You can’t even tell you presssed it. So you press it again. Nothing. All of a sudden you’re off in space again, other end of the galaxy. This app is unworthy of the Firefox name.

Do you have Android? What browser do you use?

Damn Dam

I’ve been following on the news about the Orosville dam problem. imagine if the spillway had failed within the first hour, as initially predicted? Almost 200,000 people have beev evacuated.

From what I gather, the main spillway is in the picture above, the auxilary spillway is the dirt part to the left of that.  And it’s all washing away.

Here’s a pic of flooded city called Riverbend Park, below the dam. If the spillway had failed as expected, this would have been hit by a 30 meter wall of water.

And more rain is expected.

Good luck to everybody there!