Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts tomorrow. I hope we have a quiet year. The last two in a row, here, have been very quiet.

I have quite a busy day today, I have to take some scuba tanks to get hydro-ed, I have to go to see a man about some building supplies. I really want to get the apartment started. (I have plans to add an apartment to the house, to supplement my income). And I have to go to work on a transmitter. I have a problem that is a real doozie. Plus I would like to go to the beach for a little while, seems like I haven’t been to the beach in a long time. I rekkon almost two weeks.

My name is Mud

I ruined all my wifes new work shirts by washing them with something red.
It would be better if she go mad and whooped me like a stepchild but she just got sad.
I feel really bad.


Today is the last day of Inner Space. The deep boat is going to my favorite dive, Funky Town. I am on the shallow boat.
I can’t think of much to say lately.
Sunday night I have a job to do for work. I will be taking three stations off the air, one by one, to do an upgrade to an attenuator, and repair and upgrade the third.

My fingerprints quit working

My fingerprints quit working. On my computer, and an external hard drive, there is this fingerprint scanner thing so you don’t have to type your password. It used to be that my left finger worked better than the finger I use on my right hand. Then it switched, and it seemed like the left worked better. Now neither work. I have to type my password. Since both fingerprint scanners quit working, it proves it is my fingerprints that have gone bad, not the scanner. Bummer

Inner Space is almost over, and I am getting my usual depression that all my friends are about to leave. Tomorrow is the last official dive, and everyone starts heading out Saturday.

Finally- Rain

Finally it’s raining, when I don’t want it to be…
Inner Space is going on, I am diving every day, and it is much nicer diving when it is sunny than when it’s raining.

And I can’t find my raincoat.

Random Photos

My view for most of the day on the ‘Shark Boat’
Stingray City
One of the satellite beacons we were supposed to attach to the sharks if anybody caught any, which they didn’t

Blog Neglect

Today I’m neglecting my blog
Tomorrow, I’m starting vacation, my first vacation since I started the new business. I am on vacation from 6 AM till 1 PM every day for a week, I’m diving. I will be available for work in the afternoons.
Yesterday, on the shark boat, we didn’t catch any sharks, but it was the first time I went all the around the island in one shot. I’ve been offshore at almost every point around the island, but yesterday was the first day I went all the way around in one trip. It was a pretty nice day.

Wednesday is Hump Day

I have nothing to post about again. I woke up early. Drinking my first cup of coffee.

I’m diving this morning, then on Saturday Inner Space starts. I am working on one of the boats that week, not the deep boat that I have been on every year prior.
Last night The Wife and I were at the registration for the Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament. My Wife had to be there for work, I was a volunteer. It was pretty nice. I will get the opportunity to go out with the Department Of Environment and tag White Tip sharks. That will be cool. It looks like I can only go one day, I’d like to do all four. They’re doing it during the tournament.
I feel kind of neutral today. I feel boring. Maybe if I threw in a few exclamation points in it would perk things up.
Bah, just gimme some more coffee.