Easy Friday Porno Post

Heres a sexy ass for a Friday Porno post. Pretty hot, huh?

Well, as I mentioned, I can now see my followed sites on the WordPress App, I wasn’t logged into my ancient WordPress.com account, I was only logged into my real account, MarkD60.com. Now, since I’m logged on to both, I can again upload images using the WordPress app. This makes me think that my images are uploading to wordpress.cm and not MarkD60.com. Which may not matter, or be bad. What if I deleted the WordPress account? Would a large percentage of my photos here disappear? Just an observation. I’m not going to worry about it today.

Have a great weekend!

The Cayman Cloud

Cayman Cloud, phrase coined by Guy Harvey.

In Cayman, there’s a phenomenon called the Cayman Cloud. As the tradewinds blow across the island, the warmer land forms a long, ribbonlike cloud, that you see in the picture above. Very common, and it can rain, even when there’s no chance of rain, as far as the weather forcasters predict.

From my observations, it happens most on the south side of the island. Why it doesn’t cover the whole island, I don’t know. I suspect because of the North Sound.

But it sure sucks when my lunch beach is the only cloudy beach on the whole island! It didn’t happen yesterday, when I took this picture, but it happens too often for my liking!

Have a great day!

Operator Error Kinda

I am able to now see my followed sites on the WordPress App. I was logged into this site, markd60.com, but not my old, unused, invisible, obsolete wordpress.com site.

So I’ll be back to commenting on your neglegted blogs again! Half my followed sites are on Feedly, half are on the WordPress App. I’ve been meaning to transfer them over to Feedly, but you know, well… procrastination is sloth in five syllables.

Had a good walk/swim this morning, today the weather is looking good and I’m taking the scooter, dammit!

Work is very frustrating lately. There’s a line, and the people on one side of the line cannot or will not listen to anybody on the other side of the line. We’ve had a problem for six years, for six years, I’ve been saying “Let’s do this”. For six years, every time it comes up, they say, “Lets do this instead”. Finally, they hired a consultant, who does what I said in the beginning. The same thing is happening again. And it’s frustrating.

Yesterday my gut instince told me to call in sick, but I diddn’t, and I went to work and instantly wished I did, and it went on all day.

I don’t care, because I don’t bring it home with me.Have a great day!

Pretty Pretty Flowers

I have nothing to post about today, so I’m just going to upload some picture pictures I took yesterday and Sunday, from our yard.

This is from a bush that I dug  up  at a construction site several years ago. They grow wild around the island.

It always seems to be hard to get them in perfect focus.

These are from a tall, grasslike plant that grows at the beach.  We have some in a pot, in our yard,

The same flower, it seems like they enjoy having good dirt, instead os straight beach sand.

Orchids in my wife’s ‘screen house’

closeup of the orchid flower

It started out kinda cloudy, with thunderstorm-looking clouds over the south, so I took the van. I’m at work now, and it’s nice and sunny, which is good! I was halfway to work when I realized I didn’t pubish this yet, so here goes!

Have a great day!

Before & After & After

I had a busy weekend, I pressure washed, and started painting the house! Saturday I pressure washed, Sunday, I painted.

The Front, before I started.
After pressure washing.

I was happy with the way it looked after pressure washing,but I had already bought the paint..

After painting.

It looks pretty good to me. My wife wants to paint it a different color, and we can, but painting the same color means I can paint piece by piece. A new color would have to be done all at once.

The back, before I started.

The back was a lot worse, a couple years ago, I rented a pressure washer, with higher PSI than mine, and it didn’t get much of the black off.

After pressure washing.

I’m super happy with my pressure washer. There must have been something wrong with the one I rented..

After painting.

I still have to do stanchions and the sides of the house, but it looks a lot better than when I started. It was embarassing to me before.. The sides of the house aren’t bad at all, the black was from the rainwater pouring off the porches in the front and back.

And now it’s back to work. If you recall, work forced us to put in ffor our vacation at the beginning of the year, I have time off for Christmas, already booked, but Friday, I was informed that I still have four days to use before the end of the year! That’s not bad! Next year, I plan on refusing to submit leave requests at the beginning of the year. It messes us up as a family. Part of the reason I didn’t go to Costa Rica with my wife is because I didn’t have enough vacation.

I still can’t find my followed blogs list on the wordpress app. I asked on the forums yesterday. No good answers yet.

The weather looks fairly good. Might be a scooter day, not sure. I’ll have to check the weather forecast, and then see if I believe them.

Have a great week!

Didn’t Post Yesterday

Yesterday I didn’t post, I sat right here where I’m sitting now, and let the opportunity pass.

Now it’s Friday, and today, the wife goes to Costa Rica for two weeks. I’m planning on painting part of house while she’s gone. She doesn’t know. She wants to make it a different color, but I’m going to use the same color and just paint the bad patches. We can still repaint later if she wants to change the color. The whole house doesn’t need to be painted, it just has bad spots where the water flows off the porch. I got a bunch of paint cards from the hardware store and have matched the color pretty well, the faded color of the old paint. In the picture below, you can see the gray where the water has flowed off the porch.

I’m glad it’s Friday, hopefully, it will be an easy day at work. Usually, that’s the day the boss wants to start new stuff.

Have a great weekend! Hope it doesn’t rain!

Rainy Day, Totally

I started to go for my walk this morning, carrying an umbrella. I walked about a block and decided I was an idiot. Came home. It was raining pretty steady.

The WordPress App has pretty much gone bad on me. I unubstalled and reinstalled it, and now, not only will it not upload images, I can’t find the blogs I follow in the reader part of the app.

I’ll pretty much be trying to stay dry today, it’s supposed to rain forever.

Have a great day!

Two Pic Tuesday

All the coolest blog poster children are doing this new thing called “Two Pic Tuesday”. It’s pretty complicated, what you do, is wait till Tuesday. (That’s the hardest part). Then (on Tuesday) post two pictures.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Airplane in a puddle.
Gecko in a birdhouse.

See? That’s all there is to it!

Here it is a lugubrious morning. wet, rain off-and-on. I don’t have much motivation to go to work. But if you think about it, a lugubrious day like this is good for working. Save the sunny days for days off work! But when the weather is lugubrious, I seem to feel lugubrious too.

Lugubrious. I like the word lugubrious. It’s one of my favorite words. Another one of my favorite words is orts. “Hey mom! What’s for dinner tonight?” “Oh, we’re just having orts tonight.” “Ewwwww, that makes us feel lugubrious!!”

Have a great day!

Weekend, According To Plan

The weekend went exactly as planned. Friday the wife and I went out for sushi.

Saturday, the wife had to work, and I didn’t do a dang thing, as planned!

Sunday, I continued to work on cleaning up the back trees some more. For Chris, I have included a before and after shot. The before shot is the same one I posted a few days ago. There’s still a lot of bush to clear. Well, not a lot.. There’s lots of vines, I cut a tree and it would just hang there, because of the vines holding it up. Then I pull it down and get the wood, there’s big piles of vines for me to cut up and throw away.

But I am surprised at the difference in the before and after shots. I wish I’d have taken one before I even started!

And now it’s Monday, Issac  the storm disapated magically overnight this weekend, (as I planned it, HA Ha) We still might get some rain this week, but we might not! I will bebeach lunch ready all week!

Have a great week!

True Lies

I’m going to tell you two stories, both I told a lot when I was younger, neither have I told for probably 20 years at least.

STORY ONE: The Hole In One.

When I was a teenager in school, I used to play golf. Hole 8 was a short par three. The tee was at the top of one hill, the green was at the top of another.  The hole was heavily wooded, with big oak trees mostly. There was a considerable “valley” in between, and it was kinda a long walk, but the tee and the green were pretty close together. If you missed the green, you were probably in trouble, all around, it was very “woodsey”.

One day, I teed off, and the ball went way high, it was headed over the green into the rough beyond. But it hit this giant oak, bounced onto the green, bounced a couple of times, and rolled straight into the hole!

STORY TWO: The Bicycle Ride.

On another day, as a teen or pre-teen, I was riding my bicycle, really really slow, talking to somebody walking on the sidewalk, and I ran into a parked car. I didn’t get hurt, just sorta fell off the front of the seat and landed on my feet. I made a tiny dent in the bumper of the car. 

There was an old man, sitting on his porch across the street, he called out, “How stupid can you get!” It was funny.


I’ve told these stories so many times, I remember both clearly. I remember the golf swing and the feel of the hit, the sound, seeing the golf ball fly, and the “oh shit” feeling as it took off. I can still see it hit the tree way up high and bounce and roll. I remember the leaves and a few little branches on the green. I remember not making a big deal of it, because of the people I was with, kinda mad at me, because I was a real crappy golfer and everyone always got mad if I beat them, even on one hole. I didn’t deserve a hole in one. Nobody mentioned it when we got back to the clubhouse.

I remember the dent in the cars bumper, the weather, it was fall, cloudy with white light ad cool. Like it had rained earlier, but quit. The person I was talking to had on a wool red and black and brown plaid lumberjack shirt. I remember everything perfectly.

Except in both cases, I don’t remember who I was with. And I wonder in my head if either really happened. I think they did, but I have a doubt. Could they be stories of a little kid, told to be cool and funny and brag? I honestly don’t know. Over the years, doubt has crept in, and I’m not sure anymore.

They could be lies, and as a grown up, I don’t want to tell lies. I don’t know if either is real. Something is going on in my brain. I don’t tell anybody these two stories anymore.


This morning, I noticed a crack in the screen of my tablet. I don’t know when it happened, I’ve dropped it exactly once, it fell off the bed when I got up for something. The crack is invisible, except from this angle.

It works fine, on both sides of the crack, so I guess I’ll just live with it, but it’s disappointing.

My wife broke her new phone a few weeks ago, now my new tablet is cracked, is Samsung making them cheaper? Nothing but Gorilla Glass for me from now on.

AND yesterday, I broke my tooth off at the gumline. Next-to-the-back lower right molar. I was eating a Kirkland protein bar. No pain, it just got crunchy and my tooth was gone afterwards. I thought it was something in the protein bar and threw the chunks in the garbage. So a trip to the dentist is in my near future. I doubt it can be fixed, there’s nothing left to fill.

On a different note, IT’S FRIDAY! Yesterday, I rode my scooter, and it rained, super hard from the time I got to work till just before time to go home. I didn’t get rained on, but I was trapped at work during lunch hour. Today I have the van, and it’s beach, rain or shine!

Have a great weekend!