Bye Bye Baby!

This afternoon my Wife leaves for Scotland for two weeks. She cane home yesterday and super-stocked me with groceries. I fear two weeks without her, but I also fear not taking good enough care of her plants.

I would like to go to Scotland, but only my wife and her friend are going, the husbands are staying home.

She’s getting on the British Airways Cayman-London flight. It stops once in the Bahamas. The BA flight is the biggest plane that regularly lands at ORIA, Owen Roberts International Airport (where I work)

Have a safe trip Baby! I’ll be counting the hours till you get home! (I’ll tell her that myself when she wakes up, and when I see her off, and a thousand more times!

You have a safe trip too, through your day!

Someone Up There Likes Me

After my post yesterday, and a forecast of more rain, it is nice and clear today. Had a good run n swim this morning, and did my situps app on the back porch.

Last night was my Wife’s going away party, today is her last day of work as manager at the Guy Harvey Gallery. It kinda makes me sad, because the crew there is like family to me, but the wife is moving on to bigger and better things at The Cayman Islands National Art Gallery.

She starts after her trip to Scotland, which starts this Thursday.

I’ll be guarding the dogs and cats and most importantly, making sure nobody steals the sand at the beach while she’s gone.

Have a great day!

Catfood Theives

I’ve mentioned before how I have to guard the cats when They eat because chickens steal their food.

Here’s some pictures of the culprits.

Above is Whilefoot.

And here is blackfoot.

I don’t have a picture of Yellowfoot yet, but I’ll get one soon. Yellowfoot seems to have gone missing for the past couple of days, and I hope he’s OK. Yellowfoot is a teenage rooster about the same age as Blackfoot.

Blackfoot sneaking up on the cats.

Also, by the way, I’m posting this by writing with my pen and it’s being converted to text by my tablet.

It was a rainy weekend, with a lot of clouds and wind. Amd it’s still raining, but I got my run/swim in anyway!

Thursday, my wife goes to Scotland for two weeks. Like last time, if I don’t post for a few days, send sandwiches!

Have a great day! Have a great wee!k

The Flooded Bedroom

I had a dream last night, a repeat dream, about a house with a permanently flooded bedroom. The walls and floor and bed were all black. The floor sloped up, so that when you left the bedrrom, you walked uphill a little to dry floor. The house was square, with I think, four rooms. Outside, there was the house, and a gas station store next door. There was nothing for miles and life consisted of these two buildings. There were other people there, my friend Quincy, for one.

I woke up from the dream and tried to write it down, but I couldn’t. The paper seemed damp, and the pencil lead wouldn’t stick. It was weird. I’m aware that I can’t remember a lot of what I could when I was trying to write. And like I said, it seemed familiar, like a repeat dream.

It’s scheduled to rain forever, at least as far into the future as the weatherman can see. This morning I didn’t run, but walked a little with raincoat and umbrella. No swim.

Have a great weekend.

Crap Apps

People install apps, they don’t work, the people uninstall them.

Many times, I install and uninstall an app because it doesn’t do what I want it to do. I leave a review, largely to tell myself in the future that I’ve already tried this app, and what I thought of it.

Many times, the developer will reply to your review. Usually, it is the same cut-and-paste reply for every review.

By the time I, and I presume other users, see the google notification of the reply, the app is long gone, forgotten history. Like the devoloper cares.

First off, you get a “do not reply” email, If the devoloper cared, they could email me, not paste the same reply on every unfavorable review. C’mon pal, your app has a rating of 3.1, fix it. I’m not fixing it for you.

So it becomes apparent, the devoloper wants me to re-install their app that did not work. Initiate an email conversation with them, (because they were too lazy to email me in the first place). And then, back and forth with some receptionist or someone who doesn’t speak the same language as me, until I’m blue in the face.

I’ve done it before, and I won’t do it again.

There are some great apps and great developers. One app, years ago, “wasn’t available in my country”. I emailed the devoloper, he emailed the apk file, and to this day, he emails me every upgrade. And it’s to me, not some bulk email. And I reply, every time, usually it’s just “Thank you!”, but I reply.

That’s my rant for today. Here it’s still cloudy, but not raining. Yesterday, aroun lunchtime, a hole appeared in the clouds, and I went to the beach. Then it got cloudy again. This morning, I woke up at 3AM, went outside and it was perfectly clear, not a cloud. Woke up again at 5, totally cloudy. Got my run and swim in though. The sea and swimming pools are all cold again from all this rain.

And now, my yard needs mowing again. Bah humbug.

Have a great day!

Diving Dream

Last night I dreamed the Wife and I went diving in Virginia Beach. Except is was warm and clear. No wetsuits! We went inside a door of a shipwreck, and set up a little campsite, or picnic, and hung out there and made side excrsions, exploring the wreck.

Outside the door of the wreck, there was an orange fish, he and I were forehead to forehead, like he was a cat. Then the fish reached out with both fins and put them on my upper arms.

Very Pleasant dream.

Cloudy Wednesday here. More rain expected. But now, I’m sitting on the back porch, drinking coffee. Now it’s starting to sprinkle, so I gotta go.

Have a great day!

Rainy Tuesday

Yesterday was a holiday here, so today is a Tuesday-Monday.

I don’t really feel like going to work.

I’m also upset a because I have always found to difficult to transfer my photos from my Andriod phone to my Android tablet. For a brief period, there was a program called Send Anywhere that worked, but it quit, and all I can do is use an OTG cable and USB drive, which is a hassle.

It is quite rainy. Last night, several flights were diverted because the runway was flooded at the airport. I didn’t think it was raining that hard, but apparently, it was.

Sunday night, The Wife and I went to dinner with a friend visiting. I had the porterhouse steak, 28 ounces. It was good! Here’s a pic of the steak, baked potato and green beans. The tater and beans look small becaise of the camera angle, but they weren’t.

Monday we just stayed home and watched TV. This morning I went for a walk in the rain with a raincoat, No run, no swim.

Now, I guess the rain is starting to get to me, because I got the blues. it’s supposed to keep raining all week.

Well, I gotta get ready to go to work. Have a good week!

E-Books VS Printed Books

I recently saw a movie that impressed me, and was very complicated, which made me want to read the book. Because I believe the book is always better than the movie. And the book has more details, like what the character is thinking.

Ready Player One, good movie, check it out.

So, I got out my Kindle, (a super-old, cave man vintage, Kindle version 2) and searched for the book, and it costs something like, $4.99 US. This made me hesitate, and made me think. On one hand, what am I really getting for $4.99? An electronic file. Locked on my device, in “virtual reality”. I can read it, but I don’t really have anything that I can have and hold. I can’t put it on the shelf, or lend out.

On the other hand, do I really need a physical book, that I will either have to give away or carry around with me for the rest of my life, like a weight? A thing that will end up in one of the several boxes in the storeroom marked “books”.

Part of me would rather pay $25 or more for a real book, than $4.99 for an ebook. That same part of me thinks $4.99 is too much for any ebook. But then, how many books do I own that I’ve read more than once? (Lots, but probably less than 10%.)

Another situation I have ongoing is a book that I read years ago, but want to read again, ‘The Source” by James Michener.

I’ve read it more than once, I used to own the book, and now I want to read it again. The ebook costs about $25 us I think (It was more than a month ago that I checked, so I’m not sure about the price, but it wasn’t cheap.) Now, do I pay full price for a book that I already read? One that I have already paid full price for? The answer is yes, if I lose a book, I gotta buy a new one. But I haven’t. I want to re-read The Source, but not for $25. Perhaps it’s in a box downstairs, anyway. I don’t even want to re-read it bad enough to go look, which seeems to be a point FOR ebooks.

For me, the main stopping point for ebooks is cost. To me, no electronic file is tangible enough to be worth very much money. But I guess doubt about this ‘theory’ or ‘feeling’ is why I’m writing this at all. The authors of great books definitely deserve to get paid for their work.

One thing I forgot to mention is engineering. Several of the more recent paperbooks I’ve read seem to be engineered to be read only once. I read them once, no problem, but when I start to read them again, they fall apart, and the pages start coming off the spine. I think “what a rip-off”. These shoddy book manufacturers are definitely shooting themselves in the foot, and are reducing their clientele while encouraging ebooks. Just my opinion. I think I can now “tell by feel” when a book has been built this way.

Plus, maybe if I got a new Kindle, I’d be more eager to purchase books, but again, why? Mine works fine, plenty of memory left, and works perfectly. I want a new one, but don’t NEED one…

So what are your thoughts? I’m really interested in knowing what you think about this. Are you a book-book reader or an ebook reader? At the top of this post is a 2014 Forbes graph depicting the trend, if you believe that stuff, which I don’t necessarily.

Rainy weekend here, Holiday Monday, Discovery Day. Colombus discovered Cayman in 1503.

Have a great week!

After I posted this I found the following picture on Facebook:

Hee heee!

Coffee O Coffee!

Every morning I make coffee.

I use precise measurements on water and coffee, I use the same brand of coffee, I use the same, clean coffee maker.

Sometimes the coffee tastes worse than usual, sometimes it tastes better than usual, I can only assume that the coffee stays the same, and I am the reason for the perceived change.

Today, the coffee tastes freaking fantastic! I’m already on cup 2!

Rain here, all night, we really, truly needed it!

Have a great Sunday!