Saturday! Nope.

Woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. It just dawned on me it’s Friday.
Here it is raining. Supposed to be rainy till Monday nite. The yard coulda used mowing yesterday.
Monday is my first day of work at the new job. I used to have this little tabletop ironing board. Lately I’m wondering “whatever happened to that little tabletop ironing board?” That’s because I think I’ll need to have decent looking clothes for this job.
You can probably tell, I’m still on my first cuppa coffee.
I just saw our cats butt. He has worms. (LT, (Long Tail)) That means they all probably do.
I guess that’s it for today. I bet in one week I’ll be gladder it’s Friday than I an now! I’m eager to get started at the new job and get the beginning out of the way!
Have a gooooooooood weekend!

Poor Poor Sheba

Poor Poor Sheba

Sheba had a rough day yesterday. First she got kicked in the teeth, then she got her ear stepped on.

We were playing with a tennis ball on the front porch. Sheba was holding the ball in her hand. I tried to kick it away from under her paw, at the same time, she tried to grab it with her mouth. I ended up kicking her in her razor-sharp chompers, she went rolling, I got a bloody toe.

Later, Sheba was recovering from her ordeal on the cool living room tiles. The Wife was making some technical adjustments on her Wii. Suddenly Sheba let out a whine-ish yelp like we’ve never heard before. The wife had accidentally stepped on her ear.

Sheba immediately came over to me for some consolation. And I suggested the wife give them dawgs some treats to compensate, which she did.

Poor Poor Sheba

Pictures make the post

I have discovered that taking more pics mean easier blog topics. Here’s a frog I found in the mouth of an old rusty frog on our back porch. The Wife posted similar pics that she took.

I love my camera, I remember when it was new, I said I’d use it all the time. But now the new wore off, and I don’t take pictures like I wanted to. I still carry it everywhere, but seldom think of pulling it out.

This is my last week before I start my new job. I am excited and nervous. After two years of making my own hours, I hope I can easily adapt to the 9 to 5 routine again.

Yesterday I went to comment on blogs and it was like nobody had updated their blogs since last week. Then The Wife asked me if I read her blog, because she updated it. Something musta been wrong with my machine, and it was reading an old webpage. I’ll check again today.

Looks like rain here today….

NFL Football Season is OVER (for me)(maybe)

American football sucks so bad I’m getting ready to quit watching for the season. I’ve never been to a Washington Redskins game where they lost. I’ve only been to three or four. Conversely, I’ve seldom seen them win on television. Maybe three times, and I’ve watched hundreds of games. It seems pretty safe to say that if I watch, they lose, and if I don’t watch, they win. I DID see them win week 1 this year, and I felt so good.

Also the refs cheat. Yesterday they’d call penalties on the Redskins, but not the Bengals. Near the end of the game yesterday, Redskins threw a long pass. Two Bengals tripped the Redskin receiver, blatant pass interference and no penalty. The crowd was booing and the announcers were amazed. Then on the last plays of the game, there were about three penalties against the Redskins, it was something like 4th down and 45 yards to go, and the announcers were saying they didn’t know what the penalties were for or who (on the Redskins team) they were against.

I know I don’t effect* the outcome of the game simply by watching, but watching my team lose over and over is disheartening. Many times I have turned on the game late, and the Redskins will be ahead, only to start screwing up as soon as I turn on the set. I know I don’t control it but it seems that way, after years and years of watching.

The Redskins always lose by A: Getting screwed by the Refs, or B: Making stupid mistakes and beating themselves. Of all the games I’ve seen the Redskins lose, I’ve NEVER seen anybody beat them.

A good friend and fellow Redskins fan said yesterday, “As a longtime Redskins Fan, I know that sinking feeling too well”.

Yeah, me too.

*I still don’t know, even after looking it up.

More Of The Same, And Then Some

Yesterday I went back to the same beach as yesterday, I went snorkeling near Spanish Bay and walked around a bit, taking pictures. While snorkeling, a frikkin remora tried to attach itself to me. Bastad. Normally they just keep hassling you but I kept chasing it until it went away.

Today I don’t know what is planned. Maybe go pick up a check. Renew the PO Box. Smoke a cigar….

Abandoned Spanish Bay Resort

Yesterday I rode my bicycle to the beach, I was exploring, looking for new spots and I went down this dirt road to a nice sandy beach. I found myself next to the old Spanish Bay Resort, which for reasons unknown to me, closed years ago. I went walking around taking some pics. From the road it is completely fenced off and kind of forgotten about.

Sad to see this great place falling apart. It is Caribbean, it’s not like the big hotels on Seven Mile Beach. I think this island needs more places like Spanish Bay was.


Did you ever notice that if someone yawns, it makes you yawn too? Or if you yawn and someone sees you they’ll yawn too. Did you ever see a chain reaction in a room where someone yawns and it sets off a chain reaction throughout the room. It even works on dogs too, this morning I yawned, Ditto saw me and a second later, he yawned too. That’s what made me start thinking of this.

Today I got nothing to do and that’s what I plan on doing. Maybe dig out my bicycle or go diving. Unless my wife gives me some assignments before she leaves for work…