Snapshot Saturday

Yesterday I got done working at 1:30, so I went to the nearest beach. I took these pictures. The bottom one is a panorama I made. It is more than 180 degrees I’m going to try more of these panoramas, I think they’re pretty cool don’t you? They look like they were taken on a tiny island! The top one is just looking down the beach, the bottom one is the panorama.
Please click to enlarge my panorama!!
ON a sour note, I started having problems with my new camera, the Nikon S9100. It froze up. I turned it on, the lens came out and display came on, but none of the controls would work. I couldn’t even turn it off. I had to take the battery out. When I got home, it started working again, but now I don’t trust the camera.
I looked on the internet and there’s a lot of people complaining about this. How can this be? I did a search and researched this camera before I bought it. It was five stars everywhere, number two on the top 10 for 2011. Now after I buy it, I look again and see it is rated poorly, with tons of complaints about the same thing. I’m thinking about selling it and trying to find yet another new camera.