Unplannedly Busy Good Weekend

Friday i posted about how I expected a quiet, relaxing weekend. Well, I started Saturday morning and didn’t stop till last night.

Saturday i had breakfast with one group of friends and lunch with another. Then I did the 800 meter sea swim and got a medal for 3rd place in my age category. (Yeay!)

Sunday i went diving. Then did a yoga class, followed by the second inversion workshop (standing on my head)

and then I met some friends in town in the evening. Yesterday I left the house at 8am and didn’t get back home till 6:30pm. Then I had to walk and feed the animals and put away my dive equipment. I still haven’t gotten the underwater

pictures off of my camera.

And now it’s another back to work Monday. (no Memorial Day here).

Have a great week!

Anticipation: Goodness!

part of my house number sign and a flower cluster from a bush.

Good morning, happy FRIDAY! I slept good and I feel good today. Tomorrow is a half mile swim. I’ll be there if all goes according to plan. Hopefully there will be some scuba diving going on on Sunday. Not much work needs to be done around the house. The weather isn’t looking too catastrophic. It should be a good, leisurely weekend.

Hope yours is too!

Dogs and Cats

Took a couple shots of Goldie and the dogs this morning. Usually Knip is right in there too. The cats don’t mind Daisy, unless she’s off the leash. Then they run. And Daisy chases. She likes to play too hard.

Below is a phone pic of Venus and the moon

Not bad for a phone photo, if I do say so m’self!

Have a great Thursday!

Close Both And See

Happy day to you.

The image below was on Twitter, it struck me and I liked it so I saved the image. And posted it here.

if you’re on Twitter, let me know so I can follow you.

Its Wednesday. Ready for the weekend. Didn’t dive last weekend and want to bad right now.

This morning was clear but there was a huge cloudbank coming from the east. A while ago I heard thunder. It’s been threatening rain for a couple weeks and not delivering. Some rain would be nice. If it’s going to be freaking cloudy, then rain. If it’s not going to rain, then be sunny dammit . That’s what I think. This has been going on for weeks. Clouds and no rain. I’m putting my foot down.

Have a good day.

Cheer Up!

Well, we got that Monday out of the way. Now it’s Tuesday. I went to the eye doctor yesterday, my glaucoma is getting worse, although the pressures are lower, 14 and 18. So I got more drops. It can get worse, but under no circumstances can it get better. Nothing I can do about it. But I’m kind of crabby today.

Here’s a picture of me standing on my head this morning to cheer you up. From my security camera.

Have a great day!

Upside Down

Yesterday was my first of two classes about “How To Stand On Your Head” I did it! First time ever! I had a wall behind me, but hopefully next week I can get rid of the wall. I practiced this morning too.

i didn’t really think it thru, the instructor finally got me up and said “congratulations on your first headstand.” I said, in Beavis and Butt-Head style Hehe everything is upside down” Everyone laughed and I really enjoyed the class.

Overall, it was a good weekend. Mowed the yard. Glued the pot the cat knocked over. It needs more work, and it’s never going to be the same. But maybe it will be good for something.(artificial plants?)

The Bad Side

And the jungel-ish yard got mowed by me..

We have Sahara dust wrecking the weather and the sky is a grey-white of lugubriousness.

sunset last night

But its going to be a great week! I’m sure yours will be great too!

Super Sleepy Friday

I am super sleepy this morning. Night before last I stayed up late, last night I went to bed on time. I can close my eyes and instantly fall asleep. Wish I could do that at bedtime .

I just wanted to say, “HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!”

Happy Day-Before-Friday!

TGTF Thank Gawd Tomorrow’s Friday!

I bought a new big pot yesterday and re-potted the plant from yesterday. Practically an identical pot, but green.

I’ve had a new hobby for the past month or so that I’m really REALLY enjoying. It’s called “leave my phone in the car and not look at it for hours at a time.” It’s GREAT! I recommend you try it!

My pepper is growing nicely. I am a little concerned though, it’s not looking like a bell pepper.

Maybe it will “Shape Up”

If it’s not a bell pepper, I don’t care, but that’s what was on the bag of seeds

Have a great Thursday, see ya tomorrow!

Link To A Funny Video

My smallest cat, Little One is her name, maybe 6 pounds, soaking wet, successfully pulled over my largest, heaviest flowerpot in THIS video.

I think it’s worth watching I think you will too.

have a great day! I will be out buying a new $120 flower pot. 😊