Catalina PBY

Yesterday I got to go aboard a Catalina PBY water plane like the one I went diving on years ago. It was very cool. Pictures below:

The wheels and dashboard were the only recognizable parts on the wreck. I showed the aircrafts owner my post in the link above.

Happy Tuesday! Time for work!

Samsung S21

Got a new phone this weekend. A Samsung Galaxy S21. The Ulifone is still good, but getting weird, like Bluetooth turning itself off. This Samsung cost 3X what the Ulifone cost, and it’s last years model

But it’s smaller and lighter and I’m happy with it.

Another Monday, Another 3 day week!

Happy American Thanksgiving

Today is American Thanksgiving. Turkey Day. I will probably have some cafe style turkey from the grocery store hot bar. Or, there’s a lunch at work today that I might go to. I’m off today, but I might stop by .

I hope you have a good day!

More Cat Problems

As you recall, I lost Ashy not long ago. I still have four cats, but I suspect the two males had an altercation and the older cat, Goldie, is hiding in the vacant lot next door. He won’t come over for meals and I took food over to him this morning, but I’m not sure he ate it.

Im thinking about making Knip (the aggressor) an indoor cat and leave the outdoors free for Goldie. Maybe he’d come back over if Knip was not around.

I certainly not ready to lose another cat .

Ideas welcome

Leaking Money.

In the book Artemis, the term “Leaking Money” was used. It kind of struck a chord with me. While I don’t want to be miserly, I too occasionally buy things that, after I bought them, I didn’t really need. Or eat out alone when I have food at home. Or purchase a more advanced version of something I already have that works fine.

I need to come up with a personal code of conduct, a rule of thumb to use to decide when to spend and when to not spend. Do you have any ideas? Program s already implemented? Let me know.

It’s back to work today, running late. It was a good weekend!

Lifes Greatest Mystery

I woke up this morning and began wondering if it was Saturday or Sunday. I brilliantly deduced that it must be Sunday. I got up and my devices told me it was FRIDAY!

Cool beans. Two more days off after today.

Have a good weekend!

Things Named Artemis

NASA just launched a rocket called Artemis to the moon. It has an empty crew capsule, will orbit the moon, return to Earth, and splashdown into the Pacific. There’s an article for you to read HERE.

I am also reading a book entitled Artemis by Andy Weir, (who also wrote The Martian, which became a movie.)

I have been pretty much unable to put the book down since I started it a few days ago.

Artemis is (was?) a Greek goddess. She was very affiliated with the moon, as you can see HERE.

(Not sure if the above image is Artemis or Diana. I guess Diana is the Roman version of Artemis)

Anyway, it’s my Thursday off. It started POURING rain about sunrise strong winds and driving rain. I don’t know what’s going on weatherwise. But it doesn’t matter, I’m just going to be reading my book.

Have a great day!