Yeay Washington Redskins!

In a very good game last night, The Washington Redskins beat Dallas!

The Regular season is over, and the playoffs are starting next week


NFL Odds Wild Card Playoff Games NFL17

Above, in Green, are my hopes for next week, in Red, are the results from yesterday.

It was hard to wake up this morning, I went to bed at about 12:30 and my alarm went off at 5:55.

In case anybody is wondering, Memory Monday will return at a later date.

Second Monday This week

After two days off, it seems like the second Monday this week.

I can already tell the days are getting longer.

We had a good holiday weekend, we opened presents, and went to brunch and a Christmas party. Ate a lot.

Here’s a brunch pic of us.:


Complaint: Washington vs Dallas game time.

wasvsdalI heard they moved the Washington Dallas game from 1 PM to 8:20 PM. Is this indeed true?

I think, moving the gametime gives an advantage to Dallas. Redskins never practice and seldom play at 8:20 at night, but 8:20 in Washington DC is closer to someone from Dallas’s “body clock” daytime play/practice time. It’s like taking away Washington’s home field advantage a little. (Redskins already played in Dallas this season, in Dallas’s time zone. Now it’s fair to play in Washington in Washington’s time zone.)

I never noticed an east coast Sunday game starting at night, it seems to me, it’s always a western game starting at about 8 PM EDT, which is earlier in the west, where the actual game is being played. I’m not including Monday Night Football…

Night football games have different statistics than day games, changing the gametime changes the odds and has an influence.

I wanted to go out someplace that had a big screen TV, have lunch and watch the game. I had even already asked the wife. I don’t want to stay out till probably after midnight on a weeknight. I don’t have a reason to be in a bar at night with a buncha drinkers. A restaurant in the daytime turns into a bar at night. I wanted to see the game at 1 in the afternoon. In the daylight. With my wife and some friends. With lunch. Moving it till night ruins it for me.

So, who is the “they” that made this decision? To me, “Prime Time” on a Sunday IS around 1pm. Not Sunday night at bedtime.

I don’t want to stay up till 11 or 12 when I have to get up for work the next day. I go to bed at 9. I wanted to see the game at 1.

I think changing the start time is suspicious, and gives Dallas an advantage while hurting Washington, so again I ask:

Who is the “they” that made this decision?

I betcha someone in Dallas had something to do with it.

Memory Monday – Christmas

pine-coneI remember living in South Carolina, where my sister was born. My Dad and I would take walks, and there were giant pine cones and Spanish Moss in the trees.I remember I found a cardboard arrow sign that said “Hot Dogs” on one side. I tried to write “Hot Dogs” on the other, but did it backwards. I didn’t understand what my parents meant when they said it was backwards, I though it was perfect, and here I was, writing before I could even write! But it was backwards, I drew the letters like the ink had soaked through the paper. I didn’t have the concept of writing in my head.

So one day, me and my Dad were out in the front yard on a warm South Carolina day, and I don’t know what we were doing, but my Dad said “You better be good, tomorrow’s Christmas”

I was completely surprised, I had no idea that Christmas was coming. Plus it was warm. You have to have cold and snow for a long time before you had to start thinking about Christmas. I remember thinking how out of touch I was to be unaware of Christmas the next day, and I remember thinking maybe my Dad was joking.

The next day I got that red bike from the post  couple days ago, with training wheels….

That was just about exactly 48 years ago today…. maybe 49…Damn.

It was kind of weird, celebrating Christmas AND Hanukkah all my life.

Below are my Tuesday NFL Football picks and the results, next weeks game, Redskins VS Dallas, will be the game of the year. I have friends going! C’mon WASHINGTON!!!


Hot Coffee, A Thing Of The Past?

I was watching TV, and I saw someone with a cup of steaming hot coffee and I thought “That looks good! How come my coffee never looks like that?”

It occurred to me that these newfangled coffeemakers don’t get the coffee really hot. My morning coffee is lukewarm at best, I only pour half cups, because it gets cold, and I always have to add more coffee to heat it back up. And if you set the cup down, when you pick it back up, the coffee is cold.

mrcBack in the old days, there were these percolators, that made the coffee hot, like what is proper. New coffeemakers don’t get it really hot. I suppose the water must boil, to get up the tube to fall into the grounds, but just barely.perkThe above kind of percolators got the coffee hot, and it didn’t quit perking till all the coffee was all the same temperature, good and hot. With the new coffeemakers, the water gets hot for a second, then it’s not so hot anymore…. I think the old ones are better maybe..

What do you think? Wonder if you can still buy a real percolator anymore?

Shortest Day

Today is the first day of winter, sounds ominous, but really it’s the day the days start getting longer again. I’m glad for this. It’s hard to wake up when it’s still dark..

What do you think of all the doomsday people, saying the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world today? I think it’s the same as going up into an abandoned house, seeing an old calendar on the wall, and saying “The people who lived here thought the world was going to end on Dec 31, 1998!:

Below are some underwater pictures from my lunchtime snorkeling this week.

Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC

Hope your world doesn’t end this weekend and that you have a good one!

I Don’t Know About Today

I asked for the day off about a month ago. I have a Navy School friend visiting on a cruise ship. I messaged him my number, but haven’t heard back from him. Sooo unless he calls, I guess I won’t see him. I don’t know what ship he’s on, so I can’t go down there and hope to see him amongst the thousands.

We have cat problems, minor cat problems. LT seems aggressive and is picking fights. LT is the newest cat. This morning I gave LT a separate food bowl and wouldn’t let him interact with the other cats… I don’t know how to modify a cats behavior.