Photo Comments

On my phone and tablet, I keep a folder entitled ‘Photo Comments’. I use them on social media in response to other peoples posts. I find them quite handy. Unfortunately, I can’t use them on blogs, but I wish I could! I have a photo editor that I can use to add text if necessary, or, google search to find one I need, then it beccomes part of my collection. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Well, that’s more than a few.

Hard to predict the weather today, it is supposed to be rainy, but it was sunny yesterday, and looks alright so far today.

Have a great weekend!

Large Ship, or something

A few times, I’ve seen extremely large objects go past the Cayman Islands. The largest, being oil rigs. I was told they are assembled near Bonaire and then towed up to the Gulf of Mexico. Yesterdays wasn’t the biggest I’ve seen, but pretty big, and it didn’t look like an oil rig, and it was going the wrong direction, south, not north.

So I’m not sure what it was. There were three large “legs” sticking up from the top, in the pics, you can kinda only see two.

There’s a post with previous oil rig pics here, and there’s at least one more that I can’t find, that I’ll continue to look for.

I’m working on recovering data from an external hard drive that had my backups, the recovery program says it has 77 hours left in the scanning process! Dang! It’ll be going all weekend!

Have a great day!

Fruits Of Mi Yaad

My yard has bananas, coconuts, limes, oti apples, (also called Jamaican apples) plus the wife has all kinds of different vegetables in her screen house.

Coconuts from the weekend

A very small batch of bananas that I picked yesterday

Only the bananas and coconuts are producing so far. Coconuts are almost nonstop, and the banana grove needs to get bigger before it produces regularly. (A banana tree dies after it makes bananas, so it’s normal to cut them down when you pick the bananas)

Oh, and mangos, there’s tons of mango trees that were here before the house was built, I forgot to mention the mangos in the beginning. They produce in the spring, and they’re delicious, but they’re a small mango, with stringy flesh, that’s better for jam than eating.

Oti Apple in Costa Rica, Jamaican apple in the Caribbean.

I can’t wait till the tree starts prodicing Oti Apples. They taste fantastic, and so delicate, they can’t be shipped, don’t think. We expected them last year and were disappointed, and we super-expect them this spring.

I started this post at home, and now I’m at work. I’ve been running late all morning. Woke up last night with a leg cramp, stayed up to make some sound recordings of a thunderstorm. It was hard to get up, and I realized I was runing late on mine and Sheba’s walk/run, when the daytime denizens started coming out. (about 15 minutes later than normal)

So that’s it, have a good day!

Funny Cat Monday

I walked out of the house Saturday morning and saw Goldie the cat fall off my van, so I went and got the footaage from the security cameras and here it is: 23 seconds long.

He acts all cool at the end, like “That’s how I always dismount the van”.

Drizzley Monday here, GAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Viva Las Vegas

Selfie by the wife, at the party. My favorite pic of the night.

Last night was the party. It was pretty fun. It was my wifes co-workers friends party, or something. I didn’t know too many people there, in fact, the people I had met before, I didn’t recognize, because of their costumes. But it was still fun. I really liked the cheap sunglasses my wife bought me.

I’m using WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor. Everything is supposed to be in boxes, that you can slide around using the arrows, except I don’t see any arrows… The WordPress app has been giving increasing problems, lots of images just don’t want to upload. Then, when I upload them using the WordPress admin page, (in the internet, using the browser), the app gives me an error message saying the image didn’t upload, even though it’s already there.

Right now, Im defrosting our chest-type freezer. I noticed the other day that the door doesn’t close all the way.  This is the first time I’ve had to defrost it since we got it, I guess a year or more ago.

Also last night at the party, there were these lights in the parking lot. The Tesseract from the Avengers! When I put the camera close, the exposure made everything else not visible. A 13 second video by me:

Let’s see how Gutenberg does. Have a great day!

Lovely Morning, Gonzo Style!

It’s a beautiful morning. The camera doesn’t do it justice. You can’t really see the pinks.

I have no idea what this post is about this morning.

This morning, I took Sheba (our dog) on my walk/run. Not sure she liked it, she seems indifferent. It was a high speed, no-stop-and-sniff-every-damn-thing, walk/run.

Yesterday, I changed the tip on my stylus (S-Pen). Oh boy, it works nice now! They wear so slowly, you don’t notice, but when you change it, wow. The S-Pens remind of the old Palm Pilot stylus’s.

A friend of mine went to Cuba last weekend. He brought me some cigars. I use a cigar cutter, cut an inch off, and smoke it in a tobacco pipe that has the perfect diameter bowl.

Saturday, the wife and I are going to a “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” party. I’m going to be Dr Gonzo, I’m sure like every other male going. I have the hat, I have the shirt, I need the sunglasses.

Maybe I need the satchel, and golf shoes. I don’t think I ever made it through the movie, but I’ve read the book so much I practically have it memorized.

Tomorrow is Friday! Have a great day!

Cool Little Plane

Yesterday at work, I saw the coolest, teeny tiny twin engine plane.

Door closed, refueling.

Made me think how nice it would be to zip down to Costa Rica for the weekend,

Door open.

Or Miami.

Yesterday, the weather report said “abundant sunshine”. So I took my scooter to work. Man, it rained all day. Off and on. Scattered showers. I didn’t get rained on though, I got rained on a little, at the beach, and I got a little wet on the way home, when I rode through a really big puddle. Today calls for thunderstorms, so I’m taking the van. It’s pretty typical Caribbean weather, with showers or thunderstorms every day, no matter what anybody forecasts.

I did this entire post today the voice-to-feature. I had to make some corrections, but it worked pretty well.

Have a great day!

Overboard (both of them)

Sunday night my wife and I watched the movie Overboard from 2018, last we watched the movie Overboard from 1987. Both were very very good!

In both, a millionaire falls overboard from their yacht, and gets amnesia. The 1987 millionaire is Goldie Hawn, the 2018 millionaire is Eugenio Derbez. Both get abandoned by their “patners”, who deny knowing them, because are snobby and nasty and mean.

Both screwed over workers who came on their yacht to do some work, Kurt Russel, who’s a carpenter in 1987, and Anna Faris in 2018. Both get picked up from the hospital by the people they defrauded for the purpose of revenge.

Both are super-goodand suitable for all ages, except for some minor cuss words. And butt shots in the beginning.

I recommend you see them both, just like we did, two nights in a row.

I’m running super late this morning, so I gotta go! It’s supposed to be sunny so I’m taking the scooter!

Have a great day!

Weekly Weekend Report

It was a good weekend. Deforested the jungle Mowed the lawn. Installed the new kitchen faucet that my wife ordered on Amazon. Looks good. Works. Doesn’t leak under the counter. She likes it.

Sunday I was getting ready to go to the beach, and a friend called and wanted to go diving. The remainder of this post will be pictures I took.

Anenome I can’t ever spell it without looking it up. too lazy to look it up.

My dive buddies, Hamish and Kelly, making out underwater!

My personal favorite of the dive.

King Neptune (At Lighthouse Point) Looks like he has half-a-beard and is smoking a pipe.

And now it’s back to work Monday. Yesterday, when I was thinking about this post, there was more I wanted to add, but can’t remember it now.

Have a great week!