It’s another Monday. This weekend, Friday, I bought a new toaster, Saturday, mowed the lawn, and sprayed kill-all vegetation killer, Sunday, cleaned out my side of the closet and discovered pants and shirts I forgot I had or don’t remember ever seeing before. I’d like to get rid of about half my clothes.

Below, is a spiders web on the gate to our driveway, I was getting home on my bicycle last Thursday and my headlamp just happened to see this web. It is quite cool, I think.

Friday, when I was buying the toaster, I saw a huge fan. It was six feet tall. I wanted it but didn’t buy it. I asked a lady walking by to take my picture with the fan.This is what I look like at work,but I’m not usually so color-coordinated.

There was a big sale at the hardware store, and it was a madhouse.

Last night I went to a Rosh Hashana dinner. It was quite nice. Happy New Year! The year is 5780. It’s the ’80’s again! What a great decade that was!

Have a good week and wonderful decade!

Best Time Lapse So Far

I made this yesterday at lunch, one picture taken every two seconds, made into a video at 12 frames per second.

I like it because it’s so smooth, and the higher clouds are moving in the opposite direction as the lower clouds.

Happy Friday!

Morning Swim

Pre sunrise with a little moon in there…

Left the dogs at home this morning and went for a swim. It was cold when I got out of the sea, strong wind from the northish. Winter is coming. It was nice walking home after I got out of the breeze.

Yesterday I put the shock collars on the dogs. It has ranges from 0 (test mode) and 1 thru 5 minimum to max. Yesterday I put it on 3, which, according to the instructions is vibrate, sound and no shock. They seemed to bark with normal annoyance.

This morning I put the collars on 2, which surprisingly, is vibrate, sound and small shock. 4 is more shock, and 5 is maximum shock. I don’t know why 3 skips the shock. Perhaps a mistake in the instructions. I’m going to YouTube it when I can.

Lookin pretty clear, weatherwise. Think I’ll ride the scooter.


I believe it was yesterday, thanks to the wife, we received two dog zappers, collars that shock dogs to prevent that incessant barking in the front yard that I’be been whining to you about so much lately.

I have to read the instructions, and charge them up, and we’ll see. Hope they work. No high hopes.

I didn’t post yesterday, I couldn’t find the photo I was planning on using. Old shoes.

Have a great day!

Better Than Average

It was a better than average weekend. Friday I stayed home and rested, Saturday, the wife had to work and I cleared a whole big area of mother-in-laws-tongues, growing in the back yard.

Saturday night, the wife and I went to a food fest in town. It was good, and a good deal. My favorite was the Cuban Tacos. I should have taken pictures, but didn’t…

Sunday, the wife had a girls boat trip, and I went to the beach. Then last night we had dinner at “Catch”

And now it’s monday… with a small m.

In the news radio this morning, apparently some dude named Thomas Cook, I dunno, I think he’s the worlds oldest travel agent, I guess he died, ’cause now for some reason 150,000 Brits and a whole buncha Germans are stranded at their vacation destinations all over the world. I never heard of Thomas Cook till today. Condolences to his family.. Congrats to you all stuck on vacation!

Ha ha. I’m joking. Thomas Cook is a budget airline that went tits-up. That I never heard of till today.

Have a great week!

True Time Travel Tales

Yesterday, (Thursday) I was able to glimpse forward in time to Friday. And converse with a denizen of the future. They, it turn, were communicating with someone from the past.

I have seen the future, the future is now, and it is good!

Actually, what I’m referring to is that yesterday I talked on the phone with Chris, who lives in New Zealand. She’s my absolute best friend in all of New Zealand! New Zealand is on the other side of the international date line, so it’s always tomorrow there. Here it’s always yesterday in New Zealand.

I enjoyed talking to her very much. We were Facebook messaging and she replied immediately and I realized she was awake and at her computer. So I asked her number and we talked on the phone. New Zealand is almost perfectly on the other side of the globe from Cayman. We met through blogging, years and years ago.

Coincidentally, she posted a picture of my blog banner too!

Go say Hi!

I’ve said it many many times: “Facebook is good for finding old friends and blogging is good for making new ones.” Still true.

I expected good weather today and got rain. The weather repoort said rain earlier in the week, then yesterday, changed it to fair. Shoulda kept yer mouths shut, weather people!

Have a great weekend!

Baby Angelfish

Went snorkling yesterday at lunchtime. This baby angelfish wasn’t afraid of the camera at all! I think she could see her reflection in the lens. This is a vey wide angle camera and she was inches away!

Friday’s-a-comin! Happy Thursday!

Picture Of The Inside Of My Head

Last night, I was speculating on my mind, comparing the morning brain-dead-ness. Looking around inside my head, so to speak. How I felt then to now I feel now. “Feel” isn’t really the proper word. I don’t know what word to use. The difference between the inside of my head last night and now is astounding. Normally, I just feel how I feel and cannot really detect the changes, as they happen slowly. Last night I made an effort to “take a picture” that I can look at today. It seems to be effective, I can tell the difference, but I cannot be specific on what the difference is.

I wonder if there’s been any studies done on this? I’ll have to look into it today when I’m supposed to be working….

Bahamas sure don’t need another strike. They need a few months os sunshine to dry things out so they can rebuild.

It’s raining here now but we need the rain.

This morning I couldn’t find my coffee cup. Finally, I found it where I left it yesterday, with a half a cuppa coffee in it! Oh the shame, the embarassment!

Have a great day!

Oil Rig #4 or 5

Last week there was another oil rig parked near the island. From shore. this one looked smaller thn most I’ve seen. Never have I seen one stay around for so many days, they’re always on the horizon, being transported.

I’ve head they are assembled in Bonaire, and hauled up to the gulf. Search for “oil rig” on this blog and see what you get. I haven’t done it yet.

Today, I’m taking Ashy Thee Cat to work with me, then the vet at noon, she’s been coughing, she seems grumpy and we wonder if she’s in pain, plus she needs her annual shots. The wife has a detailed list. Checkbook: prepare for a workout today!

Have a great day! We’re supposed to get some rain this week, we need it.

Yesterday, Not The Beatles

Yesterday, I had several topics, easily available in my head, thre was no way I could not think of a topic this morning. Alas! but this morning the brain is as .. as… something that is really featurless and blank. Inspiring me to write a poem

Yesterday, all my topics ranged from far to wide 
Now they seem so hard to find.
They've all been erased from my mind.

I wish I had a topic now

Yesterday, I had topics to write about.
somehow they were all thrown out,
Now I can't see any of them about.

I wish I had a topic now.

Yesterday, I had a brain to operate,
now my mind is a blank slate
Can't remember today's date.

I wish I had a topic now.

Yesterday, a blog was such an easy game to play
Now it seems a million miles away
Wish I had topics from yesterday..

Aww screwit.

It was a good weekend, beach Saturday and Sunday, Can’t remember much else. Need more coffee.

Have a grea week!