Late Monday

This morning, my alarm went off at the normal 4:45, I got up shaved and went for a walk / swim. (Curfew ended at 5AM). Then I came back home and took the dogs for their walk. Then, with permission in accordance with the alphabetical scheme, I went grocery shopping.

I bought dog food, cat food and human food. Then I came home, and haad my first cuppa coffee. Now I’m on my second cup, and I’m posting my daily post.

I’m getting pretty tired of this, and it’s only been about a week. I think it’s going to last a lot longer….

Fits pretty well.

I read that one third of the planet is on lockdown.

Stay safe, and have a good day

Lockdown Day 2

Got quite a bit of work done around the house yesterday. Cleaned the apartment and installed a WiFi repeater for internet there.

I tried to get a letter so I could go to work today, but didn’t. I think the lockdown ends tomorrow morning, not sure.

My coffee isn’t great, I made the pot in the apartment, it has a plastic-ey taste.

Not much going on.


Well, we’re on total lockdown now, nobody is allowed their residences. The airport is on the list of exemptions, but my boss says go ahead and stay at home.

I’m sitting on the back porch of the apartment. There’s a fridge and a coffee maker and WiFi. No bed yet. The contractor has been locked down too, They’ve done nothing, really, since December. Only the electrician and plumber have been around. No Certificate Of Occupancy yet either.

It should be an interestingly boring day. I’ll probably putz around the yard or spend time on the sun deck. Maybe break out the chainsaw and trim the trees.

Have a good day.

SIlent Night

Last night the curfew started at 7PM, adjusted from 9PM. I woke up last night and went out on the porch and it was incrediblely silent. Not a single car moving, anywhere. The rediculous nightly ice cream truck blaring Christms music full blast all year. It was kinda like an island wide power failure, and you can suddenly see 20X more stars. You didn’t know you were missing it. In fact, the quiet made the stars seem brighter.

It was a beautiful night last night. Have a beautiful day!

Curfew Quarantine

Last night a curfew started, 9PM-5AM, public busses shut down. At my work, we’re in split shift, so the four of us have less contact with each other. I’m on mornings. We’re practically the only ones in our building anyway, except the Air Traffic Controllers way above us in the tower. There’s no comercial flights, so even ATC is light staffed, I think.

I’ll be glad when this is over, but I don’t think things will ever go back to “normal”.

The Mystery Of The Missing Sand

Probobly a week ago, I noticed the above hole inour left-over pile of sand. I figured somebody came through the gate and “borrowed” a bucketful. One one hand, I didn’t care, because it was a bucket of sand, but on the other hand, it irked me that someone would come take a bucket of sand without even asking.

I showed the wife, and she seemed quite surprised as well.

Yesterday, this poser was solved. The Wife was outside painting some shelves and here comes Crazy Daisy Dukes, right over to the hole, and began preparations to enlarge it. The Wife prevented this from happening. They say the criminal always return to the scene of the crime.. This time, doing so got her busted!

Mystery Solved!

Below is a picture of Daisy laying under our banana plants, which concerns me bacause I don’t want her knocking any baby plants over…

Have a good, safe week! Wash your hands!

More Contractor Problems.

Well, we passed the electrical inspection, finally, after more than three months. It finally got done when I started leaning on the electrician who apparently was unable to contact the guy who re-did the drawings. So I started leaning on him, I paid him in full. He said he submitted the drawings, but hasn’t heard back from planning. So I called planning to no avail. Ended up sending an email to the Director and everyone pertinent before I got a response. Turns out the drawer guy never paid the fee, (which I had given him to pay when he submitted the drawings). Soo I went to planning, paid the fee. Got a refund from the drawings guy.

A week later, the drawings guy calls me and says he got the drawings approved, but they were the old drawings approved again, not his new drawings. Then he stops talking, like end of story. Finally, I said “Welll? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to contact them?”

Anyway we got the drawing approved, Got the plumbing approved, and I’m waiting for the certificate of occupancy.

The problem now, is the massive cleanup that I’m prettu sure the contractor is going to try to wriggle out of. She obviously can’t read a contract. Cause I’m soo tired of this crap I’m ready to call a lawyer. Cleanup WILL be done!

Drawin’ A Blank

I”m drawing a blank this morning, post wise. It was raining this morning for our dog walk but all the weather apps say clear. It’s looking 100% cloudy right now.

The Wife starts working from home today. She took my laptop to work and had software installed and remote access to their network set up. I’m afraid that it’ll never be my laptop again. I don’t use it much anyway. But it hurts a little.

The building has trickle-started. The plumber came and installed the shower stall. It doesn’t fit properly, although it’s a 34 inch stall, it’s a 34 inch circle, from corner to wall, it’s about 32 inches, and doesn’t reach the end of the window.. It’ll be ok, once I install this custom piece of aluminum I had made.

I got the feeling the contractor boss lady is going to start playing games…. Quit working till I throw more money at the project. Not going to happen. I know all the tricks from when I had this house built. I’m ready for combat.

So, I guess I’m not in too great of a space this morning.

But YOU have a great day!