Cat’s In The Pan

Yesterdays photos of the cat waiting for breakfast. The other day she was laying in the bigger pot, right behind her. She was hanging out there in a gale.

Right now it is raining, a calm comfortable rain. The kind that makes you want to put on your raincoat and go out and walk in it.

More divorce papers designed today, and East low and today I write the check I reckon. Every time I think it’s over it’s not over. Lord just get me through it.

Today I’m having lunch with some friends who are leaving the island.

Have a great day!

Adding More To It

Met with the wife yesterday. She wants a divorce. Although it’s not surprising it did cause me to restart the cycle of grief I suppose.

I didn’t sleep well last night, I saw the moon come up at the bottom of my window and rise up and up till it passed the window top while I was laying in bed. My sleep thing on my watch shows 59% efficiency, which is really low.

I’m tired of posting these sad posts.

Tonight is movie night at the Westin but I’m not sure if I’m going to go, the guy is fixing my ceiling from the air conditioner leak and I’m not sure what time he’ll be done, plus I might be tired.

Enjoy your day!

Fourth Quarantiner

My fourth quarantiner moved in last night. His flight was supposed to arrive at 2PM but was delayed due to thunderstorms here and Miami. I rekkon he showed up at about 8 or 8:30.

A friend of mine, his marriage is breaking up too, called about the apartment, and came over and looked. He’s looking for more long term, but I told him it’s a good place to stay while he finds a place to stay.

Long time marriages breaking up… Must be something in the air.

Have a fabulous day!