Coconut Water

Everyone on Earth should experience the satisfaction of drinking coconut water from a tree that they grew from the seed.

Yup, I grew the tree that bore these coconuts from the seed. And I planted it in my yard when we moved in.

100% cat inspected and approved!

Super sweet! Good and good for you! The tree seems to bear constantly. So many nuts that I asked if the coconuts could pull the tree down. (I got laughed at or asking that) There’s still two bunches like the one above on the tree! You’re invited to come have a glass! C’mon down! (or up, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!) I took these pictures last Sunday.

Cloudy, thundery water drops blowin’ in the breeze today. Yesterdays weather report said sunny today and for the rest of the week. Liars! I DID have a good beach lunch/swim yesterday, but no run/swim this morning.

Aaannnd I rekkon that’ll doer for today, havva goodun! (I seem to have developed a southern accent.)

Junkyard In Paradise

Saturday I went with the Wife to get a bent rim replaced on her car. We discovered that the wheel on the spare was the wrong size. So we went to a “used auto parts” place to get a new one. (two wheels total). It was quite interesting to me. A junkyard in a tropical paradise. Although it wasn’t my first time, it’s always interesting to me.

If I was a car, I’d be scared if I was diven into this place. Worried that I might never leave.

Heaven and hell, in one photo.

Somebody knows exactly what’s here, and if you need something, they can dive in and find it. Meanwhile, bananas and other lush tropical vegetation grow in the background.

There was also a very photogenic rack of windshields, I’m surprised I didn’t take a picture of them…

Need an axle? How about some brake parts?

Used tires, and vehicles.

Junk to me, gold to somebody whoo needs something here.

Gears and whatnot.

It was a good weekend. Saturday, after the car wheel sorting, we had a good lunch, and spent most of the day out and about, running errands.

Sunday, the Wife did her gardening while I lazed on the sofa, reading my book. Skinny Dip, by Carl Hiaasen. It’s a pretty good book, I’m almost done with it. All Carl’s books are good to me. Funny and incredibly bad and stupid bad guys.

This morning I had a good run AND swim. I think I’m back on track, hopefully. But oh, it was hard to get up this morning.

It’s almost August, and in August, I’m going to the USA to see my mom.

I hope you have a great week!

Look At Me! I’m A Giant!

Here’s a picture of me, standing outside a normal sized, two storey house.

Look how tall I am! I’m like 16 feet tall! I never mentioned in this blog that I was a giant before, who already had figured it out?

It’s totally cloudy this morning. It rained yesterday and last night, but not on my umbrella. I wouldn’t mind using it, but with my luck, my umbrella will never feel a drop of rain. But since I’m a giant, it’d probably only barely keep my head dry anyway, so oh well.

And today is FRIDAY! Payday was Wednesday, so today I will discreetly duck out for a while and go pay some bills. I’ll time it so that I get back just in time to go to lunch. I think I’ll go snorkeling at lunch, rain or shine. I didn’t go yesterday, because of the rain possibility. Ya hear that? Anybody from work reading this? I didn’t take a lunch hour yesterday, so I’m doubling it up today!

Oh I’m glad it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

Rain Footprints

I was sitting here like every day, wondering what to post, well almost like every day, except today I’m scooched over against the wall, under the eave because it’s raininh (rained). And I saw wet foorprints on the concrete. So I decided to post pics of the wet footprints.

Isn’t it exciting? I got three views because of the reflection. I wonder what primitive left them? Probably some ancient caveman, walking around barefoot, maybe three or four millinea days ago.

In other news, we turned on the air conditioner a few days ago. Now the house is freezing and has 47% humidity. I went from sleeping with a sheet to two blankets. Also, many months ago, I unplugged the water heater, giving us cool, refreshing showers. I plugged it back in with the turning on of the AC, because I need hot showers to survive the cold. Here come the big summer electric bills. Normally, if there’s a breeze, we don’t need the AC, but it’s been very still.

The rain is starting to get me wet. I might have to move inside.

We needed the rain, it has been hot and sunny or a good long while. Also, I have a new umbrella that I’ve been dying to try out. It’s square, not round, and str-r-rong, like bull. Yesterday, I predicted I’d be driving today instead of riding the scooter, so all is well.

Well, I got to move, so I’ll cut this short.

Have a great DAY!

Hitching A Ride?

Saw this guy the other day on the tire of a co-workers truck.

You can see me, taking the picture in the above picture!

Guess he wanted a ride somewhere and was waiting in the shade. I wasn’t worried about him getting runned over, they’re pretty flighty and he’d run away long before he could get squished.

It didn’t go so well yesterday, trying to change the URLs of my blog pages. I had a super helpful tech support the first time, not so helpful second time around. I’ll try again today. That’s why I call this blog “Third Time’s The Charm!” Tomorrow’s the third time trying. (If I DO get it switched, that link won’t work…. )

Ohhh it’s hump day. The week is going slow. And I feel crabby. I don’t like the lettuce my wife bought me for my lunch sandwiches,

In spite of my lettuce problems, try and have a good day. Please. Do it for me!

Beachlunch Yesterday

Yesterday during lunch hour, I swam out to this teeny island that’s circled below.

I turned my fitness tracker to the ‘walk’ mode for the swim.

It was pretty nice, there were a lot of birds, I picked up a few shells, and took a couple photos.

I didn’t see any eggs, last time I went out there there were lots.
I did see perfectly good flip flop though.

Then I swam back, dried off, and went back to work. I have discovered that if you dry off really well immediately when you get out of the water, it gets the salt off and you don’t feel “crusty”. Also, I keep a deodorant in my car and in my scooter.

Beachlunches are a great way to break up the day!

Today I’m planning on making the call to assist me in getting the changes made on this blog. I totally didn’t think about it at all yesterday.

Also today should be a busy day at work. I prefer boring.

Have a great day!

Catguard Selfie

First it was chickens stealing catfood, then it was dogs, (one dog in praticular) now it’s batch 2 of the chickens.

bizarre looking me

These cats just cannot eat without a catguard. They probably think of me more as their butler/waiter.

Good weekend, sprayed the weeds, Can’t remember what all else. Wife worked Saturday and I did laundry and caught some rays on the back deck.

I haven’t been this excited for a Monday since last Monday….

Need more coffee! Have a great day!

Planned Blog Changes

I’m planning on making some changes to this blog. Changing the URL of the pages.

Right now, is the home page. I plan on changing that to is the blog, where you’re reading this now. It will become

The rest will stay the same.

I’m going to do it this week, with the help off my hosting company, 101Domain.

So if you see weirdness, you’ll know to check around a bit, if you can’t make it work, please let me know.

Have a great Sunday!

Hoping For A Waterful Weekend

Waterful, and wonderful.

Fire truck at the airport squirting water into the air for no apparent reason. I thought it was raining!

You can’t really tell unless you look closely, but this “house” is leaning over and the whole thing is gonna fall into the sea. In Cayman, if you build a seawall, first you lose your beach, and then you lose your seawall too.

I got another award! I’ve averaged about 1.54 likes per year since I started blogging!

Glad it’s FRIDAY!!!

Have a great weekend!

Double Your Blog Comments with One Easy Step!

The title of this post sounds like spam, doesn’t it?

I like receiving comments, I really really do.

I searched for ways to increase the comments on my blog, and most of the search results were crap. They talked about ebusiness and selling stuff and site traffic and things that don’t pertain to me. I just want more comments. I found one article (and only one article) that was pretty good that was about personal blogging. You can read it HERE.

I have discovered the most surefire way to double the comments on your blog is simply to reply to each and every comment made! I got 10 comments day-before-yesteday! (But five of them were mine…..)

All kidding aside, I spend at least an hour a day reading other peoples blogs, and leaving comments. I’m interested in peoples blogs, and like to know they’re interested in mine. I see and hear and learn a lot of amazing things from your blogs. My blog is different than most that I read. Most, not all, have themes, this day in history, famous quotes, picture a day. Mine doesn’t have a theme, I guess this blog is just whatever is going on in my life every day. I’ve searched for blogs similar to mine, and don’t even know the proper search phrase, post-a-day? nope, diary blog? not much results there… When I search for blogs, I find the blogs that are ranked high on the search engines, with millions of followers. Corporate blogs about technology and peoples famous news blogs. The best way for me to find new blogs to follow is to go to blogs of people who comment on the blogs I already follow.

Yesterday I had a nightmarish experience! This lady asked me, on one of my commnts on her blog, if I had a site! That is terrrible! The Horror!

Bloggers worst nightmare, magnified times infinity!

Does anybody else have this problem? If you’re reading this, it means you obviously don’t. I suspect it’s the WordPress app. As I’ve said before, you’re not actually visiting the site you’re looking at with the WordPress app. I already knew people can’t comment on other blogs using the WordPress app, now I find that some people at least, can’t even tell I have a blog.

I’m not going to get any comments from new readers in that situation!

The WordPress App is good for posting, terrible as a reader. Feedly is pretty good as a reader, but you can’t use it to post. Too many people are using WordPress as a reader, without even realizing it’s practically non-functional when it comes to reading blogs.

That sucks!

Have a wonderful day!