Remove Facebook Spyware

The other day, I was having a back-and-forth chat conversation on Facebook. All of a sudden, I got a message that the person I was chatting with sent me an invitation to install the spyware app, Facebook Messenger. I asked him if he sent the invite, and he said no.

So I sent him a screengrab of the invite, showing him that FB Messenger was sending messages in his name without his permission or knowledge.

Several times, I’ve opened Facebook on my browser and had invites to install Facebooks malicious spyware on my device. But this is the first time one has come up in the middle of an active conversation.

Think about it, if you’re sending messages on Faebook, you can’t even tell if the other party using messenger or if they’re their browser. But that FB spyware app can!

Facebook Messenger is malware. Read the permissions. I recommend everyone uninstall it and use Facebook on your browser.

Several months ago, (I think I mentioned it here) Facebook attempted to force it’s users to install their spyware malware app by turning off messages in the mobile browsers, blocking them with a message that your messages are only available if you installed FB Messenger.

I never installed it, and I didn’t see or reply to FB messages the whole time FB was blocking it. Eventually, they quit blocking it, probably after thousands more people installed the malware spyware app.

I’ve also heard stories, for example, say you DON’T own cats. Sit near your FB Messenger device and talk about cat food several times. Soon you will start getting adverts for cat food.

The app has permission to operate your device’s camera and microphone at aany time wiithout your permission. Apparently, FB keeps that mic open, a lot. Maybe your camera too..

Do your own reserch, come to your own conclusion. But just receiving messages in the middle of my conversations that the other party didn’t send is proof enough for me. Even though I already thought Facebook Messenger App spyware/malware.

Happy Friday!

Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday! I’m offically tired of this rain. It’s good for the plants though. Maybe we’ll get some bananas from our banana plants out of the deal.

Yesterday after I got home from work I cut shelves for a new outdoor storage cabinet out of 3/4 inch plywood. A 4X8 piece of 3/4 inch plywood is quite heavy. I had a hard timee moving it in position to cut.

I feel pretty crabby this morning. Don’t feel like posting.

My first thought when I got up this morning was, “What if I turn on the radio and hear that a nucelar war started? This could be my last normal wakeup ever.” Instead the news talked about a tourist boat sinking in Hungary. Rear-ended by a cruise ship. Still bad news.

There was also news about letting journalists inside the Fukushima wrecked nuclear power plant.

I should feel gratitude for the wonderful life I have here in the tropics with my beautiful wife, but today, for some reason, it’s hard to muster up happiness from my uncooperative brain.

I’m ready for the weekend.

Have a good day!

The Rain Continues

Totally cloudy today. totally wet ground. It’s not raining this second, but it is inevitable. Lots of thunder too. Thunder, the sound of inevitable rain

We watched Captain Marvel last night. The wife liked it and I did too but overall, I thought it was quite cheesy. But it explains how Nick Fury lost his eye.

It’s also the beginning beginning beginning of the Avengers.

Have Ye a good day!

Never Happens To Anyone But Me

I went to the store to buy more of the paint I was using on the roof and guess what? They’re out.

This kind of thing only happens to me.

I had a somewhat lengthy discussion with the paint dude about matching the color if I needed more paint, but I never imagined they’d run out.

The paint guy said about three weeks till the next shipment comes in.

The weatherman says 80% chance of rain today. It’s clear here now, but cloudy on all the horizions. Maybe it will rain till my paint comes in, so that I coulsn’t have painted anyway!

Have a great day!

Productive Perfect Weekend

It was a busy weekend. Saturday I painted the roof, mostly. I did the sides and about a 5th of the floor, when I ran out of paint. I started at almost exactly 10:05 AM and ran out of my five gallons paint an almost exactly 4:44 PM.

Below are two videos, almost before and after I ran out of paint

Today, I’ll get more paint and hope it quits raining.

Sunday, in-between rainstorms, the wife had me trimming trees and bush. Funny thing is, she only wants them trimmed a little, If it was up to me, I’d prune the hell out of them. I get out the chainsaw, get the ladder, climb up there and cut one limb. “Ohh that’s perfect!” she says. “What about this one?” I ask, pointing to another limb. “Nooo,” she says, going all girly. “I just wanted that one cut.”

Can’t argue when women get that girly tone of voice. If you do, they switch to all pouty.

Sooo I put away the chainsaw and ladder, get the hedge trimmers and, following instructions, trim the hedges. Either cutting them “too square” or taking too much off.

But in the end, she was happy, I was happy and it was a good weekend.

Practically perfect weekend, I only left the property once, for about an hour Saturday morning, before I started painting.

Have a great week!

Interested In Moderately Going Garbage Free

Perhaps the title should be “Interested In Going Moderately Garbage Free” or “Moderately Interested in Moderately Going Moderately Garbage Free.”

What I mean is, I don’t plan on going all fanatical about it.

There was a program on the BBC radio about living garbage free, generatimg minimal garbage. I’ve heard about it before, and I’m interested.

I believe plastic pollution is a major problem here on this planet.

I like to find beaches with nobody else there, and when I do, they’re covered in plastic that has washed ashore. All plastic. Not much glass or tin cans, only plastic. In the Costa Rica Caribbean, there wasn’t so much garbage on the empty beaches. Basically none, in fact. There was some on the Pacific side, but very little. Cayman must be getting jetsam from islands upstream.

My wife has reusable paper towels, reusable ziplock bags. She has these lightweight fabric bags that are for produce in the grocery store. We could also use them at the deli part of the store for cheese and lunch meat. They could put the scaanner sticker on the fabric.

We buy this sliced cheese that comes in super heavy duty bags. I always feel guilty throwing them away when the cheese is gone. we also buy cheese sometimes that comes in fragile filmy cellophane. I’ll put the filmy cheese in the heavy duty cheesebag. The filmy cellpohane must be biodegradeable I think, because I never find it on the beach.

I think I could get into it, creating minimal garbage. Every Sunday, putting an almost-empty trash can out got the Monday morning garbage pickup.. Like a hobby.

Happy Friday! And itsa PAYDAY! Have a great weekend!

Full Arc Rainbow

Had a good walk with Lenny this morning, then soon after we got back, it rained, and we got a nice rainbow out of it, which I captured on film above.

It’s Thursday, and I’m ready for the weekend!

Old Radio Shows

I actually remember my father listening to radio programs when I was a kid. I thought I remembered “The Lone Ranger”, but I’m not sure. It could have been “Dragnet”, but I remember that from TV.

I found a website that let’s you download old radio programs for free. I downloaded several, haven’t listened to them yet but I will.

It might be nice in the car, stuck in traffic. Kinda like an audio book from the past.

Have a great day!


We went and saw Avengers Endgame this weekend. One of my first thoughts almost as soon a the movie started there was a caption “Five Years Later”. I thought, i’t’s been five years, you’re over it now. Move on.” Everyone looked to be living great lives, at one with nature.

Thanos was right, losing half the population woud be a good thing for the earth. Especially if they just melted away with no disease or catastrophy.

The next thing, Thor goes back in time, sees his mom, and snags his hammer. What does the non-time-traveling Thor of the day use for a hammer?

It was a good movie, I’m not complaining.

Sunday we had my new boss and his wife over for dinner, they’re vegan. My wife enjoyed cooking a vegan meal. Yesterday, the next day, we went out and got a steak.

It was a good weekend. Did a lot of work on the roof. I’m ready to paint, now. I keep working on it and working on it. I gotta get ‘er done.

Yesterday was a holiday, so it’s a short week. Make it a good one!

Down A Hole

Yesteday at 12:22, the sun was overhead, perfectly overhead. It only happens in the tropics. Above is a picture of a hole where there was a pipe fence post. You can’t tell from the photo, but it’s about a foot deep. The black is the insides of the pipe, not a shadow. The sun is shining all the way to the bottom. You can see the shadow from my phone, I was standing normally when I took the pic. The hole really is quite deep.

It would be cooler if the photo was better, 3D or stereo or something. But still, it’s an astronomical event I look forward to twice each year.

June 21st, the sun will be overhead at the Tropic Of Cancer, then it heads back south.

Happy Saturday!