Finally a Friday

I can’t beleive it’s Friday. It was a fast week. I only worked three days.
Hopefully I’ll go diving this weekend. It seems like good weather so far.
Yesterday at work I went over to the Newspaper to try to point their satellite dish. What a mess! It is as messed up as a soup sandwich! You can’t even accurateyl tell the elevation or bearing. It needs a lot of work.
I can’t think of anything to post today, so instead of wasting your time I’ll just try to come up with something for tomorrow.


I was sorting through some of my junk last night. I have three 50-pack CD cases that are full of pictures that I have taken over the years also old files, those CD’s you get with each and every thing you buy for your computer and all kinds of miscellaneous junk. I’ve contemplated dimly in the past, way out on the edge of my foggy little mind, that I should compile all the pictures I’ve taken by date. And by subject. The way I have the CDs labeled now is very vague, like “Pics 2002” or “Important vacation pictures”. Plus, I’d have an excellent collection of “Then and Now” pictures. I was looking through a few of them last night.
But the way it is now I can’t find anything when I want it.
It will be a big project.

Half my luggage

I’m home again, I got home around 2 yesterday afternoon- along with half my luggage. I had one suitcase and one box and the box didn’t make it. Well, it did finally make it, on the next flight, late last night. And in good shape too. It was/is a kitchen cart. Just like this. Did I ever mention there that my kitchen has only one drawer? Well, I have two now. But now I have to de-clutter my kitchen, and that means re-organizing or getting rid of some scuba gear.

Then when I got it home, I stayed up and put it together. It was easy and I went to bed about 12:30, which is late for me. I got up at 3:30 US time, 2:30 my time and went to bed late. I may be a little sleepy later on.
I’m glad to be home, with good coffee and a lightening-fast internet connection. (I can’t believe how many people still have dial-up. A fast connection is worth the money!
I’m going to work. Just to see what’s up.

Less that 24 hours

In 24 hours, I’ll be in the air, headed SOUTH. Today I’m going to see and ex-girlfriend and her kids who I haven’t seen since They were 5. They’re 21 now. Born the same day I got out of the Navy.
That’s a long story. A major reason I don’t have kids today. In a nutshell, I waited for her through two marriages, in between which we were going to get together but she ended up fucked up on dope and pregnant, in that order. But her kids are fantastic and everything happens for a reason. I used to do a lot of dope too, and I could have taken more action than I did.
Anyway, tomorrow at 12:30 I should be back in Cayman. I may never see my Dad alive again after today and I’ve got a lot to think about and get sorted in my brain.

Back at Moms

I went down to Vrginia, I left at 9:30 in the morning and didn’t get there till 5:30 PM. The trip normally takes 4 hours but I’ve done it in 3. I planned on spending two days and one night there but because of the trafffic, I really only got to spend one.
My parents have dialup internet service. But my Mom doesn’t know her password so I can’t connect. I am connected to someone elses wireless network but it is excruciatingly slow. I’m going to have to go to Starbucks if I want to get some speed!
Here’s a pic of my house in Chesapeake, Va. It looks really good to me. It is staying in good shape, the tennant is taking good care of it, and the value is going up and up! Here it is. The trees are getting huge. It’s going to be time to replace the roof tiles soon.

I also saw some friends, (not nearly all I wanted to or planned on) and went to Virginia Beach just for a few minutes, I pulled into a parking spot and the already meter had 20 minutes on it, I was back in 10. Here’s a pic from the southernmost point in Virginia Beach,

That’s about it for now, tomorrow is my last day here, Tuesday first thing I go back to Cayman, I am quite ready!

Heading South

I’m heading south to Virginia soon. I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday my Dad focused his eyes on me. I asked if he knew who I was, and he nodded. I was giving him water and ice cream. I told him to drink lots of water, because it was dehydration that would get him in the end. Then he fell asleep. I wonder if I’ll ever see him again, if you know what I mean. I felt like I was looking at someone in the back window of a train, waving good-bye, as the train disappeared around the curve of a dark tunnel.Then I rode with him in the ambulance back to the nursing home. He seemed more comfortable there.

Wanna know something funny? I used to work at this McDonalds in 1976 or 77. It was the crappiest job I ever had. I worked there one week, then put in my two weeks notice that I was quitting. I took this pic with my call phone camera as I drove by yesterday. It’s near the corner of Randolph Rd and New Hampshire Ave in Silver Spring, Maryland USA.

Back to the nursing home

They’re sending my Dad back to the nursing home today. The effort from now on is to make him comfortable more than prolong his life. He seems very uncomfortable in the hospital.

I was holding his hand and he feels around someone like guessing what an object is while blindfolded. His grip is strong, he still has a lot of strength, but it won’t last. The doctor says he’ll slowly dehydrate because they can only feed and give him water orally, as per his “no life support” instructions. The doctor said there is a blood clot in his heart that is spraying bits into his brain. Yesterday I thought I heard him say “let go” when he was trying to take off his oxygen mask and I was holding his arm back. Yesterday the nurse said he was talking a little. He doesn’t look like he had strokes to me and I’m a little skeptical. But I’ve only been here a couple of days and my Mom has been through it all.

My Mom seems ok but starts crying every once in a while. She seems hyperactive and it makes me feel bad that I get mad at her. For example, I asked about the pool hours and then she just kept going on and on obsessively about me going swimming, till I told her to stop talking about it. Constant little things. My sister is coming Saturday.

I’m going down to Virginia for a couple of days tomorrow. It will be good to see the Ocean, my house and some diving friends.

Maryland USA

I’m at my Mom & Dads condo. I saw my Dad, he doesn’t look good, there’s no intellegence in his eyes. He didn’t seem aware that anyone was there, but when I held his hand he was feeling my hand, like trying to figure out what it was. If he has an itch, he scratches it, but that is about it. He can’t talk or walk or get out of bed. He is always trying to take off his oxygen mask and he pulls his IV tubes out.
My Mom is doing things like showing me where paperwork is and discussing wills and burial plots and stuff.
Not happy days.

Here I go again

Here I go again, on another trip I’d rather not make. I’m gone for one week. I’ll be seeing my Dad and also I plan on going down to visit my house in Virginia. Right now I’m waiting for a taxi. I’ll be posting while I’m gone, so I really won’t be gone-gone, just somewhere else.
Here’s a picture I took from the car on the way home from work.

I've got much better things to do . . . . .

Than go to work today. Yesterday I went diving, then to the beach. Then came home and the next thing I knew the The OI Girl was calling and it was 6PM. So I must’ve taken a nap too. I could do all that again today, it’d be MUCH better than working!

The dive was excellent, it was turtle and grouper soup. We must have seen a dozen turtles and many more big groupers

Chris B and Turtle, clik to enlarge 

Don’t eat grouper, they are becoming rarer and rarer. 

Yes, this baracuda WAS as close as he looks!

Tomorrow early I am going to the US. I don’t have any desire to go, I’d rather stay inside the Marktic Circle, but I must. I haven’t been to my parents house in about 4 years. I’ll be gone a week, but I think I’ll be posting. They have internet up there. Allegedly.