Mortal Engines

The wife was volunteering at a museum event last night and home alone, I watched a movie called Mortal Engines. I thought it was excellent. Possibly more for the visuals than the plot. The plot was very good, but if you took your eyes off the screen, you missed something really cool. Nonstop coolness movie.

To summarize, it’s way in the future after the 60 Minute War wrecked the world. Powerful weapons even caused the tectonic plates to shift, so the continents aren’t even the same as now. The survivors are living in mobile cities and the bigger ones (like London) are huge predator cities that consume smaller cities for their resources. Like a big animal eating a smaller one!

Old stuff from before the war are real collectors items. Called “old tech”

The bad guy on London, (Agent Smith from The Matrix) is working on a powerful weapon to attack the well defended non-mobile city.

The the best stuff for making these weapons is “old tech”.

One of the good guys was Klause on Umbrella Academy. There’s lots of big stars hidden under excellent costumes and makeup and I tell ya, it’s my kinda movie!

Definitely watch it if you can!

Happy Friday! Hopefully we won’t have a totally rainy weekend. But our outdoor plants are doing so well, I kinda hate to fry them with the hot Caribbean sun

Have a good weekend!

Deceitful Amazon

I have observed through observation, that Amazon seems to be less than straightforward about their rating system. Recently I bought some melatonin from Amazon. The advert shows four stars so I bought it. Later, Mike was telling me about the bad reviews. I went and looked, and although the cover page had 4 stars, almost none of the people writing reviews had anything good to say. How did Amazon come up with 4 stars? I always assumed it was an average.

The other day, I was looking at air fryers. Pretty much all on Amazon have 4 or 4 and a half stars, but read the ratings written by users, there’s a whole different story.

So ya gotta read the reviews, don’t trust the Amazon sales page.

Thanks Mike!

Tropical Storm Zeta

Tropical Storm Zeta is pretty far away and not a threat to Cayman. But we’re getting a whole heap of rain. Yesterday the news said it was stalled, just sitting still, accumulating water for a disastrous landfall at some point.

People ’round here are saying this is the rainiest October they ever remember.

It was a nothing weekend. I finished “Lord Of The Flies”, which was quite disappointing.

I hope the weather is nice where you are and that you have a good week.

Broken Stereo Of My Dreams

Had a dream last night about a party. We needed music. I went into a.messy storeroom and got a speaker from my stereo. It sounded ok, but there was only one speaker, and the other didn’t work, and was lost in the storeroom. The speaker wire for the working speaker, (a big cable in the dream) ran into the closet and got lost in the huge pile of junk.

It occurred to me that this stereo has been in my dreams before and I wonder if there’s some symbolism there.

The stereo, representing my mediocre life (career?), the messy storeroom representing my cluttered, disorganized brain.

A friend of mine appeared at the party, the only one drunk, and insisted I station someone at the back door to collect money from people coming in. The front door was open, there was a lot of people already there, and there was no reason to collect money at the back door.I finally got him away from me and was muttering “damn drunk” under my breath when I woke up.

I wonder this morning: Do I have a mediocre life? What am I comparing it to? Is my mind cluttered? Again, what am I comparing it to? Where do these ideas come from?

What is the purpose of the drunk in the dream? He quit drinking for a year and a half and became a good friend. Then he went back to drinking. Heartbreaking for me. He’s still a good friend but I never see him anymore.

We, (dawgs and I) had a very nice walk this morning. It was raining steadily the whole time we walked our mile and a third. I wore a hat to keep my glasses dry and a pair of shorts. We (dawgs and I) saw one other daily walker and we both said “Isn’t this nice?” To each other at the same time.

I’m gonna get this pesky workday out of my way then have a good weekend. Hope you have a good weekend too!

Posting On My Phone

This week, I’ve been posting all my posts on my phone and not my tablet. It seems the days are so full that I never have time to unpack it. I bring it home in my backpack, but don’t need it all afternoon and evening, then in the mornings, it seems like too much hassle to unpack just to.ppst then re-pack back up.

A few weeks ago, I copied all my phone apps onto my tablet, thinking I was going to move to an old flip phone I have and am really enamored with. It’s tiny and fits in my pocket and the battery lasts a week.

But it never happened…

Maybe it should. I’ve complained about this phone before.

Referring to m post yesterday, it was sunny when I went to the beach yesterday at lunchtime, but as soon as I got there, a big black wall of clouds and rain came right at me and I had to flee.

It’s almost Friday!

I’m In Total Control

Doing good today, ahead of schedule. 6:20 and I’m ready to head out the door. Usually I sit down here to post my post about 6:33.

Yesterday I went for my first beach lunch in a couple weeks. Before yesterday, all I had to do was think “lunch” and the sky would immediately cloud over and it would start pouring rain.

I’m in control of the weather in a negative way, I tell ya. If it’s raining, and I put out the indoor houseplants, it will stop raining before I can get the last one outside. Every time. I’ve demonstrated this several times to my wife.

If I want it to rain, I head for the beach, sometimes just thinking of heading to the beach will suffice. I look outside on a sunny Sunday and think “It’s nice, I think I’ll go to the beach”. Put on my swimsuit and head out the door and it’s completely cloudy. Then it say, “well, I guess I’ll go clean out the closet, like I planned.” The I start cleaning the closet and look outside and it’s totally sunny again.

Totally in control.

Have a happy humpday.

Qi – Good Show

The wife and I have been watching a good show.on Netflix called Qi. It is quite a good show. Loosely speaking (very loosley), it’s a game show that is both educational and hilarious.

Highly recommended viewing, you will laugh.

This morning it was raining when I went out to feed cats and exercise, but while I was walking the dogs, it was clearing up quite nicely. By the time we got home the sky was the most perfect pre.dawn blue. Very nice and crisp and clear.

Have a good day!

Post Covid Dental

Monday morning. Yuk. Going to the dentist this morning. I think I have a cavity., but this is just a regular cleaning and checkup. First since covid.

Yesterday was a lazy, non-productive day. As you already know, I mowed Saturday, and yesterday just lazed mostly and helped.the wife with some gardening.

Have a great week!

Haffa Step n Stop

Last week, I was driving and saw someone mowing their lawn, (not pictured below) they were walking normally, easily pushing the lawnmower. I was astounded.

google search, “lawnmower hell”

When I mow the yard, like I did today, it is lawnmower hell. I have to take a half of a step forward and stop, because the grass makes the mower almost die, then wait for it to get it’s RPM’s back up, then take another little baby step. Often, the RPM’s continue to decline, and I have to push down on the handle, bringing the weakly rotating blade out of the grass completely. Most of the time, 60-75%, this allows the RPMs to come back up and I can take another halfa step before repeating the process.. Too often the engine dies anyway, and I have to re-start it, priming the engine by pressing the bulb and pulling the string several times.

I have been accepting this as normal until I saw the other person walking normally, pushing the mower with the properly operating engine.

My old mowers, I only needed to prime it first time, it’d start with one pull after the engine was warm. My lawnmower is only a few years old. but it spews oil out the carbeurator/air filter, can’t start without priming it and it’s difficult to start, even when warm. I remember as a boy, not wanting to mow the parents grass, running while pushing the mower to get done as quickly as possible. My mower today dies if I take a full step forward.

All my mowers have been junk. And the “New” doesn’t wear off of anything faster than a lawnmower. Usually with anything new, I pamper it, and try to keep it new. With a lawnmower, it lasts about halfway through the first mow. When the engine dies from the normal yard obstacles, the New is gone.

I was awed by the person mowing and walking at normal speed, it made mowing the yard look easy, instead of the enormous, pain in the ass chore it is for me. Maybe I need another new mower…