Early Post

It;s 6:07 AM. I’m early, and it’s still so dark I can’t even see to type,.

Also it’s Friday.

The construction is coming along nicely, they hve put up the drywall studs for the ceiling and walls. The electrician was here till about 9:30 last night, pulling wires.

I’m switching over from nervous to excited. The floor tiles are being delivered today, and I have a new toilet in the back of my van to unload this morning before work.

The only thing holding me back is the durn front door. (I ordered one identical to our front door to the main house.)

The coffee is great this morning!

Have a great weekend!

I Should Be Getting In Trouble

I should be getting in trouble at work. I’ve been taking too much time off, unplanned, for my home addition consstruction project.

I should be, but I haven’t. Today I’m going to tell my boss that I know I’ve been putting him in a difficult position, and offer to make it up, whether it’s working Saturdays or taking vacation days.

The original project manager for this home addition project was very experienced and could tell me what materials we’d need days in advance. The new guy, this is his first time in charge, and a few times, (twice) he’s needed items RIGHT NOW. I have no complaints, he’s doing his best, giving 100%. The whole team is busting ass trying to get the job done before vacations start mid-December, and I’m very appreciative of that.

Hopefully, the project will be done in about two weeks.

It’s been beautiful weather, but my scooter is hemmed in by building materials, and I’ve been driving the van to carry more construction materials. (The deal is, I supply the materials, the labor is a fixed price).

Have a great day!


Things have been hectic lately. Yesterday I was complimented about how I’m “On It” about getting the materials needed for the project rapidly and ahead of time.

Construction is progressing fast. The workers keep covering electrical boxes and stuff. It distresses me when they have to chip out new cconcrete. There’s a few instances, nothing dramatic. I’m happy with the progression. Yesterday the contractor said two weeks, it’ll be done.

Dare I hope?

Last Day Of Training

Today is the last day of my six-Tuesday ILM Training. Thankfully. I am trying to not be negative, but I have not been impressed. There was no real introduction, I don’t really know the purpose of the course. I haven’t really learned anything I can apply to my workday, I haven’t really learned anything I can use to improve my performance.

We go to class, look at slides, discuss different managers, (Last week we discussed the manager at a McDonalds fast food place).

There’s been two assignments. Never ending, apparently. Both 1500 word essays, when I submit them, they come back for revision, with new guidelines we weren’t given before. Then I re-submit, and get it back with still more guidelines that we weren’t given before.

When I submitted my first assignment, I received an email to join some group. I didn’t do it, because I don’t want still more emails to delete without reading. Again, no mention of this in class.

I was told this is “fluff” training. Training the employer gives so they can say they’re training their employees.

Apparently, this course is a big deal in the Linked-In community.

I’ll be glad when it’s done. Today’s the last day, but I expect more back-and-forth with the second assignment, with the first draft of the assignment due next Tuesday (or thereabouts, without looking), and the final draft due near the middle of December.

This class has put me behind in my work at work. I have been doing some of my essay at home, but pretty much, my word processor program is on my work computer.

Wonder if I should copy and paste this to the form if they ask us for an evaluation?

Double Beachday Weekend

I had a great weekend. Saturday, the wife had to work, and I had to return a window and buy a door. at a store far, far away. On the way back I stopped at one of my favorite beaches.

Sunday, we took the dogs to the beach, they both swam a lot and drank seawater and puked. Great times! The weather was perfect.

Got my tablet working, no phone post today. I had to press the volume down and the power off for 7 seconds to force a restart. I had enabled this automatic restart feature that I was suspicious of beforehand, and i’ve turned it off again. Tablet is running better, seems like.

Construction is progressing, I find it very stressful. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Itsa ‘nother Monday. Friday I got a new desk at work. A whole new cubicle. Today I’ll be moving in.

Have a great week!

No Post Friday.

There seems to be a malfunction with my tablet. It won’t come on, I suspect it didn’t get charged properly. Therefore today’s post has been canceled. Please have a good weekend. Thank you

And yesterdays building inspection never happened, so no additional work was done.

And. Its Friday!

More On 2 Sleeps

I’ve been waking up at about 12 or 1AM lately, can’t really remember when it started. But I wake up, get up, then go back to bed after an hour or two. I was re- reading about Two Sleeps.

It makes sense. I’ve complained more than once to you about how I’m exhausted when I get home from work, especially right after dinner, then stay awake till I’m not tired anymore, then go to bed. What if I just went to bed?

When I’m awake in the middle of the night, I worry that I won’t get enough sleep, and will be hurtin’ the next day, but it never seems to happen. I’m fine.

It’s interesting to me. Either that or stay up later.

Sliding Glass

Had a little problem with a sliding glass door yesterday. The plans call for an 8 foot door, but they’re special order items, 8 weeks for delivery. I was discussing this with the contractor, and possibly through some misunderstanding, she made the call and switched us to a 6 foot door. So, I had to scramble and cancel the 8 foot door order, and get a 6 footer.

Hopefully we’re on track again today, we’ll see.

Dangers of Dressing in the Dark

When I get up at 4:45 AM, it is dark. Totally dark. My wife is still sleeping, so I don’t turn on any lights. It is dark. Totally dark. On the floor by the bed, I keep my running shoes pointed thisaway, and my flip flops pointed thataway and my work shoes pointed thotherway, so I can put on the proper pair with no light.

It is quite dangerous. This is what I found when I turned on the light in the bathroom this morning.

Same as my clothes in the closet, I take a shirt and pants from the left, and hang up clean laundry on the right.

Dressing in the dark is quite dangerous, as you can plainly tell from the picture above. Other dangers include going to work with my shirt inside out and wearing the wrong trousers. I’ve actually gone outside to run and realized I was wearing my flip flops only when I started hit the street.

Its’ a crazy world out there, stay safe!

Tater Teeef

I was talking to the wife on the phone yesterday when I saw Daisy eating the giant sweet potato. My first thought was that the wife gave Daisy the potato before she left for her plant sale. But No. Daisy got the potato from a bag of potatos in the kitchen

A Potato Thief!

She pretty much demolished the whole yam, aand judging from the volume of potato parts, I didn’t think she ate much, but after bedtime last night, we were awakened by the retching sound of a brown dawg puking orange.

My weekend was OK. Every time I thought about going to the beach, it got cloudy. And every time I started doing anything indoors, it got sunny.

Good progress was made on the downstairs construction. Walls almost to the top. Starting to worry about tiles and bathrooms now. Wife picked the tiles already, I think.

It’s very cloudy and it rained on us for the morning dawg walk.The builders need more materials, which I’m ordering today. I feel like I’m too busy to go to work, too distracted by this project.

Have a good week.