Typical generic post

It was OK as far as weekends go, beach Saturday, diving Sunday. We bought a kitchen table and chairs this weekend, well, she did, I gave her the money and then went and picked it up with her!

I emailed a pic of the house to my Mom and she said that at this point, it looks strange.

pickle bagel

The OI Girl and I had a minor (extremely minor) conflict this morning. She said she wasn’t having cereal this morning. I said but… but… we always have cereal.
She said not today, she was having a pickle.
I said “A pickle! that’s a weird breakfast!”
She said she didn’t say pickle, she said she said bagel.
I said ‘no you didn’t, you said pickle.’
She: “Well, I’m having a bagel.”
Me: “Well, you said pickle, you can’t change your mind now, you’ve made the commitment, now it’s your obligation to have a pickle.”
Just then the toaster made a noise.
I said “I think your pickle popped up!”
She got up and came back with a bagel and began putting cream cheese on it.
I guess I lost the battle.
(I knew she said bagel the whole time)

Horton Hears A Who

We went and saw this last night. It was good. Now I have to re-read the book! The OI Girl won tickets on the competing radio station.
My favorite part was when the son goes up to the abandoned observatory, getting on the stairs from the slingshot.

Loving it

I didn’t like Windows XP when it came out, I liked windows 2000 better, and I still do. But Windows XP is sooo much better than Vista.
I got the serial number for my Vista off of an old laptop, that’s been giving problems.

Downgrade is an upgrade

Well, I got rid of Windows Vista and put Windows XP on my machine. Still missing a few drivers but got it working OK.
So far, it is much better than Vista

It was a good long weekend. But it was cloudy a lot. It’s still cloudy.

Running from clouds

Yesterday the OI Girl had to work. I went to my secret beach and it was all full of campers. So I went to the same beach the two of us went to the day before, except it was cloudy there. (Often, there is a ribbon of clouds that forms over the land and streams out to sea. Hard to explain) I could see it was sunny down the road so down the road I went. Got to my other beach and before long it got cloudy there too. SO I headed further north, where I could see it was sunny. I got there and the clouds followed. Pretty soon, it was all cloudy and started to rain. This morning is nice and clear agaim, with a setting full moon.

Bad news from te BBC

The BBC is stopping their shortwave broadcast to the Caribbean effective March 23. That’s day after tomorrow.
I’ve listened each and every day for years. I even carry a mini-shortwave in my backpack.
Do they think I’m going to whip out my laptop and listen online? Nope. I’ll be listening to Radio Switzerland or Radio Japan. Of course, they aren’t on at the same time I listen to the BBC in the morning. I’ll just be eating my cereal in silence or I’ll find something else.

Easter weekend

This is a holiday weekend with Friday and Monday as a holiday. I have the whole thing off.
I am excited about that.
Yesterday they poured the concrete for the main deck of the house. Progress will be more visible for a while now, till they finish the roof and start the insides. The OI Girl has the doors and windows and colors and half the furniture all picked out. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that stuff.
Have a good weekend!