Cold US Weather

All this cold weather in the news made me go check the weather in the town in Missouri where I grew up, Moberly.

It’s cold there now. 2F -17C. But it’ll be warmer tomorrow.

I used to deliver papers there or several years. I’m remembering one particular Sunday morning in winter. Sundays were my least favorite day, huge thick paper, inserts, and getting up at 4AM.

I was braced for bitter cold, and I went out in the dark, snow everyhere, packed snow/ice roads. Fairly strong wind, bur surprisingly, the wind was warm. Actually warm.

I knew spring was coming. It turned out to be one of my most pleasant delivering newspaper memories. I was glad to be the only one awake, enjoying the warm breeze. Expecting complete misery and having it be not-so-bad. It was actually nice. Warm wind, I’ll never forget it. Normally, the wind is always colder than the temperature of the still air. Not that day.

Tomorrow is February and spring’s almost here. When I was living in Virginia, I used to go to Florida in February, get a good sunburn.

This winter, Moberly has had a couple of good snowstorms, and I’ve found myself wishing I could go sledding, like in the old days.

Of course, I wouldn’t trade living here in the tropics for anything. Guys at work tease me when I complain about the cold here!

Today starts my dental visits. There’ll be a lot of them. Getting whooped back into shape! I’ll be glad when I get it all out of the way.

Have a great day!

Stay Warm Up There!

This is a couple days old news, from the 28th and 29th, but still, stay warm and safe, bring your animals inside too.

Yesterday afternoon, I went and checked my original blogspot blog, It’s like a rusty old car. Most of the images are gone, replaced with this: images

My “I have moved” post is still there, with a picture of my banner above, and I saved a picture from my old sidebar.

And I came across this recently, made me laugh out loud:

Sorry about the language in todays post,

Have a great day!

Test Post Using Gammarly

Mike recommended an app, Grammarly, because I said I hd no spell check with my extermal keybored.

I have selected Grammarly, nd I still hav no spel chekker.

Senta request to tech support, but I figger it cant wuk.

I restrted mi divice, still nuttin.

Good support though, I recieved a reply in about 2 hours.

Nice Birthday Luncheon

Yesterday the wife and I went to a friends birthday luncheon at Catch Restaurant. It was quite nice

After lunch group shot.

We were going to go diving, then have lunch at a bar next to the dive shop, but the dive shop and bar were closed because of the weather.

Pic of my wife taking a pic.

It turned out being a nice early afternoon yesterday,

I gave Catch four stars on Trip Advisor, but my autocorrect made a mistake. I had a BEET salad and autocorrect changed it to BEST salad. My biggest gripe about Trip Advisor is you can’t edit, just delete and start over. Primitive.

Autocorrect doesn’t work when I’m using the external keyboard, kinda wish it did. This blog is fulla typos.

In the early morning yesterday, we had some heavy rain, then it got sunny again, and very windy and cold. like below 75F. Now it’s a mostly clear, cold Tuesday, and first day of the work week.

Have a great day!

I See Flashy Things

Last Sunday the 21st was an eclipse where the shadow of th Earth covered the moon. A lot of people were watching, and recorded a flash caused by the impact of a meteor. Shown in the video above, and many others.

I’m not disputing it, not in any way, shape or form. But it’s an opportunity for me to tell you how I see flashes like that not infrequently.

I look at the night sky a lot. At night before bed, in the pre-dawn when I’m running/walking the dogs.. I keep track of the constellations in the sky and the phase of the moon. (Just because a long time ago, I decided I wanted to learn the constellations, not ’cause I’m some kind of looney bin astrologer)

So anyway, I look at the sky and see a flash like in the video maybe once in 10 times I’m looking, coupla times a month. I’ll be looking and it will be in my field of vision and I’ll see it, focus on where it was, but it’s already gone. Or I’ll see it out of the corner of my eye, turn to look, expecting to see an airplane strobe flashing by, and there will be none. (Not on the moon, just in the black sky.)

That’s exactly what it looks like, one white flash from an airplane strobe. Exactly how it looks in the video. It’s always my thought, airplane, when I see the flash, but then there’s not another flash, unless it is actually and airplane, and it usually is, and I watch it go flashing by.

I’m also familar with Iridum Flares, and that’s NOT what I’m talking about here.

So when I saw the “flash” on the news about the eclipse, I did think. Maybe they saw one of “my” flashes, just that the moon was behind it.

I’d like to see a before-and-after picture, similar to the one below, (Which is from Mars) from the eclipse impact. Or maybe somebody could tell me what the flashes I see are.

It’s a holiday Monday here, a big weather front moved through early this morning. It’s blow-the-chairs-over windy, rainy and cold. It was a nice, sunny weekend before that. I mowed the yard, we took both dogs to the beach, took Lenny by himself to a dog training session, also on the beach. Today is a friends birthday and we’re going to a restaurant lunch party later.

Dipiction of the windy front over Cayman now.

Have a great week!

No More Valentines?!?

I just read that Necco went out of business, so no more candy hearts this Valentines Day! Woe is me!

I just saw this on Pic-A-Day. I tried to comment on his post, but couldn’t make my cursor come up in the comment box, so he doesn’t know I stole his post.

Can’t get my cursor in the “bubble”.

Promises, Promises

I didn’t post yesterday, I drew a perfect blank. Today isn’t much better. It’s Friday, every day there is the promise of rain and then no rain. And I”m not complaining, except I haven’t ridden my scooter all week.

Taste Of Cayman, an annual food event, was cancelled, well, rescheduled, because of the rain we haven’t had. We’re not going, been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Although the days are getting longer, here, sunrise has been staying at 7:02 AM for almost the whole month. Sunset has been later, but sunrise stays the same till the 28th. On January 8-9th, it switched from 7:01 to 7:02, and has been 7:02 ever since. Wonder why?

Did I mention it’s Friday? Monday is a holiday here, Heros Day.

Have a great weekend!

Inexplicable Behavior

Woke up this morning, looked at the clock at 4:30. I thought “Half hour” and rolled back over. Next thing I know, I’m in the bathroom, in my running shorts and shoes, and the thought occurs… “I don’t remember the alarm going off this morning”. I look at my watch and it’s 4:45.

I thought about going back to bed, but I had already put away my jammies and kinda made my half of the bed. (It’s hard to properly make a bed when there’s somebody still sleeping in it…)

So I just proceeded with my day, and here I am.

It’s not as cold this morning as it has been, which is nice. Lenny the pupster is going to be ok. He’s less and less scared-acting and has an infectuous happiness. This weekend he’s going to the training thing we postponed last weekend.

And all seems well. Have a happy humpday!

Breakfast Menu Quiz

Champion House Breakfast

Above is a breakfast menu from Champion House, a very good, popular, Caribbean restaurant that has been on the island practically forever. There’s something on here for people all over the world. Except the Brits. I don’t see brown beans on the menu. Brown beans are an essential part of a British breakfast. (and quite good, I might add.)

The quiz, as mentioned in the title, is to answer what you’d order, what you’ve never heard of? What’s missing? And any thoughts in general.

My thoughts are “Fried chicken for breakfast? – I don’t like cooked akee, tastes better raw. (But it’s dangerous to est raw) – Green bananas, yum! – Ackee & codfish? No thank you. – Everything else? Yes please!”

What are you getting?