Rocket Powered Airplane

I took this picture this morning just before sunrise. The sun was shining on the plane, but not on me yet. At first glance light was reflecting off the plane itself making a separate dot from the vapor trail, but by the time I whipped out the camera the reflection was gone. You can still see the plane pretty well in the picture.

I started reading Homer’s Odyssey, I don’t think I can do it. It’s written like bullet points, with one not relating to the other, along list of facts, it seems. I guess that’s what prose means.

Fitzgerald’s translation is probably the third translation I’ve tried. It is allegedly the most popular. I need to find a version that is written more like a story like a regular book. The way this book is written, reminds me of Dante’s inferno, a very tough read. I did find a storybook version of that, however.

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is July..

I have a tenant moving into the apartment today for 90 days. Gonna turn on the AC and put out some towels before I leave for qork I mean work.

Have a great weekend And a long one!

Sunrise Pics And Tragedy

Here’s a few photos of the sunrise this morning. Two from the beach and one from the roof.

Im shocked sad this morning. A friend I haven’t seen in years committed suicide yesterday. The worst are the ones who never say anything, they just do it. The worst thing is that, I’ve read from survivors, those whose attempts were unsuccessful,, is that you always change your mind after it’s too late. That’s always the last thought. So I’ve read.

And the families and friends do not deserve it.

2 in a row!

Below is this mornings sunrise, because the pic makes the post!

I slept good again last night, 2wo in a row. Can it be as simple as not laying on my back? Will it last? Below is the sleep tracking from my watch, I barely woke up at all, usually I’m up a dozen times or two.

I’m excited, going to work today,. (That’s quite possibly the most insane sentence ever typed on this blog) I don’t know why that’s exciting. Hopefully I can swim at lunch, got a lady cleaning the apartment and she’s doing a really good job She started yesterday and will finish today.

Things are looking good! Have a great day!

Sleeping On The Side

From now on, I’m sleeping on my side and not my back. Night before last I didn’t sleep well. Breathing had the sensation of when you pull the rubber stopper out of the drain of the full bathtub. The hesitation, the delay, the extra effort. Last night, I slept on my side, and slept much much better.

Even though I was sleeping, I felt like I was performing experiments as to breathing resistance laying on my back versus on my side, and the results were breathing is much easier on the side. I don’t know why. But from now on I’m sleeping on my side all I can.

Do you sleep on your back, or on your side primarily? Or do you even bother to notice? If you don’t know the answer, you’re probably a very good sleeper.

have a wonderful day!

Short On Time, Long On Fun

it was a short seeming weekend. Friday I played pickleball and didn’t want to quit when the time was up.

I rented out the apartment for 90 days, starting at the end of this month, gettind it ready, interior and exterior. I cleaned the breezeway:

After and before

I went diving yesterday, it was good, Not too much stuff tho and a pretty strong current.

And today is back to work Next weekend is another long weekend!

Have a great week!

Titan Sub

I guess you all have heard it already, the sub, named Titan, that was lost on a trip to the Titanic.

Below is a picture of the lost crew/passengers.

It’s a tragedy, the deaths, but they knew there was one helluva rlrisk.

I think I called it accurately from the beginning, the sub descended, it takes two hours to reach depth. 1 hour, 45 minutes into the dive, almost there, contact was lost. I said to my co.worker, “it got almost to the bottom and imploded like a light bulb breaking. Instant, nearly painless death for all. ( I’m pretty sure light bulbs have a vacuum inside to prevent the filament from burning rapidly, that’s why they pop like they do when they break) Well, at that depth, inside the sub was probably comparatively closer to a vacuum than the inside of a light bulb.

I questioned my theory when the news said there was “banging” heard.

Also there is very little, if any, equipment that could recover an object as big as the Titan sub at that depth.

From the beginning, if anything went wrong they were pretty screwed, and I’m sure they knew it.

But what a way to go… Beats dying in a hospital bed.

Happy Friday Yee haw!

No More Lavash Bread

i used to love it, but i don’t know what happened. Now it’s so bland i can’t stand it. It actually depletes the flavor from food, including horseradish.

I just gotta stop using it

Yesterday was International Yoga Day, i did 108 Sun Salutations last night at One Heart. I’m sore today.

Today at work is annual safety training. Also payday. Because of safety training, i can’t go out and to my banking, effectively goofing off half a day. Well played bosses! HA HA!

Have a wonderful day!

I Don’t Have Time For This

Here comes Bret. Supposed to fizzle out before getting here (iffee gets here at all) but I’m getting ready, pruning trees. I majorly trimmed the Otaheite Apple tree yesterday, i don’t want it to come down. Below is an after and before shot. And I put the tripod on.

I would have trimmed her thinner, but she’s full of fruit. I tried to not cut any branches with fruit, but accidentally cut one with 3 pale white Otaheite apples on it. I put them near the trunk as fertilizer.

But listen, i didn’t schedule any time this season for hurricanes., So let’s just skip it this year and move on. Ok? OK!

AND: FYI, the summer solstice is at 10:57 AM our time. The sun reaches its northernmost point, over the tropic of Cancer for a brief second. After that moment, the sun starts heading back south to the tropic of Capricorn.

Have a wonderful day!

Kings Birthday Holiday

today is the bank holiday for the Kings birthday. Happy Birthday!

I’m off today.

It was qgood weekend. Friday i played pickleball, it was an informed, fun tournament. We (my pickleball partner Eden and I) played against some very good players.

Saturday was the mile sea swim. Below are my only pictures Random of the starting area and me and a swimmer named Harper who came in first female overall. I didn’t know i was chatting with the champion before the race!

Yesterday, i loaded up and headed out to go diving, but i mis read the calendar and the dive I was looking for was last week So I had a big breakfast and came home and took a nap. It was a good idea!.

Now it’s a Monday morning, I’m working on my first cuppa coffee and the sky is the limit for today.

Have a good one!