Adventure Day

Today I will take the bus downtown to get my paycheck. Normally, I have direct deposit, but since my contract expires/was renewed at the end of July, for some reason, it didn’t go through and I got a check instead. I’m going to pack my laptop and go downtown and drink coffee in an internet cafe and pretend to be a tourist. Before that I’ll swing by work and get my check, go to one bank and cash it and my bank and deposit it.
Also I need to swing by the airport and send a fax from work.


This is starting my last week of vacation, counting my sick time for my surgery, I’ve taken almost a month off.
My anger about all my stuff missing is turning into I-don’t-know-what. I don’t want to fill out forms and try to get a check from the airline. I want my suitcase!
I’m trying to fill out a list of what was in there and it just seems impossible.
I guess you’re getting tired about hearing about it too. Unless I get my stuff back, this will be all I write about the subject.

pissed and more pissed

Yesterday, I called my Mom and asked her to try to get through to Spirit Air. She was able, and actually talked to a person.
Talking to her made me realize how upset I am about this whole thing. I mean, I don’t even have any shoes, the only shoes I have are the ones I wore on the plane.
I went to the airport to look again yesterday. They’re telling me it doesn’t look good. Since I haven’t been able to get through to Spirit Air, I haven’t been able to get the paperwork I need to file a claim. However, last night, somebody at Cayman Air gave me a copy of Spirits paperwork that I needed. Cayman Air has been more than helpful. They’ve been calling and haven’t gotten through either.
The tone of the Spirit Air paperwork is insulting, demanding receipts for everything and etcera. It has warnings of mail fraud and if they suspect anything, they may not consider my claim at all. It really pissed me off. They charged a fee specifically for my luggage, thereby assuming responsibility. I think they should be more hat-in-hand, trying to remedy the situation, instead of threatening me because of their screwup.
I’m really upset. Maybe my Dear ‘Ol Mom can fix it.


It’s Saturday, I still haven’t gotten through to Spirit Air. I think it’s not looking too good.

OI Girl’s working and I’m probably going to the beach with the Dawg.

Great Day

Yesterday the OI Girls Brother came to visit on a cruise ship with his wife and family. We went diving. I just snorkeled because I can’t dive yet from my surgery, but I can go just as deep as they did! We then went and had a great sushi lunch. It was a fantastic day Still no luggage, still no answer at Spirit Air.

Nobody works at Spirit Air

They still haven’t found my luggage, and OI Girl and I have been calling a lot to talk to a human at Spirit Air. Nobody works at Spirit Air in Grand Cayman, the Cayman Airways people have been helping us out.
If I don’t get my luggage tonight, I’m going to call the credit card company and withdrawal the payment and see if I can get a human that way.


I’m home from vacation, OI Girl is a work already, I’m going back Monday.
We got back yesterday afternoon, Spirit Air lost my suitcase. I had a lot of stuff in it. Apparently, no humans work at Spirit Air.
Hopefully I’ll get my suitcase back someday.


My Grandfathers old farm, a cousin lives there now
Memories in the barn
My old wagon, still there and old old old!
My grandfathers 1954 tractor, now owned by a neighbor

Wilmington, Ohio

I am in Wilmington, Ohio, my Moms hometown. I think the last time I was here was 25 or 30 years ago. Last night we had pizza with my cousin, his wife and son. The cousin I’ve known all my life, the wife and son I met for the first time last night. Today I ought to see my other cousin, who is closest to my age. (My Moms sister has 3 sons, my Mom had one brother and one sister, both have passed). Today we’ll see my Grandfathers old farm, and visit with some of his friends.
We went to Wal-Mart last night, and there’s a Taco Bell within walking distance of out hotel. And yes, we did stop at Taco Bell once already. It was just as wonderful as I remembered!
Today I rekkon I’ll start taking some pics. I’ve taken a few so far.


I’m in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, it’s COLD up here, (high 50’s).

Today we’re meeting the OI Girls friends and tomorrow we’re heading for Ohio. the OI Girl was an exchange student in High School and we’re visiting the family she lived with. this is the same people she went up for the wedding for a couple of months ago.

Somethings wrong with my new computer, It can’t connect to the internet. It connects to the wireless network, just can’t load any pages. It seems I always have a problem with a new computer.

PS It’s not hard to type with the Treo.